How To: Quickly Recover from a Tonsillectomy as an Adult

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I had my tonsils removed Tuesday. Today, I’m mostly up and around (but still not handling computer work because mucking with live databases and codeine do NOT mix.) and active. Sure, I’m not talking much, but I’m also not in crippling pain. Not bad for four days after a major surgery…

First off: Yes, tough guy, you need your mother or girlfriend to come take care of you for at least the first week after the surgery. There’s no driving yourself home after this one. In fact, the hospital won’t even let you. I definitely needed the wheelchair to get out of the recovery room.

Ice. Lots of ice.

Make sure your icemaker is full and your ice trays have frozen over before you leave for the hospital. You’ll want all the ice you can get, and then some.

The biggest single thing that we did right when I came home from the hospital was to get ice on the outside of my neck right away, and to keep it there for 48 hours in a pretty constant stream. This managed the swelling (and therefore the damage) that was done to the tissue throughout my neck. You’ll want to put ice packs around your entire neck, not just on the outside of where the surgery was done; the surgery will make the back of your neck sore as well… and you really don’t need any more pain.

I sucked on ice chips in a constant stream for the first four days. The few times that I tried to push it and consume somewhat solid food (chicken broth, yogurt, or mashed potatoes) were unfortunate experiences.

Drink until your eyeballs float.

They tell you this over and over again, but let me reiterate it — get the coldest non-acidic liquid drinks that you can get, and pour them down your throat in a constant stream. No straws. I like cold gatorade the best. You should drink about 16 ounces of clear liquid an hour. Fruit juice was too acidic for me and burnt m throat. Ensure worked great as a coating, especially when I needed to take medicines.

Don’t sleep.

The most important thing right off the bat for me was not sleeping. Mom let me sleep for an hour at the most. You need to stay hydrated as your first priority. If you sleep, you can’t stay ahead of the swelling and you’ll get hurt worse.

Don’t skip doses of painkiller.

If you accidentally sleep through a dose, you’ll be in a major amount of pain. Don’t do it. Stay hydrated, stay awake as much as you can, and take all of your medications at the right times.

Comments on this page are closed — please go to the forums to share your stories and tips.

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  2. annied says:

    I read your post before my tonsillectomy and your advice really helped. Its now day 8 post surgery and i feel fine – still in a bit of pain and on softish foods but all in all the whole experience hasn’t been the nighmare i was anticipating,
    many thanks


  3. Tammy says:

    I have found that the pain everyone told me about was true…I tried to over look the anticipated pain and compared it to having child birth naturally (I delivered my son with no medication) so certainly I thought I could handle this…yeah, i was wrong…I am on day 10 and though feel a little better, i was not prepared to have this much pain on day 10…I made a huge mistake of eating a banana this a.m. and it brought me to tears. Best advice is water and warm tea and lipton cup o soup…by far the best soup for this surgery.

  4. StillInPAin says:

    I’m 27 and I had mine taken out a week and a half ago. It still hurts to eat it still hurts to talk. Cold drinks make it hurt even worse i have been drinking luke warm tea. That actually feels good going down. My uvual is and has been and is swollen and the left side of it has been cortarized, and has white coat on it and looks nasty. My tongue was swollen for the fist week with that white coat and white sploshes all over it. My taste buds have been burned off and are non existant food takes like crap, even my favorite foods that I love to eat taste like crap and I only take a few bites here and there. It has almost been two weeks and Im still in pain and still taking my meds. I believe my Doc did the Cobulation. Thank God no bleeding. The left side of my throat hurts like crap and my right side was the one that always hurt more and was more swollen when the tonsills were in there. Now its my left side that is bothering me. WTF

  5. Hey, Stillinpain, I know cold drinks hurt going down, but the cold (especially sucking on ice chips) will reduce the swelling of your tongue, throat, and uvula… which is what’s causing the pain. So if you can stand it, definitely eat some ice chips and other cold stuff, just not dairy.

    And yes, you’ll keep taking your meds for the full two weeks and maybe then some.

    The white coat on your tongue and throat is perfectly normal. That’s what scab tissue looks like when it doesn’t have any blood in it! If the white coat on your tongue persists, you will definitely want to talk to your doctor. It might be thrush. I had to have my teeth cleaned to get it to go away because it kept coming back.

  6. Allison says:

    I just got my tonsils taken out 7 days ago. I can eat some solid foods in small bites and quantities. It just feels like a really bad sore throat to me. The scabs are starting to come off a little and the constant feeling of something hanging in the back of my throat is driving me nuts! Any idea how long it takes for the scabs to come off once they start?

  7. Well I wish I would have read this BEFORE i had them suckers ripped violently from my skull. Because honestly 8 days later and that is exactly how it feels like someone violently ripped out my tonsils. It still hurts to swallow. I can do some food like real food in small bites and for some reason it feels like when they took them they took 1/2 my stomach too because I am full really quickly lately, probably because I am in so much pain when I eat. Pain meds and ice are my friends. They told me to use ice for a couple days… yeah I love ice! Still good. But DO NOT USE STRAWS!!! i DIDN’T READ THAT PART AND IT SUCKS! DON’T DO IT. but thanks for the information really. couple things on here I didn’t know before and I am going to use them and hopefully in 8 more days I will feel better.

  8. Dana says:

    Drink lots of cold water and cold smoothies. I almost backed out last minute because of reading all the horror stories on the message boards.I mixed the nasty tasting liquid Vicodin into the smoothies. It does hurt, but water, water, water is the key to getting rid of the pain. It is NOT as bad as the posts describe it. It was certainly worth it. I used to get strep every other month. I am 8 months post op and have not has it since. 6 days post op, I cleaned out my shed and tiled the backsplash in my kitchen. The worst part was yawning. At 15 days post op, all pain was gone. For at least 4 months, I felt like I had a hair ball in my throat, but each month that gets better. Best decision I have ever made. Good Luck!

  9. Hey everyone, I just had my tonsils out 4 days ago and I must say that I feel as though I got away with something. I am 19 years old, I have had little pain, honestly strep is usually much worst than this for me, and I am talking mostly okay.

    That being said, I’d like to add some tips do what the first guy said. I agree with ice in your mouth, obviously a good idea. One of my biggest complaints is that my tongue feels like it’s twice its regular size and I feel like there is a big knot in my throat. I have been pounding water. My suggestion is always have one in your hand in 2 in the freezer, just alternate them constantly. It does get pretty old peeing every half hour… literally… but it’s better than writhing in pain. Also I found baby food to not be a great option, but the more savory things like carrots went down easier than the sweeter fruit ones. I found gatorade to NOT be my friend when I tried to drink it, but that seems like it works for some people. To be honest with you, the best thing I’ve eaten, BY FAR, was some ramen noodles yesterday. You just take the little 16 cent brick and bash it up real good inside the bag for about 2 minutes. Then you throw it in a microwave in one of those big measuring bowls with about 4 cups of water and cook for about 8 minutes. Then leave it out to sit with aluminum foil on it for about another 10 minutes. The noodles are SO soft and small that you barely notice you’re eating them, and I found the (warm, not HOT) broth soothing.

    I hope everything goes well for anyone getting there tonsils out, but I wrote this mainly for hope because for every horrible surgery that leaves people in terrible pain, you have one like me that really lucks out, and hopefully you’ll get that too. Good Luck

  10. t4zh4 says:


    I am 19 years old and i had my tonsils out 5 days ago, the first 2 days after the op i was amazed how good i felt and to be honest didnt understand why i needed so much time off to recover, then from the third day onwards i felt real bad pain in the ears and throat just like everyone else, but one thing i havent heard any1 mention alot about is sickness which i am getting a lot of and this is preventing me from eating. Does any one else seem to be suffering with sickness o is it my antibiotics??


  11. VicChick says:

    Is everyone here on antibiotics after surgery? I am nervous you guys…..I have surgery on Friday and reading these message boards can be helpful but also increases my anxiety! I laughed and nearly cried when I read Dana said about almost backing out from these sites!

  12. Yeah, I was on antibiotics afterwards. I don’t remember which ones … honestly, I don’t remember much. :-P The only thing I had a real problem with (besides being a wuss) is nausea from the anesthetics. If your parents are prone to sickness from anesthetics (my mom is), get some prescription anti-nausea medicine just to be on the safe side.

    Don’t be nervous about it, it’s so much better to not have strep throat! Only two more weeks of sore throats to go! And it cleared up a bunch of other health problems for me too… post-nasal drip and coughing up lungs when I try to exercise, tonsil stones, etc.

  13. Kelly says:

    Its all true!! Pain,,,is all I can say. I am post op day 4 and was re-admited to the hospital day 3. I read about the ice on the outside of the neck and was told about it at the hospital,(after the fact) but is it to late now? I think the vicodin are fake as they do nothing for the pain. Considering cutting off head….

  14. ted says:

    tonsils removed 7:30 am on feb 19 . Did my taxes on that afternoon and worked some on the 20th . The doctor did a coblation proceeder . I think is how it spelled . The 3rd or forth day the pain is going to catch up to the traditional methods due to the scabs or so they say. Right now very little pain . I am 47 years old .I will post again in a few days

  15. Jade says:

    Well it’s my fourth day since my operation and yesterday was pretty bad pain as I didn’t have any pain killers throughout the night and woke up really sore – but apart from that, I feel great! I’m almost back to normal, I’m taking half the amount of pain killers they prescribed and eating like normal! It just takes longer to get the food down, but best thing I have done is not stop eating normal for one day. My sister had a major accident and was out of hospital in a month and it could have been longer – just proving that a positive attitude will do WONDERS in helping you improve sooner. Can’t wait til I am back at work and things are normal again – just going to enjoy the next week and a half break I have off seeing as I feel great!

  16. susan says:

    Had mine out on the 18th of February. The day after I was up feeling ok enough to clean house in spurts. By day 3 I thought I was going to go insane. I am on my second round of painkillers and I cant seem to eat anything that isn’t processed in the MAGIC BULLET first. My tounge is swollen and all I want to do is sleep. However, I don’t really understand the straw issue since its helping me get all my liquid intake down my throat. I am off work for another week and very glad for it really. I am getting tired of all the sweet stuff I am having to consume. Between cream of wheat, instant mashed potatoes, and all the pudding, jello, popsicles, and ice cream I can down. I have never been a major junk food person so I am at a point where I am drinking alot of slim fasts its giving me my vitamins, and helping to sooth my throat at the same time. I still am not driving almost a week after surgery. Mainly because of the heavy painkillers.

    My dr prescribed ear drops and afrin for the runny nose and the fluid build up ( or so it felt like it) in my head. By day 4 it felt like I have a head cold and my whole head was floating in a bucket of sludge.

    I just want to say I would still go through with it. I want to get back to being me. I am tired of being sick and having all the sinus problems, laryngitius, (sorry if I spelt it wrong) and other throat issues. Also not sleeping well before. My dr said that I will sleep better once I am over all the recovery stuff.

    Good Luck to everyone looking for information. I say don’t be too scared or worried. The pain will last a few weeks at most then I am planning to have the biggest steak, fahitas, and seafood I can stuff myself with as a reward for dealing with the mushy food and having it eat it or drink it should I say for at least 2 weeks. I have to say if you own a MAGIC BULLET use it. Its gonna be like baby food but well its at least gonna help you have some taste to your food.

  17. Berta says:

    Had my tonsils removed Feb 21 (my 30th birthday no less). I am on my 3rd day of recovery and have not had many issues as of yet. The first day was the hardest because everything was swollen and made it difficult to breath. I have been napping on and off for the last couple of days but have been making sure to remain well hydrated. I have made a couple of attempts to eat actual food (mashed potatoes w/gravy, egg drop soup and lo mein noodles). I found that I could only tolerate just a little at a time and of course they just aren’t tasting the same. Talking has not been easy but I have been icing my neck today which has helped. So I have to say that so far, so good and hope that the rest of my recovery continues as well as it has.

  18. Richi says:

    I’m 19 years old im on day 12 after my operation im off the pain killers pain isnt as bad as once was but cold water and anything cold seems 2 be hurting my throat alot i wake up in the morning in alot of pain… it used 2 be the left side that hurt more when they were swollen now its the right side that hurts alot more able 2 eat but hurts abit i cant eat 2 much either anyone gone thru it like this and reknz they no when itll all stop coz the pain is so annoying and not being able 2 eat much is making me very weak…

    Editor’s Translation: I am 19 years old. I’m on the twelfth day after my operation. I’m off the pain killers. The pain isn’t as bad as it once was but cold water and anything cold seems to be hurting my throat a lot. I wake up in the morning in a lot of pain. It used to be towards the left side that hurt more when they were swollen, but now it’s the right side that hurts a lot more. I am able to eat but it hurts a bit. I can;t eat too much either anymore. Anyone gone through this and reckon that they know when it will all stop? The pain is annoying and not being able to eat too much is making me very weak.

  19. Richi -

    If you’re feeling weak from not being able to eat, Ensure or a similar “meal substitute” will provide the nutrition you need. If you’re feeling weak, you won’t be healing very well, which would explain why you’re still having so much pain after 12 days. Even though the cold ‘hurts’, eating ice chips will help bring the swelling down and will help keep it from hurting more.

  20. Thank you so much for the infomation. It makes a lot of sense. I’m having a T & A on March 19th. That gives me a month to prep. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing – LOL. I’ll come back and let you know how well these steps worked for me.

  21. Shell says:

    I have a consult next Wednesday to get my tonsils out. (4+ years of constant strep throat and my doctor has finally agreed it’s time to get my tonsils out!)

    I have a major concern about pain management. Most pain medications do not work for me. I had gallbladder surgery two years ago and my surgeon tried five different pain meds before finally putting me on the Fentanyl patch. (which provided no pain relief, just made me dizzy) Vicodin, Tylenol with Codeine, all drugs like that make me hyper and don’t work.

    I get major migraines, and the ONLY drug that has ever worked to relieve any pain is Dilaudid. (I use it in suppository form due to severe nausea with migraine)

    My question is, does anyone know if there are stronger liquid pain medications out there that my surgeon can prescribe? I’m not afraid of the operation, I’m just afraid of being in pain.

    Thank You in advance!

  22. Davina says:

    I’ve never posted anything before in my life so we’ll see if this goes through. I’m 29 yrs old and I’m sceduled for my T&A on March 24. The doctor told me today that I have severe tonsil stones. I’m glad to finally have an answer but now I’m really scared. Well, I do feel alittle better since I’ve read all the great feed back you’ve recieved. I hope through the pain I remember to make use of all the wonderful tips you guys have posted. The pain isn’t my big issue(I know it won’t last forever). I’m more concerned about the bleeding. How will I know when I should contact my doctor? How much is not “normal”? Oh, and what’s with the staw thing? Why shouldn’t I use one?

  23. Steve says:

    Well – I’m scheduled on Mar 11th to have my tonsils and uvula removed. Also, he’s going up my nose to do some remodeling there, too. Severe apnea and snoring. Abnormally large tonsils and uvula and tissues in my nose. (Car wreck prettied up my face by smashing my nose but good some years ago.) I’m 42. The tonsils alone would have been a challenge. I think I’m in for pure hell, but in 3 weeks I’ll finally be able to sleep AND rest. Woo-hoo!

  24. Khan says:

    I had my tonsils removed 2/21/08 and am still in pain. Somtimes the pain is worse than other times now. My first two days, I thought the same thing about not being in “too” much pain. Well boy was I wrong. I have been truly suffering. Don’t get me wrong, I heard all the horror stories from people who had the procedure and my doctor informed me of the extreme pain I would be during recovery but I promised myself that if someone ever asked me how the recovery was I was going to be explicit and not just describe it as “terrible pain”. Well, it starts off like I said, very uncomfortable then goes to EXCRUITIATING (sorry about my spelling) My doctor prescribed me liquid Morphine and I also take liquid tylenol in between and the morphine is disgusting. (almost unbearable to tast) let alone swallow. I went through the whole vomitting thing (nothing came up but liquids)and most of the time I have to hold my ears and quickly open my mouth when Im drinking because it feels that between choking, burning and feeling like the fluids are going to come out of my nose. Don’t worry, I’ve called my doctor after hours and during regular office hours and still all these things I explain to her that I’m feeling she says is normal. So most positive thing I can say in writing because I actually talk like a moron (which is also terribly painful) I am looking forward to not having any more sore throats. Best of luck to you. They say the surgery affects everyone different, so please don’t be turned from my views I just wanted to be honest.

  25. SFrick says:

    I just had a tonsillectomy this morning at 7am. It was done as an outpatient procedure so I was home by 11am. It is now 11pm and so far so good. I have ice packs (since I got home) on both sides of my neck, water at my side and my meds at hand (and trust me I will never miss a beat with them). I am 28 years old and have suffered from extensive problems over the years (strep, tonsil stones, etc. about 4x/yr). The best piece of advice I can give (i know, not even 24hrs in) drink no matter how bad it hurts and dont miss your meds!! Good luck

  26. susan says:

    Ok so to follow up. I had my surgery on the 18th of Feb. 2008. I still have a sore throat and it is still hard to swallow anything that isn’t smooth as silk lol or liquid. I feel like I am gagging alot but I am better. I keep reminding myself that this wont last forever. And once its gone it won’t come back Thank God. I have downgraded from Dilaudid to Tylenol 3 I dont have to take it every 4 hours anymore either. But talking still hurts after a while and I have to go back to writing everything down again. I don’t understand the straw thing personally. I used one my whole recovery. It helped me to get my fluids down.

    The two things I would like to say to anyone having surgery in the future is this DO NOT MISS A DOSE OF YOUR PAIN MEDS EVER. If it says every 4 hrs every 4 hrs is when you take them trust me and

  27. susan says:

    DRINK DRINK DRINK even if it hurts drink you have to keep hydrated and you will know if your not drinking enough. the pain meds wont work as well if you don’t drink right. It is recomended to drink 8 8oz glasses I say do 10 8 oz glasses. even if that means you are at bathroom more it will help those pain meds work.

    Ok well sorry this got split up. I accidently hit the tab key and it sent it.

    Good luck everyone. Remember the pain wont last forever and once its gone ITS GONE FOREVER lol.

  28. Sarah says:

    I just scheduled my surgery yesterday with the doctor for April 15th, and just listening to him talk about the procedure i almost passed out…i was litterally sitting with my head in between my knees in the exam room. I dont know why, but i am having major likey anxiety attacks over this. It will be my first time ever beeing put out by anestetics, and i don’t do IV’s well.

    I will definetly be following the post-op intsructions to a “T”….i am definetly a wuss!

    I will for sure let everyone know how it went and any tips that i may find!

    good luck everyone!

  29. Sarah, make sure you tell them that when you go in for your surgery. They’ll put something in the IV that’ll make you really, really happy to be there. And kinda drowsy. But generally happy to be there.

    And yes, I have major anxiety attacks over medical stuff too. It’s OK.

  30. Suzie says:

    First off, Karl thanks for putting this together and responding to posts by others. I have been reading this page for the last couple of weeks and I just had my tonsils removed yesterday. And if that wasn’t enough I also had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction.

    I was having some major anxiety in the days prior to the procedures. I have young girls and I wasn’t sure how all of us were going to handle it. It was all for naught, the procedures went well and already I can feel the improvement in my nose. I’m so psyched about being able to breathe better already! I don’t even mind that the sites where tonsils used to be are all kinds of colors and my uvula is ENORMOUS! I know it’s only day two, but I’m off to a good start. I’m drinking around the clock and not sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time. That’s not a bad thing. I wake in the middle of the night to use nasal spray, eat, take my meds, drink, drink, drink and of course make lots of trips to the bathroom! Even with such a sleep schedule, I feel okay right now. I remember how it was when my husband had his tonsils out two years ago. He honestly went from “I want do die.” to “Don’t let me die!” Still, he survived and recovered just fine.

    I’m trying to keep an upbeat attitude and I’ll report back later on how things progress.

  31. Tom says:


    I am 47 years old.

    I am scheduled for a UPP, Septum Repair, Sinus Surgery and Tonsillectomy on 3-14.

    I have OSA and Sinus issues leading to all kinds of issues.

    I am most concerned with the loss of taste thing, I have

    read that it can take a long time to return.

    I am just a bit worried it won’t return at all.

    I have scheduled 2 weeks off work,hope thats enough.

    I have never had a surgery or a day in the Hospital so it is a bit nerve racking to think of going under.

    Thanks for all of the advice here, I will post some results
    when I am post op to let you know what works for me as it sounds a bit different for everyone.

    Good Luck to all.

  32. Sandy says:

    My son is 43. Bad, huge tonsils. But has horrible insomnia and I wonder if anyone experienced poor sleeping and if so, did it improve after surgery.

    He also had a nasty upper resperitory flu, toncillitis, cough, you name it. Gets it every winter. Often Strep.

    I know it’s risky and rarely recommended for people his age, but man, he needs to sleep and not miss so much work.

    Love to hear advice.

  33. Clair says:

    Hi im 29 years old and had a tonsillectomy on 28th Feb. I was hoping to feel fine by now but oh my god it hurts so bad. I had to go to the docs yesterday and had discovered i had an infection so i am now on 2 lots of antibiotics co-codamol tramadol and diflofenac. Also i have throat spray. if i knew before i had my surgery what i know now i would never have had it done. I suffered from tonsilitus about 8 times in 12 months. The first couple of days after surgery it was painful but ok. on the 4th day i woke up to find i couldnt talk or swallow the pain brought tears to my eyes. i sipped on ice cold water all the time throughout. Its now day 7 and i really need advice on how to handle the pain, also i have lost a lot of weight. What are the best things i can eat. Please help me……

  34. Clair: The best thing for me when I could barely swallow as Ensure or other meal-replacement drink. Put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes or an hour to get it really cold but not quite frozen… feels REALLY good on your throat.

    Do you still have the codeine cough syrup or other pain meds the docs gave you? Read the advice above about that — you want to make sure that you take it every time you possibly can, don’t skip doses — although it may not be effective since you’re already in pain.

    Sorry about the infection, that happens sometimes. Good thing you went to your doctor when it hurt that bad. Don’t worry, this too will pass — and no more strep!

  35. Clair says:

    thank you karl. iv sent my mum out shopping today to get me some. i cant believe how much it hurts still and im on day 8. i keep thinking its improving then a few hours later its hurt really bad again. i am taking all my meds off the doc which are co-codamol, tramadol, diflofenac… the only time i dont take them on time is if im sleeping. maybe i should set my alarm.

  36. Oh, god yes set an alarm! You have to get ahead and stay ahead of the pain. If you let it catch up with you, you’ll be in … well, as much pain as you’re in right now!

  37. Suzie says:

    Hi, here I am on day 6 and I’m still doing fine. I think I have gotten the hang of this! But let me tell you about my last days. On Wed, about half an hour after my first post, I started to feel nauseated and then proceeded to vomit for about 5 hours. The doc thinks my pain meds and I weren’t getting along, so he prescribed Zofran and after one dose, I wasn’t ill! I don’t even need the Zofrm anymore.

    By the way, I’m 35 and have two small children who are “helping’ me recover. =) I cannot stress enough that ice water and LOTS of it is the answer. There are times when I get to “medicine time” when I feel like I’m swallowing razor blades. This is especially true if I have been sleeping and my throat dries out (I can’t breathe through my nose enough yet!) I will drink a bit, take my medicine, wait a few for meds to start to work and then I will CHUG water. I found that sipping it is not enough. I need several good swallows in a row to take the edge off the pain and then the ice water starts to feel good! You need to get the freezing water in contact with your throat and you need to stretch those muscles. After about half an hour and a lot of water, most of the pain goes away again.

    I thought I would lose weight, but so far this is not the case. Since my surgery I have eaten sandwiches, a ham dinner with potatoes and veggies, I had fettucine alfredo with chicken and asparagus and last night I went to a friend’s and had pizza with ham and pineapple. I also eat tons of ice cream and popsicles. Again, I swear that the water is what has allowed all of this and real food is giving me the energy I need.

    I have also found that chewing gum helps. It stimulates saliva production and it helps stretch out the throat and jaw muscles.

    My husband says that he wishes that I had my tonsils out first, so he could have had a better recovery. Good luck, everyone!

  38. lori says:

    had my surgery mar 5. i am post going on day 6 post op. as with me the first couple of days after surgery i felt great. day 3 hit me hard. luckly my parents are here because i have an 8 month old that i have not been able to do anything for. day 3,4 and 5have been really bad. drinking pleanty of water but it really burns my throat. obviously i cant sleep because it is 3 in the morning and i am writing on this forum. im just hoping it gets better and better everyday. i have been going bak and forth on vicoden and just tylenal. ill keep you posted.

  39. Melinda says:

    I am 39 years old and my surgery is scheduled for March 18. After reading everyone’s experiences, I am scared to death to go through with this!!! I have also read on other web sites that food tastes funny after having this done – up to 12 months long. Some people claim that they can’t taste at all. Is this something any of you have experienced? Food is one of my true loves and if I loose the ability to taste, well I don’t even want to think about that!!

  40. Melinda – Yes, and in my case it was a combination of a post-op case of thrush plus the codeine cough syrup — the bad taste is supposedly a side effect of the codeine.

    I got my teeth cleaned by a dentist about a month after the surgery and that took care of the thrush.

  41. Julie says:

    Eek, I am 25, and going in for a tonsillectomy tomorrow morning. I took a week off from work, thinking that would be enough time, but now I am beginning to wonder! I’ve had swollen tonsils almost constantly since Thanksgiving of last year, and antibiotics do nothing. Steroids have worked twice, but once I stop them, it comes right back. I really don’t care how bad the next few weeks are, it’s better than constantly feeling sick and miserable for months at a time.

    Thanks for posting this, I will be sure to use the advice and tips listed!

  42. Julie – Good luck! Your case (timing and all) is almost identical to mine, ‘cept I held out for another three months and had my tonsils out in June/July. Same deal with the steroids and antibiotics.

    And yes, it’s much better. Wouldn’t go back to the misery I was in.

  43. Joel says:

    Hi, I’m 27 and I’ve been debating whether or not to get my tonsils out. I never had any problems until fall of last year, when a case of mono seemed to set off my tonsils. They treated the swelling that time with steroids (injected, and an oral taper) as well as pain meds and antibiotics. The mono obviously just had to run its course.
    The throat specialist recommended we wait until the mono had gone away, but that I seriously consider having my tonsils removed (they were gigantic, they kept calling other people down to the ER to marvel at the size).
    The steroids worked great, my throat was significantly better within 4-6 days.
    Not being a huge believer in less than absolutely necessary surgery (I don’t even go the doctor until something is unbearably bad usually), I discarded the idea of having my tonsils removed. However, since the mono went away at least once every other month I’ve had serious inflamation of my tonsils (the pain from swallowing is terrible) and numerous other less intense soar throats. The anti-biotics help knock it back sometimes, sometimes they don’t. A variety of clinics and doctors have told me they don’t know why my tonsils keep getting infected, other than a cycle of infection sometimes sets in.
    I’m in the midst of one such bout now. Even after reading some of the less positive things, I think I’m going to go to the doctor and schedule a time to have them removed asap. I can’t imagine the general pain afterwards being much worse than what I’m experiencing now anyway (can barely sleep, swallowing is indescribably bad, talking is difficult and forced, slightly difficult to close my mouth all the way).
    I’ll definately be following the post-op advice I’ve found here. Thanks.

  44. Emma says:

    Hi All,

    Well I am day 13 post op and still sore- definately not wanting to cut my head off any more but exepected to feel fine by now and just found this site- taking comfort that i am not a wimp and other people feel the same way I do.
    I have finished all my antibiotics today and am due back to work on Monday. Do I go if me throat is still sore? Also, my voice is far from normal- how long will this last?

  45. Julie says:

    Hey everyone,

    Had my tonsils out yesterday morning, and aside from the initial wakeup omg pain, I am feeling a lot better than I expected. I didn’t nap at all yesterday, and drank a ton of fluids – lots of water and 3 cans of lukewarm chicken broth. I even managed to work from home on a database problem last night. Right now I’d say the soreness is similar to when my tonsils were bothering me before, definitely not any sort of sharp horrible pain. One thing that has been working for me is how I am taking my pain medicine. I am on 2tsp of percocet every 4 hours, but I have been taking 1tsp every 2 hours, and it’s been heading off any pain. And I never miss a dose. I also spent most of yesterday with ice packs around my neck, which was a great tip. :)

    Overall, I feel like I could be back to work on Monday, but I know rest is important and intend to take the entire week. I just wanted to comment because I have heard a ton of horror stories from people, and I wanted to let anyone else reading know that everyone is different, and it isn’t always that bad.

  46. Francesca says:

    hi everyone, had my tonsillectomy march 11th, felt ok when i woke up after the op and the day after took all meds prescribed lots of fluid etc….. but boy… woke up yesterday and felt like absolute crap:-( throat is soooo sore especially down my right side and i have earache also:-( your tips have helped still have problems sleeping with the pain though. really feel like sitting down with a nice bottle of chilled wine and drinking the lot! maybe that will help me sleep eh:-(

  47. Jean White says:

    My daughter, age 23 is scheduled for a tonsillectomy on March 19th. Her doctor has perscribed TONS on medications pre-op and post-op. The one I am most concerned about is osycodone, but also will be taking amoxicillan, flurazepam, and dexamethasone. Has anyone had experience with any or all of these drugs? I’m freaking out here!!!

  48. Jean, if you’re worried, go talk to the doc. :-P Oxycodone is also known as Tyleonol 3. They gave me that in the form of the cough syrup. It’s not habit forming and it’s sold over the counter in most other countries in the world, the US is just more conservative about what they’re controlling. Amoxicillan is a penicillin-based antibiotic. They gave me that in liquid form too. Flurazepam is a muscle relaxer / sleep aid… it’ll knock her flat for two days (which I honestly wouldn’t take for the first few days, see my notes above in the article about drinking a certain amount an hour and taking the codeine cough syrup every 4 hours on the mark!) Dexamethasone is a steroid, which will keep the inflammation of tissues in her throat down. These drugs are all likely to be things that she has had in the past while she’s been being treated for tonsillitis.

    That’s a pretty complete list. The only thing I had extra was promethazine suppositories, but that’s only because they put me under anesthesia for the operation and my family has a bad history of reacting poorly to anesthesia. The promethazine suppositories cleared the nausea and vomiting after surgery up right away.

  49. Jean White says:

    Thanks, Karl. All of the meds are in pill form…..and big ones at that. Should I ask the Doc for liquid form or just wait and see how she does? Liquid seems like a better idea than choking down pills.

  50. I would definitely get the antibiotic and the codeine in the liquid form… the codeine was nice because it had a surface effect as it coated the back of my throat.

    And really — don’t skip or delay doses of codeine. The mission is to keep the swelling and the pain under a certain level … if it passes that, you’ll never get back on top of it again until she’s healed!

  51. Ansley says:

    Jean, I am 22 and had my tonsils out on Friday. So far, it has not been so bad, but I wanted to write and let you know that you should ABSOLUTELY get all your daughter’s medication in liquid form. Only 1 of my medications came in pill form, but it was traumatizing trying to swallow it because my throat was so swollen that I felt like it was stuck!

    Also, I’m staying with my parents because I have not been able to drive myself anywhere, and my mom has been sleeping on an air mattress in my room for the past few nights to wake me up every few hours for some liquids and more medication since I am on anti-nausea pills that make me VERY sleepy. I thought we were both going to kill each other multiple times, but it has been so worth it becuase my pain hasn’t been unbearable yet.

    Good luck!

  52. Wendy says:

    I am 48 and scheduled to have my tonsillectomy on April 18. I am encouraged by reading all of your reports. My tonsils have been huge for a long, long time – enough that they block my airway at times while I sleep – thus waking me up because I am not breathing. I really have no choice but to have them out, and this website has actually encouraged me – so THANK YOU!!

  53. jessi says:

    I am 24, on day 15 post-tonsillectomy, and I still have a significant sore throat. I can finally get through the day without taking a nap, but I’m still not sleeping well; I wake up between 1 and 3 a.m. with searing pain in my throat, which my Dr. said is likely from breathing through my mouth and drying out (a humidifier will fix that, I’ve just been lazy). I was in bed for 4 days (day 3 was the WORST, I threw up all morning and wanted to DIE).

    I came back to work yesterday, thank goodness it’s a slow week!

    Freezing cold anything was best for the first week, but week two all I wanted was very warm liquids (I used to hate ramen, but it is my favorite now!) My uvula is still very swollen, but the scabs are about 80% healed now, and I can finally notice improvement every day.

    As for the pain, well, in the beginning it was beyond horrible! I had an allergic reaction to the percocet, but I couldn’t talk, and the woman who was helping take care of me refused to call my Dr. and just gave me Tylenol!! It sucked, but I did survive.

    Drinking lots of fluids is the best advice you can take; it will get you moving around, which will help your body detox from the anethstesia, and help you to have BM. I was constipated for 8 days!! Do light calesthenics as you can, even if it’s just walking around–you may want a nap afterwards, but you will feel better faster!

    Good luck, and TAKE IT EASY…your body needs to heal!

  54. tanya says:

    Hi everyone… i am 25 and had my tonsil out 9 days ago. actually, I’ve had my tonsils out before, when i was 12 or 13 but they missed a large piece on my left side and was giving me recurring problems. So i had it removed and had an alright time with it, except on day 3 i got sick and was vomittng all day and had the worse headache I’ve ever had in my life! I truly wanted to die. So I asked my boyfriend to take me to the ER where they gave me painkillers and did blood tests. They found nothing, and thought it might just be a bug. I had been prescribed codeine and stopped taking it when i got sick as I was afraid that might be what caused it all and I haven’t taken it since. I’ve just been taking regular tylenol. I also had a prescription mouthwash which temporarily numbs the area but that’s almost gone. Does anyone know if there is anything i can buy myself that will help? For example is it safe to use throat sprays like cloraseptic you buy in the drug stores? thanks for all tour help.
    p.s. i stopped taking the drugs on day 3 but i still felt dizzy and light headed until day 7. Does that seem wierd to anyone? i wasn’t taking anything except regular tylenol which is normal for me.

  55. Jay says:

    hi all, thanks for all the helpful tips on here. I am from UK and had my tonsils removed 2 days ago and so far I am doing well staying on top of pain by regularly taking painkillers, using ice and eating the best i can. But i wanted to ask if anybody else has had this problem: my right tonsil was pretty huge and has left a large space which is quite deep, but i keep getting food gathering in it and it is hard to get it out. it is not the regular scab as some of it has come out by itself and it was definitely what I had eaten earlier on! my concern is that my throat will heal but it will remain this shape so I will always get food gathering here. anybody else have this problem????

  56. Gabrielle says:

    Hi all, also from the UK! Im 18yrs old and had my tonsils out the 17th – making this Day5. It seems like the UK go a little easier on drugs than you guys – all I was given was 500mg Paracetemol (every 6hrs) and Dicolfenec (every 8hrs). I have also started taking Ibuprofen. My op was in the morning and by that evening and the next day I was feeling fine. Day 3 however, hit me like a train. SInce then I have been in agony pretty much consistently. The worst was when I missed my meds because I was asleep, woke up at about 3am with my head on fire. Swallowing is very very painful, talking is just about bearable but takes ten times longer. Hopefully things will start improving soon!! The real pain for me however was the intense and severe earaches which spread to my jaw. As previous posters have said I am dying to eat real food when I want and to be able to chug drinks. THank you Karl for the ice pack tips – I will try them tonight as my tongue is still swollen. I would also recommened a heat pack on the pillow for those with earaches just before bed – quite soothing.

  57. Trina says:

    Hi everyone, I am on day 20 post-op and I had a relatively easy recovery period. I did have a bad reaction to the liquid vicodin I was on, I spent day 4 throwing up and had a nasty headache. I guess I should say that I also had a septoplasty and he opened up my left sinuses, so I’m sure my experience was a little different. Just follow the advice on here, especially drinking lots of fluids and staying on top of the pain. My doctor wanted me to eat normally so that I would have strength to recover, so believe it or not, I was actually able to eat a slice of french toast and half a sausage the day after surgery (I had to stay overnight in the hospital and thats what they gave me). My voice still sounds funny, but its better then what it was. Right now, my biggest problem is that I can still feel the scabs at the back of my throat. I just want to reach back there and rip them out. So far, I would definetly say the surgery was well worth it. Getting either tonsillitis or strep throat at least 4 times a year was beginning to get old.

  58. Nicole says:

    Thank you for all the tips on here regarding tonsilectomy..they were very helpful!
    Im just wondering how long everyone stayed in the hospital for? Was it a day thing or did you stay overnight? Im getting my tonsils out in a month and am kind of worried about it :(

  59. Trina says:

    I think it all depends on the doctor and the hospital rules. I had to stay overnight because it was hospital policy. My stay was 23 hours.

  60. Steven says:

    Hi everybody. I’m 24 and on day 7 of recovery. Finding this website the day before surgery was very helpful (I had already heard horror stories and knew what I was getting myself into). Icing the neck is key, I iced it up through day 5. Everyone is different, but for me it wasn’t as bad as I was prepared for, and there wasn’t much bleeding or any throwing up thankfully. The throat still kills in the morning from drying out all night, so I eat popsicles for breakfast (with a side of codeine syrup) and then work my way up to some soft food later on.

    Had to stop myself rambling. Here is some useful stuff that may not have been mentioned: Powder-whey protein is your friend. Get some, and mix it with stuff. Make smoothies. This will give you sustenance. Use a blender, but stay away from citrus (IT BURNS!) Also, when you burp, it will hurt, esp. if your mouth is closed. Anyone else experience this? So keep mouth open to vent.

    In closing, and to reiterate the most important thing: Ice, Ice, and more Ice. Baby.

  61. Tanya says:

    Hello All! I am 32 years old and four days post op. It has not been a great experience. Think having two gives was easier! I have been using ice packs constantly since I got home. They have been like my best friends in the world! They have really helped keep the swelling down outside of neck, which helps indside. My anthesteolgist (sp?) gave me a motion sickness patch before surgery which limited my nausea from the anthestia. GOD SEND! Did get sick from the vicadin. That liquid stuff is nasty, and it burns. Have finally tried to brave trying to just get small amounts of food down at a time. It is very true what others have said, it feels like swallowing knives! And I feel pretty weak from not eating much. Have lost 7 pounds. Wanted to lose weight, but not this way. I agree with others, when I can eat, I can’t eat much. Feels like my stomach shrank. I keep hoping that it will get better. Day 3 was the worst do far!

  62. Shannon says:

    Hi, I’m 23 and at the end of day 5 of my recovery. I didn’t find this site until yesterday, but I agree with most other posters that day 3 is the absolute worst. Day 4 was actually really bad also, but today is a slight improvement.

    My main problem is finding things that I can eat. Even apple sauce is really hard to get down since it’s thick. I’d drink something like slim fast or ensure, but I’m a vegan and I don’t know of any good alternatives. So far one of the best things I’ve found is to throw some good healthy cereal in a blender with soy milk. It’s actually pretty good. Any other suggestions?

  63. Damn, that’s a good question. Do you have soy yogurt available in your area? Stay away with things that are acidic like apple- or citrus-based stuff… if you baked the apples in the oven for a while (like apple pie) that might work. Try mixing soy milk and a banana… smoothies that aren’t acidic are good for you right now. Silk does have soy smoothies… And Spirotein apparently makes an ensure-like product in a can, but I can only find a few references to it.

    Funny, I’m not vegan, but I used to help plan menus at a vegan restaurant. But most of our stuff was seriously of the crunchy sort, so I’m having a hard time thinking of things!

  64. tootie says:

    Im in day 4 of pos op. I’ve been in a lot of pain sometimes just unbearable bringing tears to my eyes. I’ve been on bed rest constantly taking my meds and going straight to sleep. I’ve been sleeping on my stomach.. Is this bad? My uvlva is so swollen that if I sleep on my back it blocks my airway… it like a flap..opens when I breathe out and closes whn I breathe in. I know I should be drinnking way more than I have but I haven’t been wanting to. Im not able to talk.. Is there something wrong? I can barely open my hoping to see the bigger picture soon.. When will it come?

  65. tinkerbabie says:

    I got my surgery done on the 27th, stayed in the hospital that night and was released to go home the next morning. Everything seemed okay, until day 3,4 and 5 is the worst so far. This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, It kills to swallow, to move, I cannot eat anything. I can barely drink anything. I have been prescribed T3′s and have gravol. I also have an ice pack on it at all times. Is there anything else I can do? Please help!

  66. Suck on ice! You need to get it inside and out to reduce the inflammation. And keep drinking water even though it hurts. If you don’t, it’ll hurt more!

    And see if you can get the T3 in liquid form.

  67. tinkerbabie says:

    I’ve had over 20 cups of water everyday, and the membrane is starting to hang which is irrating my throat and making me cough really bad.. Anyways to get it rid of it sooner :( ?

  68. Alex says:

    Hi guys,

    Well, I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and the sleep doctor recommended I get my tonsils removed. My tonsils are abnormally large and I must say I realllly freaking out at the stories I hear about the surgery. I am old (28) and am scared of pain. Does anyone here have or had the same situation? Did it help? I am just curious. Tomorrow morning I go to the ENT for a final analysis on my sleep study results. If he tells me I need them taken out I might very well panic. Need some assurance …. TY!!

  69. TK says:

    Hi everyone! I’m in day 6 of recovery and I’m glad I found you guys!!! I have been pretty miserable – today has been the worst day of all, so bad in fact, that I ended up going back to the doctor to change up my painkillers to Dilaudid from Lortab, which was doing nothing. For Shannon – I’m not vegan, but my boyfriend is a vego and here are some things for you to eat – instant mashed potatoes, miso soup – this is great for ANYONE who just had a tonsillectomy (just avoid the seaweed because sometimes it can get caught), instant cream of wheat, if you have a blender, you can make a great smoothie of whey powder, mango, blueberry and mango juice – AVOID BANANAS. I find them to be really irritating.

    Anyway, even though I am miserable, I put together a “fun” blog for all of us adults recovering (or about to become victim to) tonsillectomy surgery. It sucks, yes, but it’s a necessary evil for most of us, and I’m just trying to stay positive and try to find the good in it.

    Karl’s was one of the few message boards that I found on the subject and it was a godsend just to be able to share stories and trade messages. Hope you guys enjoy it:

    Here’s to a speedy recovery for all of us!!!

  70. Wendy says:

    I have been making soups, and blending them, and they are currently in the freezer, waiting for my surgery day (April 18). They will be nutritious, and creamy, and hopefully I will be able to consume them after surgery. Many of them are vegan type, so hopefully this may help the person above asking about vegan foods.

  71. Shannon says:

    Thanks for everyone who had some good vegan suggestions for me! I’m now at the end of day 9 and I’m just taking Tylenol now. I’ve been able to eat some yummy things like mashed sweet potatoes and a mashed up waffle with lots of syrup. :-) For a while it seemed like the pain was never going to subside, but I promise it gets better! As long as I make sure I don’t let my throat get dried out this is significantly less painful than having strep. And there will be no more of that! Yay! Good luck to everyone else who is recovering and who has yet to have this procedure done. My best friends during this ordeal have been my cool mist humidifier (this has been amazing!), ice packs for my neck, and lots of ice water.

  72. Jenifer says:

    I am 37 and scheduled for April 14th to have my tonsills removed, I have a very low tolerance for pain and a very high tolerance for pain meds! Am I screwed??? I have had kidney stones and c-section child birth before but this really scares me! What is the best pain med I should ask for?

  73. CAB says:

    I am 31 and had tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on Tuesday April 1. The first day home, of course I mainly slept. I drank lots of water and protein drinks. Day 2, the pain wasn’t unbearable but definately there (when swallowing). I ate oatmeal and scrambled eggs, drank protein drink, and lots of water. Day 3…OUCH! The pain had definately became more significant. The main difference is the pain radiating to my ears and more extreme pain when swallowing. I was prescribed tylenol w/codeine, an antibiotic, and mepergan (demerol and phenergan). I’ve found out that I CANNOT take CODEINE! I had a panic attack both times after taking that rx. I’ve never had a panic attack before but it was an EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING experience. I would definately not say that this is the most painful surgery EVER! I mean, of course it hurts, it’s supposed to…it’s surgery! But the key is to have someone with you at all times, make sure you are staying hydrated that means lots of water, and also gatorade is good for replenishing, but the high protein drinks are wonderful! I got the EAS BODY FOR LIFE ADVANTEDGE drink (strawberry cream is pretty yummy!) My doctor also gave me another REALLY GOOD HINT! Maalox and benadryl…1tsp of maalox & 1tsp of benadryl, mix em up in a little dispenser cup, let it sit on your throat and spit it out. It coats your throat…wonderfully! When you get malnourished and dehydrated the pain is more severe! I have not missed a day of eating (small amounts). Just make sure you have somebody with you at all times. The meds definately work on you when you haven’t been eating and drinking like normal. I know someone who passed out when getting up to get in the bathtub. Her husband found her lying on the floor. THIS SURGERY ISN’T ALL THAT BAD! IT WILL BE WORTH IT. JUST FOLLOW THE CORRECT STEPS AND YOU’LL BE FINE! Oh…the only other “minor” complaint is this GOD AWFUL taste in my mouth! Doc says that’s normal from the scab forming! YUCK! Best of luck and don’t get spooked! Everyone has a different story based on how they take care of themselves!

  74. Ann says:

    Ok, now I’m getting scared. sx is scheduled for april 23. i gave birth to 2 kids, but all of these stories are scary. i am having a babysitter for my 2 kids, but no one specifically assigned to me. were all of you able to get up and make your own smoothies and food? it’s ok to go up and down stairs right? my dr. really has not given me much information about this. any advice about other moms coping would be much appreciated. i’m 30 y/o with 2 kids under the age of 3. thanks

  75. Ann -

    Yeah, I was able to make my own food after the first day. It’s OK to go up and down stairs — after the first day. For the three days after that, I couldn’t speak above a whisper and was exhausted so you’ll want the babysitter… and I didn’t actually eat solid food for more than a week. I lived on gatorade, jello, and Ensure.

    But I’m a wuss. Definitely not as bad as I’d think having kids would be, but it sure lasted longer than childbirth. Then again, you’ve got another 18 years ahead of you for the youngest. ;)

  76. CAB says:

    I am also a mother of 2. A five year old and a 3 year old. I had my mom catering to my every need so she fixed all of my food for me! I guess if I HAD TO have gotten up, I could’ve. There are lots of bad stories to read, but nobody ever really takes the time to put the not-so-bad stories up. I have been put under general anesthesia five times!!! When you are put under…it knocks your body out of whack! The older you get, the harder it is on your body. The main thing is you’re gonna be really tired for several days after the surgery. Two reasons…the medications, general anesthesia, and the decrease in consumption of solid foods. Your body kinda goes into shock b/c eating is a major component of our life…and obviously we’re not able to resume our normal eating habits. I am now on day 5. I have felt pretty good today. I am now only taking regular tylenol. I just cleaned and vaccumed my daughter’s room! I wouldn’t have thought I’d be doing that on day 5 (based on hearing other stories). Now every doctor has different procedures for doing tonsillectomy, so that is another reason stories differ. My throat pain has HONESTLY NOT BEEN TOO BAD! It’s just the tiredness, and inconvienience of not getting out and about and being on a restricted diet. I honestly feel that my results have been so good b/c I am staying EXTREMELY HYRDRATED! And I have eaten since the beginning. Today I had a cheeseburger from McDonalds!! As far as going up and down stairs – I’D BE VERY CAREFUL! If at all possible, I would avoid doing so for the first week. Lay on your behind as much as possible! Like I said before, your really tired and trembly for some time after this surgery. Childbirth and this surgery are not at all comparable. Childbirth is a pain that is quickly forgotten b/c we have a precious newborn to erase the pain. If you keep hydrated, try to eat as soon as possible, and take your medications as prescribed, YOU’LL BE FINE! Get a cool mist humidifier to put beside your bed. Your throat does dry out more at night and the humidifier will help. The throat pain is not a constant pain – It’s only when you swallow. You want to be sure to swallow to keep your throat moist. Don’t try to spit out your saliva or you will be in more pain. My own personal advice is to try to have someone with you, at least the first few days. You need to see how your body will respond to the pain meds. They give some pretty strong medication, and with not eating much it can sometimes be hard on you. Once you know your ok with the meds, then you’ll prob. be fine alone. I had the panic attacks due to the codeine. Thank God I had someone hear with me b/c it was AWFUL! I still have not stayed alone! Don’t get too worried. I did the same thing…but you gave birth to 2 children…YOU CAN DO THIS!

  77. ally says:

    heyyy im from the UK too. I’ve just posted a really long reply and my internet shut down!..annoying..I’m getting my tonsils taken out on 30th april, 3 days before my 18th birthday!, i don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing..good thing because i will never have tonsilitus again or a bad thing because evrybody seems to suffer badly on the 3rd day! i’ve read hundreds of horror stories on other websites but your site has helped me to see the positive side! i’ll be using your ice tips as that helps me when i suffer from tonsilitus. i’m preparing myself for ice, water, heat magazine and daytime TV! the only thing im still cacking myself about is the bleeding..does it happen to everyone? is it caused by scabs falling off? my doc never even warned me about that!

  78. Patrick says:

    Did anyone also have the option of having their tonsils shrunk with a CO2 laser? I hear the procedure is a LOT less painful.

    I’m wondering if anyone had any experience with it or turned that option down for any reason…

  79. prpnurse says:

    I am 33 and I am 32 days post-op, surgery was 3-12-08.

    While I was strongly warned about the severe pain that goes with this surgery, I thought the pain would be in my throat around the surgical site. Instead I had the most unbelievable pain in my ears. It woke me up constantly and the liquid loratab barely touched it.

    Here at day 32 I still am having ear pain but only on the right. I also am still having the feeling something is stuck or swollen on the right side of my throat but when you look inside everything looks normal. The worse part of having this surgery is the fact that I lost my tastebuds everything tastes like overcooked noodles. The Dr said they should come back within 6 months, but in the mean time I hardly eat and I am dropping weight drastically.

    If I had to do it over, not sure I would show up for surgery. Because I really miss eating.

  80. Robyn says:

    Hello! My T&A surgey is scheduled for next week, April 23rd. I am also *so* thankful to have found this website with many others to commiserate with. I have had strep 5 times in the last 8 months and hope this is the best thing to do. Writing down everyone’s tips and getting my shopping list together. Will be sure to post again post-op.

    Is it the cauterization that burns the taste buds off?? If so… can’t the tongue be protected?!

    ps on the childbirth thing.. my epidural wore off and I was able to feel every stitch as they sewed me up. Surely I can do this! (sorry TMI I know!)

  81. Sarah says:

    i am three days post surgery and i feel like one side of my throat is healing nicely, but the right side still hurts like hell…am i doing something wrong?

    As gross as this is i also feel like my nose is dripping into the back of my throat and i can’t clear it.

    As this happened to anyone else? is there anything that can be done?

  82. Linda S. says:

    I know all of you are going through so much and I feel for you all and especially for the ones who have a surgery scheduled and it hasn’t happened yet. My husband was just diagnosed with Throat Cancer that started it his right tonsil. They not only did a tonsillectomy..they also did a radical right neck dissection which looks kinda like someone tried to decapitate him. But the tonsil pain is the worse. I’d say that he was told he could take his pain meds either 2 tblsp. every 4 hours or 1 tblsp every 2 hours..and that is what we are doing. It is liquid vycodin. He is eating applesauce..drinking lots of water. We weren’t told about the ice pack..but then with this awful incision on his neck that may not be too comfortable. Other things we are doing…Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizer..get it otc at a drug store..puts a few drops on his tongue every 3 or 4 hours..helps to keep the mouth moisturized. Chloroseptic melt in mouth strips. Temp. but only come in red. Our Dr. didn’t make too a big a deal out of the red thing. He said if you started throwing up blood you’d know the difference between that and red gatorade. But that was just his opinion. Follow your DR.s orders. Aloevera juice can be bought at most health food stores. It also has a lot of vitamins added to it. Just like Aloe soothes a sunburn..this soothes the throat…coats it. Tastes kinda funky. I drink it everyday. Well…hope some of this helps…he seems to be doing pretty well. FYI..his prognosis is good but he will still have to do radiation and chemo after this. If any of you here are praying people..his name is Mike. Thanks.

  83. Grainne says:

    hi everyone and many thanks to karl for setting up a not so scary website on this whole 23 and had my tonsils out on 10th april and im doing great. im irish so we do the whole stay overnight thing after op which was a bad night but on an iv all the time.first off, hospitals freak me out,i normally faint in them but some kind of serenity came over me and it was overall not too bad an experience. came home with an antibiotic to fight infection, difene and anti-nausea tabs and started hallucinating at night,scariest experience ever didnt sleep for first 4 nights,so doc took me off everything and was on paracetemol and ibuprofen, both over the counter…oh and lovely little tabs called xanax to take at night as i was a wreck after 4 nights of halucinations!! have been floating off into a full 12 hours sleep every night since then. In ireland they don’t seem to be big on pain med but i have been getting by on paracetemol. i had one day where the pain in the ears arrived and thought i was dying but it passes. We adapt to pain and a certain amount becomes acceptable over time. as for food,4 hours after op tried to get me to eat cornflakes or toast,to scrape away any bacteria, needless to say i refused their kind offer. first few days ate very little, but since day 4 have been eating toast, fish fingers, muesli, potatoes (well i am irish :) ) and its all been fine,back to normal eating now. I worried myself sick about this operation and i neednt have,i have drunk so much water and swallowed horse size tabs no probs and was no such thing as scabs falling off, they just kind of dissolved. Sorry for ranting on, people dont worry ye’ll be fine. Oh and for Linda S and your husband Mike, im not a very religious person but i do have angel cards and call on archangel Michael for protection and angel Raphael for healing,will say a prayer for ye. trust me i’ve seen how this can work, good look to you and your husband x

  84. susan says:

    Ok so this is a quick catch up on me. Ihad my tonsils out on the 18th of Feb. I posted both in Feb. and Mar.

    First Dont skip the meds. Second have a vitaman supplement or drink slim fast or ensure to keep you healthy and to help you get the vitamans you need.

    Get plenty of rest. Before I had surgery I wasn’t sleeping. I will say about 6 weeks after surgery I thought I would lay down and take a power nap at 6 pm. I didn’t wake up until 8:30 the next morning. I did wake up with a migrane headache but after that night I have had more nights with 8 to 10 hours of uninterupted sleep than I had had for the 4 years before surgery. I couldnt remember how many nights a week i actually slept all night long. Now I can count how many nights I havent slept since the middle of March on one hand. So the whole point is YES IT REALLY DOES HELP WITH YOUR SLEEP. So it feels good to say that.

    I will say that even now 2 months later I still feel like I have something stuck in my throat at times. There are times when I talk that it sounds like I have liquid in my ears.

    The last thing I would like to say is yes it hurts yes the pain is bad and yes it takes forever to heal however I would be willing to go through this pain a hundred times to have the sleep that I have had. It outweights all the pain and the lousy diet.

    Remember to listen to your dr and listen to all the suggestions exspecially the ones about taking your meds on time. all the time. it will help. oh and one more thing DRINK DRINK DRINK. it will help.

    God Bless and best wishes.

  85. Hi All:
    Thanks again to Karl for your replies and keeping this site going.
    Getting my tonsils out on Wed, Apr. 23. I plan on staying well hydrated. I am still breastfeeding my 1 yr old daughter. The doc said it was ok to breastfeed after 24 hours post sx. The pain meds penetrate poorly through the milk, so it’s ok to breastfeed, just fyi for some. Thanks CAB for your awesome reply! It is very helpful! Also told by others to use a long tube sock and fill it with a bag of ice and then wrap it around your neck. Also told to ask about an anti-nausea pill to be given 45 mins prior to sx…it’s suppose to prevent any nausea post sx as a result of the anestetic (even if you’ve never had any before). I’ll keep you posted and Linda I’ll put a pray in for Mike (he has much more to overcome than any of us regarding this sx). Good luck everyone!

  86. Hi,
    I’m 37 and I had my tonsils and adenoids out April 18th. I have drank GALLONS of water and iced tea. I am sitting at my desk at work 5 days later. Call me crazy but COLD WATER/TEA and LOTS of it!
    Also I felt better when i switched from the vicoden to advil. I had a clearer head. I appreciate all the good advice and I hope mine helps as well!

  87. I’m 36 and had my surgery on the 15th of this month (April). The surgery overall was not bad but like another person I did have massive panic attacks on anything more than Tylenol. I’m on day 10 now and I’m sitting here eating Nuts and Bolts while I type so that gives you the idea that I’m feeling pretty good. Just taking Tylenol about every 5 hours. The main reason I wanted to write because besides all the great ideas I got from this website before the surgery (i.e. water, water, water!) I also wanted people to know about another option that can speed recovery and I think is one of the reasons I am doing so well. My naturopathic doctor gave me some tissue salts to start taking 3 days before surgery and then 3 times a day from the surgery on. It was the first thing I asked for after the surgery and I am positive they speeded the healing process. Go to your local health food store and ask them for information on tissue salts and tell them the reason why and they can recommend the right ones. Best of luck everyone.

    P.S. Linda S. – I read your comments and will pray for your husband and your family daily. God bless.

  88. My update: I’m just starting day 3 post-op and I feel exceedingly lucky so far but am still quite wary of upcoming days 5 and 6 with the scabbing.

    I’m taking 4 tsp of a liquid acetaminophen/hydrocodone combo every 4 hours on the D-O-T. I set two alarms on my cell phone just in case I’ve fallen asleep so I don’t miss it. Taking the liquid antibiotic 3x daily and then they had to put me on a very small steroid pill also. I had zero nausea from the general anesthetic or narcotics. I probably use the “Magic Mouthwash” 3x per day an hour before my next hydrocodone dosing if my throat is feeling a little more sore (Rx mix of all liquid mylanta/benadryl/lidocaine).

    I started right off the bat with drinking a meal replacement drink every time I take meds-full bottle during day, half-bottles in the night (Theralgran M (purchased at Walgreen’s) and Ensure brands so far. Theralgran M “Vanilla” was so good!) and per my mom, “chewing ice like it’s nobody’s business” lol, which got me to stop. I blame the narcotics for tweaking me out. I was an absolute jabber jaw the first 24 hours, couldn’t stop talking. No problems there for sure. Day 2 I “came down” and slowed down a bit which is a good thing. Here’s my original contribution to what to eat: I had “All Bran Extra Fiber” cereal. Took 1.5 cups of the cereal and poured 1 1/4 cups of boiling water over it in a bowl. Let sit 10-15 minutes and finish mushing it up with a spoon and let cool very very well. I don’t mind the taste anyway, but it’s been like heaven. The bonus is all the fiber and it helps to chew even this consistency to stretch your neck muscles. I’ve also had some sherbet ice cream a couple times a day (what better excuse!!!). Sucking on lots of ice now and started drinking ice cold Gatorade but have switched to mainly ice cold water now.

    I fill 3 sandwich ziplock bags about half-full with ice and put it into a higher sock and tie around my neck and leave on until it’s no longer icey. I folded a bath towel to prop it up higher on my throat and also keeps my pillow/shirt dry as it sweats.

    I’m not sleeping much but it’s ok as I am staying ahead of the pain, my #1 priority. Have been using a cool mist humidifier at night (even though the humidity has been pretty high anyway as we’ve had like 5″ of rain in the past week?!). I wake up in a slight panic with a dry throat and then suck on some ice, drink 8 oz of ice water, maybe chew a piece of xylitol gum and then work on going back to sleep.

    Hope I’m not sounding too cocky yet as I am quite concerned about days 5-6 as I said. My right tonsil was in pretty deep and they told my mom it was just full of infection. Both sides required dissolvable stitches. Just wanted to share everything I have done so far as I felt this website was the absolute #1 thing to prepare me so well!!! Thank you! I’ll come update maybe around day 7 (April 29th-ish).

  89. This site has been helpful. Great tips – I hope they work! I have my surgery 05/08/08. I have two little ones that will be staying with family while I recover the first 3 days. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    To Linda S – thoughts and prayers with you and your husband.

  90. I too am having my surgery May 8th. I have found all this info very helpful. Calms my nerves. I too have had four children but am so scared of this surgery. Thanks for all the usefull info. i am taking notes and will return after my op for my input. Thanks everyone :)

  91. I found this site has helped but i think i must be the luckiest person of all I’m 16 and i got mine out 2 days ago and about 4 hours after the doctors/nurses said i had to eat…normal foods. i had a choice between some random meat or if a relative wanted to bring me in something and me being me i decided to let my mum bring me in a sandwich cause i hate hospital food anyway it took me about 2 hours to eat the sandwich and it hurt like hell but not as much as thought it would. that night they made me stay over night in hospital and in the morning they said i would be allowed to go if i had some breakfast, me not being a breakfast person this was hard but i was able to have 3 spoon fulls of a soft cereal (rice crispies) then at 7.30am i was allowed to leave and they told me to try and eat/drink as normal as possible and take my tablets which i haven’t found it as bad as i expected. i feel as if the right side has no pain at all but the left side is still a painful but a pain i can tolerate. anyway this morning i woke up in a great deal of pain but i took my pain killers (codeine, voltarol and paracetamol)and the pain eased down and once again i could eat normal foods, don’t get me wrong it does hurt and I’m not eating difficult foods. i found that if i am cant really swallow things very well i have something like a yogurt. anyway i reckon in about 4 to 5 days ill be back to normal…or at least i hope i will :)

    Oh and i hope you all recover quickly and good aswel!

  92. I’m 21 yrs old and 6 days post-op. and i have been reading all these comments from day one. and i’ll be honest, when i started reading this on my first day and i was reading about how the 5 dayers and the 6 dayers that were in so much pain i was like… HA! i feel fine! this will be a breeze! those poor suckers! but now that i am on my 6th day. i totally feel it. ALL OF IT! the horrible scabbing, not being able to sleep cause of the pain, the nausea, not being able to eat anything, and my new LOVE for my pain killers! I’m now a believer that this is way worse than i expected! and i look at the newbies who just got them out and think…just wait! seriously though, we will all make it through this! and in the end it will TOTALLY be worth it! for me, it means no more tonsillitis! which was 10x the pain of this. and jsut think about all the delicious, hard-edged foods we can eat once our taste buds come back and our throats are healed! I LOVE YOU ALL!

  93. Hi everyone. I am on my 12th day post op and I am saddened to say that i am still in pain, not terrible pain like on the fifth and sixth day but pain nonetheless. I am taking Lortab only at night and try to manage the pain during the day with Motrin. The painkillers make me extremely nauseas and dizzy during the day and my husband bought me some Dramamine but I don’t know if I should take it since it makes you even more sleepy than I feel. I haven’t been sleeping well because the pain seems to intensify during the night. Also, the pain is mostly on my right side, is that normal? My right tonsil was the bigger one and the one that caused me all the infections I had this year. I am feeling quite depressed because I thought by now I would be great but I am still not eating solid foods and I am feeling pretty crappy. I hope this Hell will soon be over and that the operation was indeed a success. Hope everyone else is faring better than me, though, selfishly so, it would be mice to know that their is someone else out there that is going through something similar so I can feel less alone.

  94. Hello everyone, I’m 24, English and having my tonsils removed in two days’ time… and have been freaking out ever since I was told I needed a tonsillectomy for a unilateral/enlarged tonsil. I was never very good with pain, and will do anything to avoid it, I’m even thinking about calling the hospital up tomorrow and backing out. I guess my worst fear is from complications such as hemorrhaging. And I’m the biggest wuss and hypochondriac you will find in England. Really. I’m so insane, I’m worried I will die on the operating table or something equally morbid. I’ve never been put under with anesthesia before either, so that’s scaring the hell out of me too.
    Also I’m a bit worried because people here have said they were prescribed antibiotics… but I was told I would ONLY be given painkillers, nothing else, and I don’t want to self prescribe on antibiotics! Is this wrong?? Aaargh!
    I’m really frightened, and I know I sound mental but this is how much I DON’T want to do this, and I know it’s my choice but all my doctors have been telling me it’s for the best :(
    By the way thank you so much Karl for this site, it’s been a great help, the doctors never mentioned any of these tips! For them it was just another procedure!

  95. I am writing from England too. I am 29 and having my tonsils taken out 3 weeks today. I have the same fears as you Diana! The tips on this site look really good and its reassuring to read the positive stories on this site.
    Keep us posted on how it goes. Be strong, stay positive and good luck – you will be fine!

  96. Hi All:
    Ok, I am 30 y/o and had my tonsils out on April I’m on day 6 if sx day is day one. The sx lasted a total of 35 mins..I was in the recovery room for 2 hrs and didn’t remember anything but being put on the table for sx. I have pretty much been eating normal food from the beginning: meatloaf, potatoes, pancakes, noodles, sherbet for sure…very good for throat, and lots and lots of water. Oh, I’ve also been eating whole grain white bread, it seems to be good for just wiping throat clean…all of these foods with the exception of sherbet hurt somewhat going down, but it’s tolerable. The pain is more today, but again it’s tolerable as long as you stay hydrated. It’s like a raw pain that radiates to ears and surrounds neck. It only hurts when you swallow and truly the pain is like nothing I’ve experienced before so it’s hard to put into words. It is like a really bad internal black and blue feeling and pushing on it (swallowing) causes the senstation to go to your ears. The stiffness in your neck must be somewhat like how menegitis feels I would think. Initially, the pain will be like your worse sore throat, so no big deal as far as what you can tolerate. Now, the pain is making my jaw hurt, feels tight, I definately can only whisper at this point b/c talking hurts, warm noodles feel good and cold sherbet feel good.

    I, too, was very scared about the sx table…but I can already tell that I won’t be having sore throats anymore after this heals b/c my throat already feels more open and I can tell the bad bacteria infected tonsils being gone has already made a difference.

    Another good tip: while eating cold sherbet, drinking cold water, put plastic ice cubes in long tube socks and put a twisty tie at the ends..then wrap those around your neck…have 2 sets so that when one set gets warm, you can switch the other one out of the freezer. But keep the socks in plastic bags in your freezer otherwise the socks end up smelling like freezer food.

    I also have 2 kids under the age of 3 and have had babysitters. My mom has taken care of me a few days and I’m telling you if you can have someone make you food and look after you…it’s much nicer than trying to do it yourself! You can do it yourself after the first day, but you really don’t want to…it’s easier to just stay in bed when you don’t feel good. If mom is watching after you she’ll make you eat which will eventually make you feel better faster. By day 5 and 6, I really have needed the pain meds every 3.5 hours, not every 4 hours. The loratab relaxes the throat reducing the pain a bit.

    Honestly, don’t be worried about the pain…I was very very scared of dying on the table and all sorts of stuff…and it’s going to be ok, I promise!!! :) Ann

  97. I am 31 years old and having my tonsils removed on May 1st.Two bouts of tonsilitis within 6 weeks that took 4 different antibotics to get rid of and I am ready (I think) I am totally freaking out (I have never had surgery before). All the tips have been very helpful, plenty of them I would not have thought of. I will be sure to check back for any new tips anyone has to offer! Hoping it won’t be that bad and to a quick recovery!

  98. Ok so I had my tonsils out yesterday. When I woke up I was really scared…I was shaking uncontrollably and the docs had to keep telling me to breathe but after that stopped and I was given meds…it was much better.I’m on day 2..still in pain…but the hydrocodone really helps..only keeping down water and pops…it hurts too much to eat n e thing…I have also developed a cough…I think its cuz my throat is itchy…and my throat is all white which they tell me is normal….I keep reading all these posts and I’m like nooooo I want to eat….it seems like it takes a long time to heal….also my jaw really hurts as well..has since I woke up..but well see how it goes…wish me luck

  99. Hey katy I also just had mine out and am on day 2 I am also very tired, my tounge is not swollen but the hanging ball in my throat is, that makes it hard to breath when I lay on my back. Food is not even a thought to me just lots of ice and popcicles I have found that apple juice is really good when I want something different. The one thing that has helped me the most is putting the ice packs around my neck!

    Good Luck! we will make it through this!

  100. I’m ready to eat my earlier words now. :( Here I am 12 days later in the worst pain of my life and there is nothing anyone can do for me. So I’m going back to the original dosing on the hydrocodone and if I’m off for another week of work, TOO BAD.

    My advice – don’t feel guilty. I’m tired of crying. I wish I would have been all better in 7-10 days. If you hurt, just keep taking the drugs!!!!


  101. Hey Robyn, it might be an idea to go and see your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on. You should not be in worse pain after 12 days! Are you still drinking LOTS of ice water?! And don’t forget to eat, your body needs calories and nutrients to heal and it needs healthy food to do that. The reason I say you might want to see your doctor is because at about 7 days for me (my surgery was on April 15th) the pain started to increase and I wanted something more than the extra strength Tylenol that I was on and here my throat was infected!! The surgeon had told me after the operation was done that my tonsils were the most “rotten” things he had seen but still did not prescribe antibiotics. Once I was given the antibiotics within 2 days I was feeling much better. I know everyone is different but by day 12 I was feeling about 90% back to normal (and I’m 36, not a “young thing”) so I would have to say somethings not right. Hope this helps and your feeling great soon.

  102. Thank you for this site… I wish I found it before my op!

    I’m a 28yr old female from Australia and had my op on 28 April. Day 3, 4 and 5 were DEFINITELY the worst so far. I stayed in hospital overnight and Day 2 seemed a breeze.

    It soon dawned on me that I couldn’t keep anything down for the first 4 days and thought there was no light in sight. Day 7 now and seem to be ok to eat soft foods, eg creamy mash, soup and noodles.

    The pain is excrutiating!!

    I am sitting here at 1am with an ice pack wrapped around my neck on Day 7 unable to sleep…again! I’ve taken pain killers religously every 4hrs although they only seem to provide temp pain relief.

    No matter how much ice and water I drink… my throat seems to be constantly dry. Half the scabs seem to have fallen off now so I assume another 7 days until I am semi-normal again!

    Unfortunately, at the moment unfortunately can’t see the benefit in the op as the pain is soo bad… and I need sleep!!

  103. Hi Laura,

    I will call my dr in the morning, I hadn’t thought that I may actually have an infection on the right side. I was given a 7-day supply of antibiotics post-op which I of course had completed. I have not been able to have anything cold for a couple days now. I am forcing down a cup of warm green tea every time I wake up to keep hydrated, and forcing a half-bottle of Ensure each time I take another dose of Lortab. And using the medicated mouthwash every 2 hours. I am hanging in there.

    It’s encouraging to hear you turned around so quickly with the antibiotics. Hopefully it’s just a small matter of time now. Hang in there, everyone.

  104. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since my tonsillectomy and my throat is still sore, especially when yawning. My surgery went great and I was able to go home within 2 or 3 hours of waking up. I find it funny that so many people talk about not swallowing much for the first few days. My only comfort came through drinking ice water. I have never drunk so much water in my entire life, but it really helped so much! Hot foods and liquids didn’t feel too good. I still haven’t attempted coffee yet… Yogurt, cottage cheese, Rice Crispies (with lots of milk), and Carnation Instant Breakfast was pretty much what I lived on for the first couple weeks. I just attempted chips yesterday and that was fine. I actually felt pretty good the day of my surgery and for the next couple days. I really started to hurt on day 3/4 and was so nauseous that I couldn’t take my pain meds, which didn’t help anything. Throwing up with a raw throat is not recommended! My dr. called in a perscription for some antinausea medicine and that helped some, but was fairly nausious for several days. I was on pain medicine for the full 10 days. I attempted to go back to work on day 12, but was only able to work a half day. On day 14 I was able to do a full day and have been able to since. I expected a very steady recovery after the first 10 days or so, but it has been very slow progress. Even now, it is very painful when I first wake up in the morning. One of the biggest changes is that I can now breathe without feeling like someone has their hand around my neck. Also, my taste buds are a little screwed up – not sure why. I used to drink a Diet Dr. Pepper every afternoon and right now it tastes incredibly bad to me – I can’t even drink half a can. Propel also tastes very strange to me still. Overall, I know this is worth it, but it was a much longer and unpleasant experience than I expected!

  105. Update:

    I got in to see my ENT dr yesterday (Monday) at noon. He told me each of my tonsils was 1″ when removed and I had a bad case of tonsilitis during surgery (of which I had NO idea!!). He elaborated on how he had to dig into my throat muscle to get all the right tonsil out and had to control quite a bit of bleeding with cauterization and stitches. He was VERY sympathetic but not really surprised at the amount of pain I’ve suffered and that it’s taking longer than expected. I started a second course of steroids and antibiotics this afternoon. Have returned to the original LorTab dosing of 2 tsp every 2 hours. He extended my short term disability at work for another 7 days (I will be out almost 3 weeks!!).

    Today (Tuesday) is day 14 post-op, my pain is being tightly controlled and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for anyone I may have scared (sorry), I haven’t regretted this for a moment. My tonsils were ruining my life!!

  106. Update. I am post op 7 1/2 weeks. My ear pain continues but to a much lesser degree, it still will occasionally stop me in my tracks when it is sharp, I still can not taste most foods, and still have problems swallowing meat and bread (they get stuck). My ENT explain to me that all my complications were most likely nerve damage from the tools used to keep my mouth open during surgery or a combination of that and the breathing tube placed down my throat, my last surgery I had a reaction to anesthesia and quit breathing so for my tonsillectomy they plan to intubate me from the very beginning. While I am happy not to have to deal with strep throats constantly the continuing ear pain and loss of taste has been a bit discouraging. Per my ENT I should be back to normal in 6 months to a year. The time it takes nerves to fix themselves. That information just added to my discouragement.

  107. hey i just had my tonsils out this morning. its bareable pain though except for the thing in my throat that hangs down is enormous. is that normal

  108. Stacie – That’s your uvula, and yeah, it sure is normal for it to be huge and uncomfortable for the first few days. Just keep sucking on ice and it’ll unswell itself.

    And I really meant it about staying ahead of the pain … don’t sleep for more than a few hours tonight without waking up and drinking something or taking meds! Set an alarm clock and wake everyone else up if you need to!

  109. I’m scheduled for surgery on May 23. I’m 26 and a little nervous about this whole thing. I’ve been the “sickling” of the family my entire life, so I’m hoping this will help me to feel better. It’s been nice to read everyone’s experiences so that I’m at least a little prepared for what’s about to happen.

  110. I just wanted to make a post about my experience with getting my tonsils removed. First off I’m 27 year old guy, and have had serious problems with recurrent tonsillitis. I’m on day 7 after the surgery and I feel pretty much fine, some pain but more associated with tendons in my jaw and neck that were strained during the surgery than my tonsils. The most important thing that saved me was drinking water right after the surgery. As soon as I woke (5min after surgery) the nurse made me eat one cup of ice chips and a cup of applesauce (mixed with vicoden!) before I even realized what happened. This is a key to recovery, because it gets you swallowing again and doesn’t allow you to dwell on the initial pain. When you get home DO NOT sleep!!!! Get hydrated and medicated and stick to a schedule, sleep 1 hr at most for the first 3-4 day, this will head off the pain and dehydration and speed recovery. You can catch up on sleep when you’re not in so much pain. Whatever you do don’t let your Dr prescribe you antibiotics as a preventative, this is stupid. If you then develop an infection after that course of antibiotics, very possible (I’ve had it happen), then you are in some serious trouble, so question your Dr if he prescribes an antibiotic. Also, don’t dwell on the pain just try to focus on other things or else you will begin to feel sorry for yourself making everything worse for you and your family. If you do these things it will help, I make no promises, but it can’t hurt to try them. I hope this helpful to those who read it, just stay strong and don’t dwell on the negative.

  111. Today is post-op day 16. Haven’t taken any narcotic pain meds in 36 hours (yay to getting more antibiotics and steroids, I must have had an infection). Drove for the first time since surgery. Slept 8 hours! Took care of my son and went shopping for 4 hours. I am exhausted and my right incision is hurting again, but bearable. Mashed potatoes started burning tonight so back to Ensure. Hopefully I will suddenly be able to eat again, much the same way I suddenly didn’t need the narcotic pain meds. I have 3 more days before going back to work (7 days turned into 10 turned into 19 days leave total) and I am going to REST. I am just so excited to live my life without hopefully being sick all the time!

  112. Thanks so much for creating this website. I am probably one of the oldest Tonsillectomy patients on here, 41. I suffered from yrs of strep throat,sore throats colds & swollen tonsils. My ENT Dr lokked at me ear 1 time for a bad ear infection I had & told me my tonsils were huge. At the time I didnt have enough sick leave built up but that ws almost 2 yrs ago. I had tonsillectomy,deviated septum repaired & a corosion in my esophagus repaired. 05/25/08. I loved really COLD applesauce,chocalate Ensure C O L D also and a variety of Gatorades. I am lucky to have a SONIC drive in near my house and I walked ovr there about after the 3rd day for a week to geta bag of ice, They have the small ice, almost like snow-cone style.

    All I can tell tonsillectomy patients is GET IT DONE WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG !! Mine were swollen really HUGE from what the ENT DR told my girlfriend after it was over.

    Liquid Hydrocodone is what I was on for pain & a low mg of valium. Catching up on lots of sleep was BLISS and a lot of DVD’s I hadnt seen . It feels cool really now I can breathe & sleep is clearly better. Thanks & GOOD LUCK to those awaiting the surgery.

  113. I was so horrified doing the research, before my surgery. Most of the stories are bad experiences. On Tuesday morning (it’s Friday night now), I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. There’s some really helpful information from this site and a few others and it helped me get ready. I’m older than most of the people I read about (I’m 34) – so I was even more worried. It’s pretty uncomfortable and weird right now, but I’m totally glad I did this. I have had huge tonsils all my life. Usually I get strep, sinus infections or tonsillitis at least 4-6 times a year. I also recently realized I have tonsiliths – which was the clincher. That was just too gross.

    The best of all the advice was: constant ice water, sucking on ice, never miss your pain meds and eat something with each does of meds. I bought some slimfast shakes for when I couldn’t get anything down. Just to have something in my stomach with the meds. I haven’t really missed any doses of pain medicine. I had an allergic reaction to the liquid lortab (I got itchy and red), but they had me take 4 tsp. of children’s Benedryl before each dose and that helped. I’m never without ice water. After I eat something (mostly mashed potatoes from KFC) I chew on some ice and it makes the agitation go away. The ice packs helped too, but actually drinking and eating the ice helped more.

    I’ve had a sore throat so many times that this isn’t too bad (with lots of meds). I don’t have those horrible tonsils filling my throat and stopping me from swallowing and even breathing. I have to blow my nose really gentle, but I haven’t even been congested. I’m only on Day four, so I will try to post again. Hopefully I won’t have to eat my words, but really, I’m glad I had this surgery. I think that once I heal up this will be worth it.

    Karl – this site really helped me prepare – thanks to you!

  114. Hi everyone! I’m 20 and getting my tonsils out on June 5th this year. I am finding all of the posts very helpful in what I should expect… I’m have a lot of anxiety about this because I’m a voice major and the constant tonsil junk is really cramping my style, but i’m nervous about the severe voice change being permanent. My ENT is having me see a vocal therapist for the duration of the summer to get things back on track. Are the vocal changes permanent for anyone? Also, I have C-dif with amox., augmenten, and penicillin, and was wondering if most people are prescribed these after surgery…. I can’t take them becuase of the c-dif…..

  115. Hi everyone. I’m 24 and am getting my tonsils removed this next Tuesday. To be honest, these posts have increased my anxiety a lot, but have also prepared me for what lies ahead. I’m getting married on July 6 and am nervous that I may not be healed by then. Does anyone have any words to ease my fears?

    Oh, and thanks for the advice. I’m planning on lots of ice, ice packs, water, and humidifiers. One question though, I’ve been thinking about brushing me teeth. What is everyone’s experience with toothpaste and the brushing process?

  116. Hello Everyone,
    Well I am on day 9 after having my tonsils out and am doing ok. The pain was the worst for me on day 5 and 6 I still can’t eat very much, all I can say is thank god I have a crushed ice option on my fridge that has been my saving grace! My pain is the worst when I wake up and I had to get more painkillers I am taking perk-a-set and that really takes the edge off. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to deal with the scabs falling off I can feel them hanging into my throat and it makes we want to cough (which hurts). What has worked for you guys?

  117. Hey Marni,
    I actually found that brushing my teeth made me feel better, one tip is don’t brush too far back and rinse very well!

    Good luck and don’t worry you will be feeling great in time for your wedding!

    As far as calming your fears just try to focus on the good stuff to come NO MORE SORE THROATS!!!!!!!!!

  118. HELP HELP!!! I had my tonsils removed on Tuesday the 6th. I can not swallow water without it going up the back of my throat and into my nose. I choke each time. Is this normal? It takes eerything in me to drink luke warm water…cold hits the back of my throat and is much much worse. Also…MY TONGUE!!! Why is it white and covered with this pasty white stuff? Anyone else have this? Will these crazy things go away? I can actually eat solid food…I just can not drink. It hurts like heck and it chokes me. Any suggestions out there? My pain has not been too bad. I am thankful!

  119. I am so glad I found this website. I am 54 and think I am the oldest one on this site to have my tonsils out. I had them out Tuesday 6th May, and like Kimmy I also have a white throat. Apparently your siliva turns it white, but after a week it is meant to slowly turn pink. I have pain that is similar to a bad case of tonsillitis – with earache. I just keep telling myself that this will be the last time I will ever have this pain.

    I should have had my tonsils out 45 years ago, so I want to say to all you younger people out there – get them out while you are young. Apparently it is a lot less painful and quicker recovery. For years I asked to get them removed, and I was told I had to have tonsillitis 5 times a year, and sometimes it would only be 3 or 4 times. Also in my latter years I was told that I was too old and could have complications. With not having my tonsils removed at an earlier age, they have affected my general health and made me very tired. I wish I had pushed harder to have them removed years ago, as you only have one chance at this life so why not enjoy it with a healthy well being.

  120. Holy Doodle…I had my tonsils taken out 05/05…oh yes Cinco De Mayo…anyway…I work from home as an Analyst for a software company…and I just went went back to work today…maybe to soon…my energy is very very down…my pain is up and to if you all can believe it…my Hay-fever is acting up…try snezzing with all this going on…I’m on meds to try and stop it…but every now and then a snez get’s through…it’s horrible.
    I’m not sleeping well either…ice water has become my new best friend. I think I’ll call the doc and perhaps get a stronger night time med to keep me down for awhile…7 days and not to much sleep…

  121. I think im going to be the only one to talk about bleeding. Im 22 and had my surgery on may 6th today is post op day 6 and today was by far the most painfull and most scary days of the surgery. well it started at 8am when i woke up and felt like junk in my throat did a little cough and came up when i went to the sink in was a big clump of old blood with a little hint of fresh stuff. so i went back to the doctor he looked at it said it was no big deal one of the scabs just came off a little bit so i went home drank some cold water and stared to turn on my humidifire when i felt a rush of metal tasting liquid comming through my teeth all over my floor it was a major bleed. so i rushed to get ice water and gergal it on my throat after about 5 min it stoped i felt so sick to my stomach from all the blood i swallowed so i ran back to the bathroom and kinda did a gag but insted of trowing up a huge clump of something came out of the side of my throat it was the size of an old 50 cent piece it looked like an other blood clot but the same time when i looked at my throat it look so much deeper then the other side so i think that might not be normal but i have not felt to bad or bleed sence this morning so well see how it gos if it bleeds bad again ill go to er

  122. Hi Everyone
    I am on the night of day 3 of my surgery, and so far it has not been a good experience.I am 21 and My mom had to rush me to the hospital because I couldn,t breathe, I had a fever, the pain was unbearable and I was dehydrated. They put me on so many meds inclusing steroids, antibiotics, morphine, gravol, and saline. Like Karl said it is SO IMPORTANT TO DRINK LOTS!!!!
    IF YOU DONT THE PAIN WILL BE THAT MORE EXTREME. And if any of you are complaiining of a sever headache it is most likely from being dehydrated. I am home from the hosital but it was an awful expeience. Thanks Karl for making this awesome site!!!!!
    I just have a question for any of you who want to answer>
    On average when will the scabs start coming off and will it hurt really bad??

  123. Hello all, I was just wondering about the horrible scabs. I am on day 9 and there hasn’t been any scabbing yet and just wondering when to expect it to start?? Thanks

  124. 65-almost 66-years-old. Had the BIG 4 including tonsillectomy, septoplasty, turbinate reduction and Uvulaectomy on April 28. To help with sleep apnea problems.

    Found your site the week before THANK GOD! Was prepared to spend Dr. recommended time in hospital, followed by lots and lots of icy treats (including ice and ice water — not just Popcicles) at daughter & s-i-l home with grandchildren for extra nursing duties. (Grandchildren recommend popcicles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. — AND IT WORKS!)

    Surgery went so well they kicked me out that same evening — surgery was at 11:30 a.m. — home by 7 p.m. Felt pretty OK until day 3 — and 4 and then ears took over as pain central on day 6 through day 17, fighting for center stage with throat pain during that time.

    Saw the Dr. on Day 10 — said everything was looking great — prescribed more pain med (that liquid hydrocodone tastes YUCKY!) — at which time I discovered , , , are ya ready for this . . .


    NO (BLAKITY) WONDER I WAS IN PAIN SO OFTEN. That ONE teaSPOON didn’t last even 1.5 hours, much less 4-6 hours.

    ICE and ICE WATER or ICY BEVERAGES and ICE PACKS were the salvation for my throat. EAR PLUGS, alternated with SWEET OIL & COTTON BALLS and a WOOL SCARF really helped my ears stop hurting.

    Yesterday, (Day 18) still intermittent throat pain, especially during and after eating*, I began tablet form pain meds — taking about 1 hour before eating followed by 2 popcicles AFTER eating — really helps. Still doing the COLD LIQUIDS and occasional ice pack on throat — AND noticing continued improvement daily.

    THANKS for all of your insights. Your collaborative advice really helped keep my outlook positive and I’m sure my recovery faster. Now, anyone want to help “kill” the pharmacy???

    *Can anyone explain why I can eat potato chips without difficulty, but NOT bread?

  125. Day 10 post op. I’m feeling almost human again. Still very, very tired.

    Thanks so much for this site. My doctor was very impressed.

    I am still having a problem with swallowing (as in I can’t, not it hurts). Skip is keeping an eye on it. My temp went up over 104 twice, but we broke it fairly easily.

    Skip gave me dilaudid, hydrocodone, and some concoction of his own (had to be made at the pharmacy). I had a real issue getting the liquid pain meds down, and I was in major pain. Called a physician friend, and he told me to put the pain meds in a shot of Jager (not something he would recommend if he didn’t know me WELL). Worked like a charm.

    Kept a timer set for an hour, and drank something cold. Did my meds every 2 hours instead of every 6 (You had recommended this, thank you. My doctor suggested the same thing). I thought I was made of steel and going back to work last Tuesday (after 6 days). Not so much. I’m aware of the scabs, but I am constantly drinking something, so they’re staying soft. Occasionally I cough one up.

    Eating is a real issue for me. I’m a vegetarian, used to eating lots of crunchy stuff. I’ve noticed a bit of a change in my taste buds, but Skip says that’s normal, too.

    Again, thanks so much for this site. This 50 year old wishes she’d had it done years ago…. as crappy as I feel, I feel better than I have in a long time.

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned…. if you are very thin, gain at least 10 pounds before your surgery. I gained 8, and so far have lost 12.

    Walk good and be blessed.

  126. I am getting my tonsillectomy done on Monday, and I am really excited to get this done. I am ready for the pain, I have had some VERY bad sore throats and tonsilitis this past year so I feel like I will take it well. Then again, I will probably be posting back here after the surgery crying like a little girl about how much it hurts.

    One thing that I am actually looking forward to is getting the IV and anasthetic. When I had my wisdom teeth out they had to give me a little extra since I had 4 extra wisdom teeth!! I wasn’t sick afterwards so hopefully I don’t vomit this time. Also, you have to admit, it feels so cool when the anasthetic goes through your veins. It’s like ice water… I remember telling the nurse “wow, this feels f*cking awesome, like….” then I think I was out.

  127. Even at risk of scaring those who are awaiting a tonsillectomy procedure, I feel I need to vent. My apologies if you find the following discouraging.

    I went into this thing pretty optimistic, having always bounced back from various surgeries I’ve had in the past.

    Day 1 and 2 I felt pretty great. Didn’t seem to have any problems and the pain wasn’t all that bad. (I even ate a bite of chicken, chewed and swallowed with no complications.)

    Day 3 I woke up in the middle of the night vomiting and and did so 6 more times over the next five hours. I had been taking hyrdocodone (Lortab elixir) and apparently my stomach had had enough. This 6 hour vomiting episode landed me in the emergency room with unbearable pain (because I couldn’t keep pain meds down) weakness and severe dehydration. Four and a half hours laters, they prescribed more hydrocodone for me, (not such a great idea) along with anti-nausea meds (Zofran) and sent me home.

    Day 4 I did alright… but after two more days on the hydrocodone, my body rebelled once more, and I realized I would no longer be able to take the pain meds. Because my nursing staff was so unhelpful when I told them about the problem, I decided to take matters into my own hands and switch to extra strength Tylenol. This kept my pain pretty well under control with no nausea.

    Day 5 6 7 Time passed so slowly. I was hoping to get better any day now, any minute now… “please, give me hope!” but every day I found myself in the same amount of pain. I would call the nursing staff, they’d say it was normal, I would cry, and wait for the hours to pass.

    Day 8 I realized that my pain was so terrible (I thought from my incisions or healing) and I called the nursing staff once more and ask for something other than hydrocodone for pain control. They prescribe Darvocet and I am hopeful. Shortly after taking the meds and realizing that they aren’t even TOUCHING the pain, I realized that the pain was not related directly to the procedure, it was from the numerous canker sores around my tongue and down my throat.

    *** This was not something I had planned on, and I believe now that my severe pain days 5-8 was merely canker sore pain. This pain has been by FAR the worst, because pain meds can’t seem to penetrate this source. I WISH it could.

    Day 9 I begin using “Magic Mouthwash” prescribed by my doctor for the canker sore issue. They tell me I can swallow it, because the sores are trickling down my throat. I swallow, and what follows is the worst nausea and stomach pain I have ever experienced. (Med number 3 that completely screws me over.)

    Day 10 I accept that I can no longer take any meds, I use topical canker sore ointment and begin eating small amounts of food. (Mentally I have been going crazy not being able to eat food.)

    Today is Day 11… and I am hopeful. Mornings are always bad, no matter how great I feel the night before. I’ve been drinking SlimFast for meal substitutes and battling the canker sores. Even though they are MUCH more painful than any throat pain I’ve had, it is *somewhat comforting to know that my throat is healing and it is merely pesky little sores that remain.

    I dont know what I would or could have done differently. It has sucked, but for different reasons than everyone else has talked about. I highly recommend ICE on your neck almost all the time, if you sleep, sleep with your head propped up.

    Know that this will pass and hope that you will be much healthier after this whole shitty process than you were before. I’m still kind of discouraged on Day 11, but I can at least see a ray of hope.

    Good Luck.

  128. I’m 28 years old and on day 5 of my tonsillectomy and although it may be too soon to report it as pretty tolerable, I thought I’d share a few tips which helped me get through the first couple of days.

    1) Listen to all the recommendations here about constantly drinking ice water and icing your neck, and also not sleeping for too long. I was really not looking forward to that part, but if you sleep for 1 hour and then ice for an hour you will be fine.

    2) The nurse at the preoperative clinic prescribed me an anti-nausea patch which I put on 4 hours before surgery. I had no problems with nausea after the surgery and didn’t realize how effective it was until it started to wear off 3 days later and I realized that the liquid roxicet made me want to throw up. Once I applied a new patch I felt better.

    3) Try making a high protein shake instead of relying on Ensure. Although I have kept some Ensure around for the middle of the night, homemade shakes taste much better. I recommend “Perfect Meal” powder which you can buy at whole foods and has fiber in it as well which will keep you feeling full. I also add soy milk, sometimes a scoop of “perfect food” powder (which is made from green veggies), 1 scoop of peanut butter, 1 banana, and sometimes a raw egg (which you might want to skip or substitute for eggbeaters if you are afraid of salmonella). For the first couple of days I had an 6oz shake every four hours with the pain meds. I really think this helped in the recovery since your body needs a lot of protein after surgery and since you can’t eat much in one sitting its good to keep nourishing the body every couple of hours. I have noticed that a common theme I have been detecting among those people with the worst stories is that they have not been eating well and living off of popsicles and Gatorade. I also recommend if you have a Bruegger’s in your area to get some Chicken Spaetzle soup because its made fresh everyday and the chicken melts in your mouth. I’ve also found pouched salmon to be tolerable.

    4) Take your meds every 2 hours if you can, it really helps to stay on top of the pain.

    Good luck to everyone who is going to have the surgery, and a big thanks to Karl for making this site. The horror stories will make you want to back out but keep in mind that most of the people who are posting are still in a lot of post-operative pain and need to vent. I bet most would probably say it wasn’t as bad if they posted again in a few months after they recovered and are enjoying tonsil free lives.

  129. I had my tonsillectomy exactly one week ago. I’ve been doing okay and have been dealing with pain…but I still can’t eat anything.I never knew how much I liked to eat until now. :)


    My experience is the exact same as yours with the whole third day vomiting marathon due to hydrocodone on an empty stomach…landed me in the ER too. I was sent off with Zofran and more liquid Vicodin just like you. Here’s my issue. Zofran took the nausea away but made my heart beat like crazy. So after changing my meds a number of times, I decided to go off all meds all together. Crazy, I know. But in my mind, I would much rather feel pain than be nauseated. I can’t stand being on the verge of throwing up. So, since day 3, I’ve been off all meds, except the occasional Amoxycillan to prevent infection. I’ve been sticking with the ice packs, lots of water, and like Patrick mentioned above…high protein shakes of some sort. They will at least help to fill you up a little. Also, my wonderful mother was kind enough to juice me some vegetables. I know that may sound gross to most, but she juices Kale, Chard, Collared Greens, ginger, broccoli, celery, bananas, and green apples. You can’t taste the nasty stuff, most of what you taste are the bananas and apples. I drank 1 cup full and almost immediately felt 10X better and had energy for at least 6-8 hours.

    I’m not recommending going off your meds by any means, but am trying to share my experience. The pain is still there, but I’m dealing with it, ya know? I try to stay positive and keep swallowing, even though it hurts. I figure the more I swallow, the stronger my muscles will become, the faster recovery will be. I went back to work yesterday, day 6 post op, and although I can’t talk very much without it hurting, I did okay. I’m ensuring that I get a good night’s sleep, and first thing in the morning, I drink some water, no matter how much it hurts because of sleeping all night and having my throat drying out during the night. Ice cold grapejuice also helps in the morning. If you like avocados, smash up a soft one and eat that, it’ll give you good nutrients to fill you up too.

    Good luck!

  130. I’m 27 and had my tonsils out yesterday morning. I was so nervous going into it, as I had read all the horror stories. My Dr. gave me an anti-naseau patch before I got any anesthesia, which was a god send, as I haven’t been sick to my stomach at all yet. I had to spend the night in the hospital last night, due to my health history. I am so lucky that I did, as I was given IV Dilaudid.

    I have been drinking ice water like crazy and eating ice chips. I was able to eat soup, jello, and juice yesterday. This morning I had oatmeal with a little butter and milk and it went down really easily. I’m planning on trying some mashed potatoes tonight.

    I really expected to feel worse. I know I’m only in Day 2, but it really just feels like a horrible sore throat. My tongue is a little numb feeling, and my neck is stiff, but that’s it. The ice (both the ice chips and on the outside of my neck) help big time. I’m taking Loratab liquid regularly, and my ENT told me to call him tomorrow to see if I want to swtich to Percoset or something else.

    I also wanted to add that I think your attitude and positive thinking can work wonders! I have been repeating to myself “I am strong, I am healthy, I am healing easily”. Sounds silly, but it makes me feel better. I’ll update in a few days! Good luck everyone!

  131. Hey guys,
    I just scheduled my surgery a few hours ago. It will be on June 12th. The posts have all been so helpful in trying to prepare for the surgery. I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction almost two years ago by the same doctor who is doing my tonsilectomy. Even though I completely trust my doctor, I am so much more nervous about this surgery than the last. I remember waking up from the last surgery with the tube still down my throat and was very combative. I was just wondering…does anyone know how they entubate patients having their tonsils and adenoids removed since they will have to be working in the throat? This seems to be the scariest part to me…

  132. Hi Guys,
    I am 28 years old and have been suffering with tonsil problems most of my life. I set myself up for the worst, when I had a tonsillectomy on Monday (4 days ago) but nothing could have prepared me for the pain I have had since the procedure!
    I thought things would gradually improve, but it seems things are getting progressively worse. The pain the evening after the operation was terrible and my Uvula swelled up so much I was put on a steroidal drip. It was the only thing to relieve the pain, all my medication seems useless since then.
    I live in the UK and we are advised to eat solid food as soon as possible, especially hard things like crisps, toast and crackers. I have been following the advice and taking my medication regularly, but the pain is increasing and I am worried that I have an infection? Apart from the obvious worsening in pain, what are the symptoms of an infection?

  133. I’m 19 and this is day 5 of my post-op. I have never been in so much pain of my whole entire life. I never had expected it would be this bad. If I had read this before I think i would have actually never take eating and swallowing for granted. I was told it would only take 10 days to recover so I took 10 day off of both jobs and even informed my professors for a summer course at a local university about my absences. I feel horrible and ice water does help but I havent been able to open my jaw enough to take it and swallow. I’ve been drinking iced water and a little bit of sweet apple juice but it causes too much mucus that I cough and spit up nausty things most of the time. I sleep okay but wake up about every hour. I sleep mostly during the day. And ly in bed a lot more than I had expected. I think I’m going back to the doctor to get a different prescription, I lost feeling in my pinky and ring finger in my left hand. I still feel it but it just tingles. It’s continued for a day or 2 now.

  134. Anthony:

    About the only way to tell if you have an infection is to go to your doctor and let him/her have a look like I did at day 6 (and had one!). Even then it’s hard for them to tell 100% as your throat is all covered in white stuff anyway but usually when your pain increases greatly that could be an indication. Watch out because day 7 to day 10 is generally the worst period for people and then you will see a quick turn around after that (generally). See your doctor and hang in there, it will be over soon. And drink lots of ice water, trust the rest of us that have been there and are all saying the same thing. DRINK!!!! I have many friends in the medical field and they have all told me the same thing, the ones they see back in the office and emerg. are the ones that won’t drink and at least try to eat. Good luck!

  135. Hi everyone, I stumbled onto this website a few months ago while researching what to expect after my tonsillectomy. I appreciate everyone’s entries and had to share my own experience. I’m 25 years old and had my tonsils and uvula out on Thursday May 22nd and so far I’ve just been in general pain. The doc kept me overnight in the hospital to keep a check on things and so far things seem to be going ok. I have been drinking water non-stop since the surgery. One thing I found I had a problem with (and haven’t seen anyone else mention) is when I drink I occasionally have the water go up my nose instead of down the throat. The doctor’s nurse told me it’s because I hesitate to swallow anticipating the pain, but it occasionally happens even when not hesitating. Anybody else have this problem? I think I’ve been fortunate not to have any nausea (so far), my system is very much used to painkillers as I’ve had chronic back pain for a year and a half and have been on extra strength vicodin daily all that time. The doc gave me percocet for the tonsil pain (and no I’m not taking the two together) which is a bit stronger but only dulls the pain and knocks me out. I have forced myself to be awake at least every hour to keep drinking and keep the ice pack filled. I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t do ice cream. I got myself a few quarts of water ice which has been helping with the boredom of water. Today I attempted to eat a banana, which I cut into small pieces. I ate a quarter of the banana before giving up. Not that I was having a problem eating it but it was just getting frustrating getting small bits stuck in my teeth and not being able to get them out with my sore tongue. I’ve got the next week off so we’ll see how everything goes from here. Thanks for all the advice it really helped me prepare for this nightmare that wasn’t.


  136. We’ve got you all beat. My husband was just 80, yes, I said 80 and his ENT doctor told us he needs a toncillectomy.vv He believes there is a tumor on the tonsil (doesn’t think it is cancerous) and he should take them out. All that was detected was a lump in his throat. There have been no problems in the past with tonsils and my husband is going through extensive dental work at this time. We seem to think the cause of the tonsil problem is his teeth, but no one can give us a direct answer. He has no pain, no symptoms, just the doctor telling us. There have been no MRI, no catscan, no exray, just a manual exam. We’re hesitant about the operation and really don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

  137. Phyllis – First off, it’s very cool that you’re looking to the internet for advice and ideas! Just remember, we’re not your doctors … however, I’d say get a second opinion. Recovering from a tonsillectomy at twenty-seven years old was not a trivial task — I can’t imagine what it would be like at eighty. If your husband has other health problems, I would definitely consult with all of his specialists before you go ahead with the surgery, especially if his tonsils aren’t infected!

  138. Hi all, I’m 45 living in sunny Australia and no one’s mentioned razor blades, contorsion or bullfrogs!! I am day 4 post op (had it on 23rd may) and OMG! I thought I could cope with pain…..I reckon doc took my tolerance as well as my tonsils! If he wasn’t swinging on the clamps with my tongue in one hand and my uvula in the other hand I’d like to know what on earth he did to cause all of this pain! Seriously though, its been lovely to read I’m not a ‘wus’ and going through this alone, people out there DO know what its like – swallowing razor blades whenever you eat or drink, it’s like immitating Miss Piggy and Kermits offspring with my swollen neck and throat. And trying to educate my tongue to pronounce words…thats another story. It’s disappointing to read that some people are still suffering weeks after the op. I gave myself 7-10 days like the surgeon said….after all what he says is marked in stone……isn’t it??? I have been taking pain killers religiously, just started drinking heaps (once I read the forum..doh) and have been eating ‘normally’ since day 2 albeit 1hour to eat a small fish burger, I think it definately helps scrape the gunk from the back of the throat and yes it’s VERY painful. But as much as I’m following ‘dr’s orders’ I still have heaps of pain.

    One thing my doctor did stipulate and that was NOT to have any ibuprofen due to increase risk of bleeding, yet I notice on the forum people are taking this. This would be my normal drug of choice for pain, has anyone had any problems with taking it???

    Good luck to everyone and here’s hoping the old saying “No pain no gain” will prove right!!

  139. Trish – Just because people are taking it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Ibuprofin and Aspirin act as blood thinners — this is why they give us Tylenol3 with Codeine usually. I guess the Tylenol doesn’t act in that way. However, a few days after the surgery (after you’ve scabbed over) it should be OK to take these… I just wouldn’t risk it, because if the scabs crack you won’t clot and form new scabs as easily, and any wound in your throat is going to bleed like a head wound – a lot. Stick to what your doctor says. They give you a narcotic painkiller for a reason!

  140. It’s been exactly a week since I had my tonsillectomy. I feel so much better. Yeah days 5-7 were my worst. I didn’t want to drink anything, everything just hurt. But I didn’t want to sleep and couldn’t stay awake. I was prescribed oxycodone but moving my jaw to take it was not an option so I sucked up the pain and now I’m feeling thousands times better. What keeps me good and hydrated is G2 gatorade the orange flavor. It just seems to flow down my throat perfectly like silk. I dont have the post-op appt. until about June 13th or so. I can’t quite remember. But the swelling has gone down and I am chewing gum little pieces at a time to help exercise my jaw muscles. I think I might have a pinched nerve because my pinky and ring finger of my left hand feel like they are just tingling. I would say it’s most likely from the “confortable” way I was sleeping when I came home from surgery. I sleep better now although I still wake up with a harsh sore throat. I bought Ensure to drink that but I’m still taking it slow. I just had too much mucus buildup from all the surgery drinks I was given in those first 2 days: apple juice, sugar-free kool-aid. No ice cream for me yet. I want to be able to savor the flavor when I can actually taste. The smell of my breathe is so much better than that first day. The ice packs really do help.

  141. Love this website. I’m 36 and told today that I need a tonsillectomy. It’s been scheduled for July 21st. My twin girls (3 yrs old) are actually having theirs removed on June 9th by the same ENT. I’ve had chronic tonsillitis for the past 18 months. My last strain landed me in our ER at 4 AM because I couldn’t swallow and just drooled and felt like I could barely breath. After that, I decided to make an appt with their ENT too.

    So, today was the appointment and I was told my tonsils are huge and need to come out. Other than the birth of my twins, I’ve never had surgery or anything, so I’m pretty nervous. I did have an emergency c-section with them (my epidural didn’t take due to a curved spine) and was knocked out and didn’t find the post-surgery to be that painful at all and I’m a big wuzz! I was just glad to have those babies OUT :) I guess I can consider my tonsils my new set of twins and be glad to get those babies out! (they’ll keep me up a lot less overall than my girls have)

    The ENT also said my thyroid is enlarged and I’m having a thyroid ultrasound on Thursday. I previously suffered from hyperthyroid, but it had resolved. If they find a nodule or goiter, I don’t know if they’ll add anything or change my surgery.

    I appreciate all the great tips and really appreciate Karl for forming this site. It’s the best! I’ll update once my surgery is complete.

  142. OMG! Thank you for this website! My surgery was just scheduled yesterday and I am having those feelings of not wanting to go through with it now. I am having my tonsils out on June 11th and I am so scared! I am 37 years old. Reading this website has helped and also has scared me. First, I weigh 122 pounds (which most people think is too skinny for someone 5’8″ tall) but that’s besides the point, I am afraid to lose any more weight. My friends & family want me to gain weight before the surgery. Any recommendations for gaining weight? What about food afterwards…I don’t like Ensure, but smoothies rock!!! I drink a gallon of water a day now so that won’t be a problem. As far as the pain, I think I have a pretty good pain tolerance but when my throat is sore I’m miserable. Any help, cheerleading, advice, support will be greatly appreciated….Thanks!

  143. Thanx Karl i’ll stick to the codeine. Its day 6 post op today and IT HURTS! IT HURTS BAD!! This has got to be the worst day so far cos i’ve had tears (and that takes some pain), the pain relief doesn’t seem to be helping today. I’m waiting for the light to appear at the end of this tunnel…can’t see it at the moment but I know its there somewhere. I’ve taken yet more tips from this wonderful site (a BIG THANX to KARL) and have been using ice packs on my neck – this has been a big help, so I’ve restocked the freezer.
    I was never warned about this post surgical pain and it appears the Doc’s over in USA certainly look after their tonsillectomy patients better both with information and pain relief, again Thankyou Karl for this life saving site.

    Good luck everyone!! :)

  144. Hey Everyone I am 30 had my tonsils out last Wed May 21st. Woke up from Surgery feeling bad as expected, I figured I delivered 4 kids naturally I can deal with this, whatever, if you have kids please try to get a support system to help you out.
    Day 1-4 didnt miss any doses of Lortab/Magic mouthwash,I was really uncomfortable, neck pain, swelling, had to stomp the foot to swallow liquid ear pain is horrible Day 5 I was starting to feel a little better (enough to go camping with my hubby and 4 kids haha,)Until my body decided it couldn’t handle the Lortab and my throat decided to try and seize up on me, along with my lungs, and then Lortab causes bleeding in urine from kindney problems, so unfortuanatly, things in the last four days have not been pleasant, I started running a high temp (I figured maybe dehydration, I am drinking (not eating are you crazy?) I lost 15 pounds in the last 8 days)turns out I kept coughing up blood doc says pnemonia, so I am on a antibiotic now and in last 48 hours I am feeling so much better, I haven’t had any pain meds, wish I had them at night, they prescribed me Tylenol with codine but instead of causing me to sleep the stuff is like speed to me, I keep thinking everyday will get better can anyone tell me when does it all feel 100% better? Is there a average 10-14 days when do the scabs come off?
    Also I would tell anyone who is doing this ice packs around your throat work wonders for swelling, it’s a must and I am still using them.

  145. Ginny says:

    Thanks so much for your advice! I will be doing mine in a month or so, and I’m so scared for the pain!
    One question: I am hypoglycemic and so I really can’t just go without eating. What did you eat/what can you eat, and any advice on my situation before I go in?
    Feel free to email me!

  146. Ginny – Jello, jello, and more jello, jello with fruit, and a bit more jello — plus liquid nutrition like ensure and gatorade — should keep your blood sugar quite level.

  147. Hey guys, now on day 11 still sore but WORLDS better than last week. The key is NOT SLEEPING. Sounds crazy but it WORKS! Thanks Karl! I’d sleep two hours at a time tops followed by drinking lots of water and keeping ice on 24/7. Unfortunately, the downside to that is on day 6 I crashed, slept for 9 hours, missed my alarms to wake me up meaning I missed my percocet and water and woke up thinking I swallowed razor blades. My scabs fell off, I started bleeding and felt really really crappy the whole day. Finally got caught up somewhat just by drinking water (slowly at first because it hurt like hell) and getting the meds back in me. Admittedly I double dosed the percocet to get back on track which I wouldn’t recommend to everyone but I could handle it. The bleeding stopped and the scabs reformed. The scab is still where the right tonsil was but the one on the left seems healed. My tongue still feels weird from the clamp they apparently put on to hold your tongue in place during surgery which is slurring my speech. First day back to work today was annoying as I have to talk to people all day. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain. I’ve been on all solid foods since Saturday and Mac & Cheese never tasted so good. Any tips on when the pain and tongue weirdness should end? Thanks for all the advice Karl and everyone else!


  148. victor says:

    after speaking to my dr. he told me he had better results with patients giving them percocet rather than Lortab he says its better for nausea and a bit stronger. im still awaiting for my surgery date.

  149. Randy says:

    Today is day 5 for me. I had a Tonsillectomy and a UPPP. I suffered from severe sleep apnea. Basically my tonsils were almost touching and my tongue is too big for my mouth,LOL. A UPPP is where the remove your uvulaand part of your soft pallet in order to open up your airway. To be honest I was scared to death before surgery. At 32 a Tonsillectomy is not much to look forward to. I was able to talk about 15 minutes after waking in recovery, it hurt a lil. The swelling was ungodly for the first day. They kept me overnight at the hospital to monitor my heart and oxygen levels. My pain has been really mild. I only take my pain pills when I goto bed as a precaution. I am on antibiotics for the first week. I am trying to eat foods that are are a lil more solid. The stitches are very uncomfortable to me. I think saliva is my biggest enemy, very hard to clear the throat, PAINFULL. I can’t blow my nose yet, hurts too much. I think over all it hurts the most when I first wake up. I guess my throat is a lil dry and maybe a lil swollen then. Once i get something to drink it aint too bad. Warm broth and such seems to be the most soothing to me. Not being able to pop my neck has sucked becuase it cuases a tension headache. All in all I would say I got off really lucky. On a scale of 1 to 10(10 being worst)my over all pain has been a 3. Regaudless your situation, in the long run it is better to have the surgery. My choice was surgery or died in ten years or less due to heart failure, I chose to live. Good luck to you all and just remember, it will improve your life.

  150. Jessica says:

    i had my tonsils out yesterday i am in so much pain right now i cant eat or barely drink its drivivng me crazy i just hope it goes away soon im out of work for 2 weeks which i will greatly enjoy i just wish the pain would go away when i drink something i feel like im going to get strangled if anyone knows how to help me with that please let me know i can barley eat ice cream or anyting maybe tomm will be better guess im just a wuss IT HURTS SO BAD

  151. Laura says:

    well i just want to share my experience to ease some peoples fears. i had mine out yesterday (im 26). woke up from the surgery and felt fine. the nurse was asking me how much pain i was in and i told her none at all. i didnt feel bad at all. its not a pain its just uncomfortable. i went in at 730 and was done by eight, or so my mom says. woke up from the anesthesia at about 830 and was on my way home at 9. doctor said that my tonisls were huge and that i lost about a teaspoon of blood.

    first day i was able to drink (water, pedialyte, gatorade) and eat soft foods (jello, applesauce, and even a piece of bread) but i wouldnt recommend the bread ahahah. although if you chew anything enough it turns into mush…

    ive been taking my pain meds, but dont need them. they dont make me feel any better. i decided to take them for the first few days regardless. slept all night although due to the massive swelling of my uvula i will snore and wake myself. actually the worst part day one was the swelling of the uvula. it feels like there is something in the back of my throat that needs to be swallowed but cant.

    when i woke up today my throat was a lil more uncomfortable than the day before, but still nothing i would classify as pain. swallowing is very sore, but not painful. i see most people say that day 3/4 or 5/6 seem to be the worst so i guess ill have to wait and see.

    but two days in and im fine. i could be at work if it wasnt for A) that i cant drive on these meds and B) i talk like im deaf!

  152. Robert says:

    my doctor says i have chronically infected tonsils with stones in them. He thinks i should get them removed because it would alleviate the chronic sinusitis i get.
    However, everyone on here states they get their tonsils removed for strep throat or sleep apnea/snoring. Did anyone get their tonsils removed for sinusitis? Or could i be getting conned

  153. Robert: Mine were about the same — stones, chronic infection, and whatever the medical term for “so many holes that his tonsils look like swiss cheese” is. They were causing breathing and allergy problems, although not quite to the point of sinusitis.

  154. Stacey says:

    First of all, thank you Karl for the recommendations. They were pretty similar to my doctor’s and they work. I had a tonsillectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery on May 29. I’m on day 9 now(with surgery being day 1). The biggest annoyance were the splints in my nose due to the sinus surgery. Those were removed two days ago and the relief has been immense. I still have quite a bit of throat pain and occasional ear pain when I swallow, but this is to be expected for another week or so from I understand. It is definitely relieved by drinking water and ice chips. I haven’t really enjoyed drinking anything else. It all feels too thick, like it’s creating a layer of mucus. Gatorade is okay in small doses and in the first few days, I lived for the slushies from Sonic. Like most people, days 3 and 4 were the hardest. I had a lot of trouble finding the right pain medication. I had an allergic reaction to Percocet on Day 1…waking up itching everywhere. So my doc switched me to Darvocet, which I think is what made Days 3 and 4 so bad. It didn’t provide half the pain relief, but also gave me great bouts of nausea and dizziness, along with some really messed up dreams. On Sunday, after throwing up everything in my system (which was very little, and therefore, included a lot of bile…ugh), my doctor switched me to Vicodin (hydrocodone). He still worried I may have a reaction to the codeine, but I haven’t so far and it’s really helped me to sleep at night as well. As far as food recommendations, because after a week you are Hungry with a capital H, chicken noodle soup (warm not hot) has felt the best. I crush up saltines into mine to give a little extra “flair” and they feel really good going down the throat. Jello is so easy to eat…my favorites have been orange and pineapple. Put frozen waffles in the microwave to warm and then cover in butter and syrup…they slide down pretty easily after a few chews and they help to satisfy a sweet tooth. Lots of people say scrambled eggs, which I usually love, but which have sounded absolutely disgusting since surgery. I never have liked mashed potatoes so I can’t vouch for this one either. Kraft Easy Mac (the microwaveable kind) has been my absolute favorite. I make it with a cup of water rather than 2/3 cup, let it sit to cool for a few minutes and it’s delicious. My need for protein kicked in yesterday and I tried some canned Vienna sausages (loved these when I was very little) and they were very simple to eat as well after a few chews. Someone suggested to me today tuna, chicken or egg salad that’s been chopped and blended very smoothly with very small pieces of soft white bread. My local grocery carries such salad and I think I may try that for dinner this evening if I continue to feel as good as I do this morning. Let me add : my only disagreement with Karl is this regarding sleep. If you are like me your painkillers will make you sleepy, and that’s okay. However, sleeping for long periods will cause to possibly miss a dose of your medication (which you do NOT want to do). So either set your alarm to wake you up at med time or have someone reliable wake you up. When my fiance has been home this, I have actually had him wake me up every hour to drink a glass of water even if it wasn’t medicine time. That’s been very helpful! So it’s okay to sleep…if you are taking breaks to drink water and take meds. I’ve also found it helpful to get up and get around the house a little to start feeling better, but some days I have just wanted to sleep and that’s been good, too! :)
    Looking forward to a cheeseburger and french fries with a big ol’ Coke,

  155. Katie says:

    Hey all!

    well, I just had my tonsils out yesterday, and I am in excruciating pain- only when I swallow though. reading peoples problems that they have on the 4th and 5th days is, needless to say, scaring me a lot. if I am like this now, I can’t imagine how I will be during the days when people say it’s the worst.

    oh, btw I am 22 years old an have suffered from tonsil/throat problems all of my life. My biggest regret is not having done this sooner.

    here I am now, typing on this blog (which btw I wish I had read sooner), lying in my bed with an ice pack wrapped around my neck and struggling to force down even the tiniest amount of water.

    When I first came out of surgery, I have to admit that I was feeling fine! my throat hurt a bit, but what else is new? but a few hours after that the pain started to kick in and they decided to keep me over night at the hospital.

    I got back from the hospital a few hours ago, and my biggest problem right now is the swelling and pain of my throat, and the HUGE amounts of phlegm that is not only taking over my throat but is also making it unbearable to swallow. The meds given to me to take has been tylenol with codeine, which works sometimes, and doesn’t work other times.

    Although this board is very helpful in making me not feel alone with this experience, I am utterly miserable right now. I know it’s only been 36 hours after my surgery, but still, I totally regret doing this and I have had known the pain that I was going to be in right now, You can bet I wouldn’t have gone through with this.

  156. Laura says:

    Update from 6/5.

    So day 1 and 2 were fine. It def got worse on day 3 and 4 but still not that bad. Now I know the pain is all relative but it really wasnt that bad at all. My bf came to get me out of the house since i cant drive. It felt great to get out but its very tiring (since you havent been getting good nutrition ya know). The swelling of the tounge/uvula has gone down some. The healing area is now a mint green color instead of white… interesting. I see that there are some areas of pink which im assuming is where the so called scabs are falling off. The areas where the scabs have fallen feel different than the other areas, but not particularly more painful.

    Some of my observations/recommendations, many that are advice from Karl as well…

    - drink, drink, drink! im now deciding to have only water. i had gatorade and other stuff but i dont like the idea of sugar and anything not pure in there:)
    - i have a cool mist humidifier, i dont know if its helping bc i have nothing to compare this too, but so far im feeling much better than expected.
    - try and eat. when i first try to get something down during the day, the first bites suck but it gets easier as i go. the more i eat the better i feel bc of the nutrition so its just a win-win situation!
    -the ice packs on the neck truly help. i like to take my meds, get a fresh ice pack, lay down, and drift off into sleepy land. unlike others i love to sleep. it passes this boring time and makes me feel refreshed (as sleep does lol). the throat is def tighter when i wake so i try and drink right away. i also take a sip of water everytime i wake even if its just a minute before i doze off again.
    -skip the dairy for sure. my doctor told me to but then i had a lil mac and cheese and it made me very phlemy. not good.

  157. monica says:

    Hi, im 20. I got my tonsils out last thursday after being on a waiting list for almost 4 years…
    so still in a bunch of pain, but its not unbearable anymore. I just wanted to share the very best and most soothing thing you could possibly ingest after having this surgery done.
    frozen pureed watermelon. Freeze chunks of watermelon until solid, then blend until slushy, eat with spoon. It taste amazing and the icy slush just slides down your sore throat in the most rewarding way. I really strongly recommend it!
    Take care everyone

  158. Heather says:

    So I am 22 years old and had my tonsils removed on June 5th 2008. I was gettin what they call tonsil stones a lot and needed the surgery. I am now on day 4 including the day of surgery. So far everything has been good. I was in and out of the surgical center 7:15 AM arrival and left by 9:30 AM. So far I have not been in excruciating pain. By day 3 I reduced my pain medicine(dilaudid) and kept up on the anitbiotic. I have for the most part done well. Ive been drinking mainly ice water and gatorade. I’ve been eating mashed potatoes(really soupy), yougurt, sherbert, freezer pops, jello, ensure, chicken noodle soup. I’ve done well with all this. I’m a lil scared of whats to come with day 5/6 since I hear its the worst but so far I’ve not had any unbearable pain.

  159. Kelly says:


    I’m 23 years old, I had my tonsils out on Tuesday 3rd June. So will be a week tomorrow…

    Like everyone else has said I felt pretty zoned out the first couple of days and slept most of the time so didn’t really feel too much pain. On Day 3, 4 and 5 – I felt the worst pain by far, that I’ve ever experienced in my life! I’m Miss Accident prone, I’ve had 11 stitches in my head, been bitten by a dog and have been run over twice. So I’m no stranger to testing the limits of my pain thresh hold.

    BUT even with the pain, it is still bearable to what I am feeling now! Since last night I have not been able to keep anything down. Yeah my throat really hurts, blah blah I’m sooo over it now. I just want to stop being sick?? I can’t eat (which hasn’t happened for about 4 days anyway) sleep (been up since 4am), read, watch TV… or ANYTHING but cry. I was solely surviving on Water and Iced Pops, but if I so much as had a sip of water right now I’m back in the toilet?

    Is this normal after tonsillectomy, to get ill? Should I inform my GP? I don’t want to take anymore Tablets because I’ll be ratterling soon?

    Hope you feel better then I do, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  160. Crystal says:

    I’m a 17 year old on her 5th day post-op. I heard that the older you are the more it hurts, so I thought I was going to be fine. Ugh was I wrong. I’m glad I did it, because I was having swollen tonsils and strep at least once a month. The doctor said they were huge and ugly when they came out. When I woke up I felt the pain. It was my first surgery ever so it was expected. I usually have a high pain tolerance because I have fibermialga, but this tops it all. First two days were a haze, and I accidentally overslept and woke up in severe pain on my third day. I was very nauseous my third day and ended up losing what little I had in my stomach. I was in hell. Next day was a little better until I tried to eat some mashed potatoes. And today I woke up with normal aching, and when I tried to drink some water it burnt so bad I started to cry. All day I couldn’t touch the water to the sides of my throat or it felt like something was searing my throat. I also have the earaches, but they aren’t too bad. I’m not sure if the burning is normal or not. I could take the regular aching and such, but not being able to drink water is killing me. I have a Doctor’s App. tomorrow and I am praying everything goes okay.
    Tips, DRINKING is EVERYTHING. Water is the best because anything else just made the mucus much worse. sleeping with your head propped up helps the draining if you have any, and health shakes have kept me going so far. I’ve lost 14lbs in 5 days..not the most conventional weight loss heh. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

  161. anxious and nervous Sam says:

    I don’t get strep often, but generally have a low grade sore throat most of the time, especially when tired. I have large gross tonsils that are scarred and pitted from lots of strep a s a kid. The main problem is that I get food stuck in there and it is gross. Is that gross enough to have them out? I am super nervous. I don’t like pain.

  162. Sam – Yeah, that’s a good enough reason to get them out. Do it sooner as opposed to later — you heal better when you’re younger, and life’s so much better without the pain. Getting food stuck in ‘em means that you have pits / pores in them, which are the first step towards getting a permanent case of strep. Eventually the bacteria gets a deep hold inside of those pits and valleys and there isn’t an antibiotic on earth that’ll get it out — and the food you’re getting stuck in there just gives them something to munch on while they make you sick.

  163. Ryan says:

    Well, I wasn’t concerned about my T&A in 2 days until I went in for pre-op and the nurses all said they would happily have multiple hysterectomies before having another tonsillectomy. Then I hear horror stories from co-workers (why do people do that?), and then I give in a google it and find this lovely page of PAIN.

    Like many of you, I have had chronic strep/tonsillitis/etc. and can’t take it any more. I get it about 6 times a year and have for the last 6 years. It gets worse and hurts double each time. Now I am to the pain of strep to the 30th power. So, out they come.

    I’m scheduled for Thursday (this is Tuesday evening). My work isn’t expecting me back for 2 weeks, I thought I’d be back my Monday. Now that I’ve learned it’s big deal at age 33, my wife is in a bubble of disbelief and will most likely expect me to be out mowing the lawn Saturday.

    I’ve got a prescription for liquid Loratab 7.5/500, 450ml x 3. I don’t know why I didn’t get 10, the 7.5 will only require me to consume more. Either way, hydrocodone makes me feel bad. I much prefer oxycodone (Percoset) and will ask to be prescribed it’s liquid equivalent Roxicet instead.

    I also have been told by my peers to make sure I ask for a prescription of lyticane (sp?) suckers to numb the mouth/throat before pouring the burning liquid painkiller down my throat.

    Anyway, I am now very anxious about my surgery.

  164. Tammy says:

    I am a 35 year old female. I am on day 8 post op. I feel fine. have to say, I was nervous having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. People were telling me all kinds of horror stoires. I ask myself what’s worse, not being able to breath or having my tonsils out. I picked tonsils. I have to say I did not have that many problems. On day one drink, drink, drink, and wrap your neck. I had ice everywhere. I had a lot of drainage so I slept sitting up. I am on day 8, my throat is a little sore. I can talk normal and eat any food I want. I have not had any pain medicine at all. The only medicine I am taking is my antibotics. My throat was hurting worse before surgery. So I have to say, I did not have a bad experience with my surgery. I guess it depends on how much pain you can tolerate.

  165. Ryan: It really isn’t all that bad — keep the liquid painkiller in the fridge, and it actually feels GOOD going down — not burning. I usually padded my stomach with an Ensure shake before taking the painkiller.

    No, really, it sucks, it’ll hurt, it’s not fun, but good lord (it’s been a year now since my surgery) it’s great to not be sick all the time.

  166. Clint says:

    Hi All…

    For those of you who have undergone this procedure, God Bless You and I hope that the payoff at the end is worth the suffering I feel now.

    I am a 38 year old male and had endoscopic sinus surgery 3 months ago. The tonsillectomy is part 2 of my treatment plan and after the sinus surgery i thought that this would be the last small step on a long road.

    It is day 6 for me. I found this website only 2 days ago. My ENT prepared me well and the advice given here is wonderful. The best benefit for me was knowing that I was not alone in my suffering and the extent of my pain was, it seems, somewhat typical for an adult after having their throat ripped apart and burnt with a blowtorch. Sorry, moment of bitterness there, i mean “tonsils removed and area cauterized to prevent bleeding”.

    For those looking for any more confirmation of advice found within this page let me sum up my own experience.

    WATER IS GOOD, WATER IS GREAT. Everyone who posted here knows the truth, drink. Drink as much as your bladder and throat can stand, then force some more down. It is the key to surviving this procedure. Whether its ice cold, cold or room temp, whatever you like is best. But just drink, or the pain becomes beyond intolerable.

    ICE YOUR NECK. This is a must. Do not allow yourself to wimp out if its uncomfortable. Ice now and you will benefit later. Dont do it, and there is no amount of drugs that will help your suffering later.

    TAKE YOUR MEDS. Whatever you are given, whether its Oxycodone, T3′s, liquid this or solid that. Find a way to take them. Don’t be stupid, take the drugs. As often as your are allowed too by your doctor. I tried to skip a dose because my fiance said I was “getting foggy”…trust me, BE FOGGY and BE HAPPY.

    SOLID FOOD IS BAD. Do not eat ANYTHING solid, mushy, seedy, creamy, salty, acidic, fizzy, etc for the FIRST 5 DAYS. A really mushy noodle is still a noodle and when it gets stuck in the back of your throat and you give a slight cough to dislodge it, be careful you dont crack open your skull from hitting furniture as you pass out from the pain.

    LIQUID FOOD IS GOOD. If you can drink it then its ok as long as it is NOT dairy and does not have any acidic content. I lived the first 5 days on water, and I have just added BOOST (like Ensure). If it coats your throat too much, mix it with ice water to thin it out and it goes down easier.

    BE PREPARED NOT TO WORK FOR 2 or 3 WEEKS. If you are one of the lucky ones and bounce from this surgery that is great. But plan for 3 weeks off. If you don’t need it take the rest as vacation or paint your house or something. But in all likelihood, week 2 will arrive and you will still be flat on your back, drinking water like a fish, sucking back the drugs like a rock star on tour, and you may be starting to believe that solid foods are really and truly evil. (like i said, day 6 for me and I saw my fiance eating potato chips – rather than wishing i could have some – i found myself wanting beat up the bag and throw it in the trash so an errant crumb couldnt find its way into my water glass and render me a blathering pain crippled idoit for days).

    Well, thats about it for my summary. I am off to take my drugs and doze off for a bit. I use my alarm to wake myself for a drink every 20 minutes. It helps.

    If you have to have this done then follow good advice and hopefully we all see the payoff in the end. If you are not sure if the surgery is necessary, then give your head a shake and don’t do it. If it is necessary, suck it up and get er done.

    Bye everyone and thanks for letting me know I was not alone!!!

  167. Ryan says:

    Well, it’s been 9 hours since I woke up without my tonsils. Sleepy but can’t sleep. The liquid Loratab burns and makes me want to gag. I feel like total crap. I’m shakey and a little scared. I have some oxycontin headed my way but wonder how the hell I am supposed to have food with it. I have some of those litacaine pops coming too. Noise makes me nauseated, laying on my side (propped) does too. I’ve been told to keep at a 30 degree with laying down. Getting bad again, must lie down.

  168. Johnny says:

    I’m 19 years old and it has been about 2 weeks since I had my tonsils removed. I didn’t notice any pain the first two days because they loaded me up on morphine and demerol. When I was sent home I was given T3′s for the pain as well as a gargle to numb my throat and then some anti-biotics. For about the first 4-5 days I lived off of water, ice and freezies while trying to eat small amounts of solid food. After 6 days I felt a little discomfort but I could basically eat anything in incrimants. I expected the pain to be a lot worse then it actually was. Now the only problem I have is that if I drink too quickly it comes out my nose as strange as that sounds. Is anyone else having this problem? So to the future population of people that will lack in tonsils before you get them removed make sure to have a lot of water and ice at your disposal and chew your food good. The pain isn’t too bad. Can someone get back to me on the whole drinking thing? Thanks!

  169. Ryan says:

    Well, it’s the end of day 2 and I just ate chicken alfredo from Chili’s. Yeah, surprised me too. As long as I chew it up real good, and it’s not spicy, I can get it down. I started with applesauce, then pretzels, then ended with that. What a day. I’ve also found that what makes me so ill feeling and keeping me in bed is the pain killers. However, if I don’t take them, it’s just as evil without them. So, it just kind of sucks. Hopefully it won’t get worse like everybody is saying days 3-6 are. Oh, and I picked up my tonsils from the hospital today…pretty gross.

  170. Julia says:

    hey! im 18 years old, i’ve had swollen tonsils since i was like 13, and the doctors always told me i was ok, and eating lemons would make it go away. until recently i got sick and tired of it i switched my doctor to where my sister workds and she took an strep throat test an blood test, and ifound out that i have mono also. so now I’m having my surgery next Monday, im so happy i found this website, its very helpful. i guess im goin to go buy some ensure an gaterade. i watched or tried to watch a youtube video of a surgery didnt last long. but its been very helpful learning from others! does anyone know if mono goes away after surgery?? i dont know how long ive had mono but ok!! ill keep in touch after surgery.. and how did you get to pick up your tonsils????!!!

  171. Mike says:

    I’m an English teacher in South Korea and just had a tonisillectomy performed here after having chronic tonsillitis for the past year.

    They do things differently here, and I was required to stay in the hospital for 4 days after the surgery. The first two days I had a very sore throat, difficulty swallowing, but it was manageable. They were giving me pills, which were hard to swallow, in the hospital, and they did nothing for my pain. Every 8 hours or so I had to ask for an injection for the pain, which did wonders.

    Day 4 now and I’m back at home and in serious pain. They wanted me to stay longer at the hospital since I’m still in a lot of pain, but figured since back home (I’m Canadian) it’s day surgery that I could handle it. Not to mention being really sick of rice paste and cold fish soup. What I didn’t realize was that in Korea my doctor isn’t allowed to prescribe me any good drugs! I was asking about vicodin or liquid morphine or even tylenol 3s and because they are opiates he said he can’t prescribe them. I’m at home right now with pounding ears, a really sore throat and painkillers that don’t do anything for me. I may be going back to the hospital if I can’t manage to eat, sleep or deal with the pain.

    Also happy I got the surgery done. Quality of life has been terrible for the last year and can’t wait to be healthy again. Good luck to everyone out there who is recovering.

  172. Ryan says:

    Well, I spoke too soon. Day 2 was by far the easiest. Day 3 & 4 have been miserable. It’s either pain and swelling or taking the equally evil pain meds. The pain meds make me so ill and nauseated, I can’t stress that enough. What makes it all even worse is that my wife doesn’t understand and seems to believe 2 days is enough to get over anything. So now she’s constantly nagging me to get up and stop laying around. It’s so frustrating not being able to talk! My ears have so much pressure, my throat is so swollen, the pain is so severe, the nausea a constant and crippling battle. The doctor said 2 weeks of this, that’s crazy. I will lose my mind well before then.

  173. Melissa says:

    I am 21 years old and I’m having my surgery tomorrow morning. I’m so glad that I found this site! I have had strep throat a few times a year for the past five years probably, which is why I’m getting my tonsils out. I had my adenoids removed when I was five, but the doctor told me that they could grow back and they may have to remove them again. I have already stocked up on Sonic ice, pudding, chicken broth, applesauce, and lots of other soft things. My doctor wrote me prescriptions for liquid hydrocodone, some antibiotic, and suppositories for nausea. I’m hoping that I wont need to use the suppositories. I will keep you updated on how everything goes!

  174. joanna says:

    I just had mine out on Thursday. My surgeon did good damage control because she prepped me for the worse. I’ve had sore throats worse than this. But by far the worse pain was this morning when I fell asleep for 8 hours. Big mistake! I will continue to chew on ice chips all day long, take short naps, and this will be over. The icepack on the neck seems to help; I’ve had one on the whole time. Iced coffee (white mocha) took the edge off the pain for me, too.
    If anyone is thinking of doing it, just get it over with. By the time you hem and haw, you’d be done.

  175. Clint says:

    Hi All…

    I posted on day 6 after my surgery. Well, things got worse in a hurry.

    Within hours of my last post I had a bleed. And please let me say that when I had a bleed we are talking about blood being issued at high velocity and quantity. If you ever saw the movie “Something about Mary” remember the “WE HAVE A BLEEDER!!!” scene…

    I was hospitalized for 4 days and have now turned the corner. Let me say now that since I am starting to feel human again that this is probably worth it but for the first while it was hard to see past the pain.

    Only 1 more word of advice I would like to give. When they tell you to have someone watch you for the first 10 days, believe that it is necessary. When I bled, it came like a garden hose on full blast, and between choking on blood and the rather disturbing sight of LARGE pools of blood developing instantly in front of me, dialing for help was difficult. Everything worked out for me but I could easily see someone passing out and dying from either blood loss or blood blocking your airway.

    Now that I am out of hospital and on the road to recovery I say good luck to all and my heart is with you! And DRINK DRINK DRINK.

  176. Nicole says:

    Hello, just wanted to add my experience in case it helps anyone.

    I had my surgery June 4th. I’m 12 days Post Op and i’m 25 years old.

    The first day, in the recovery room, I was shocked because I wasn’t in as much pain as I had been reading about. The doctor gave me a little morphine there, which helped a lot, and prescribed me Lortab and Amoxicillin.

    Fast forward to later in the day…misery. The pain became worse than I expected, and it was not only my throat, but shooting up to my ears as well. I could talk, but I wasn’t really understandable, and it hurt to do so. Juice was about the only thing I could get down.

    The first week after, I could not focus on anything. No reading, no watching tv, pretty much just laying in bed. I also got severe nausea (which started on day one). By day three I was vomiting once or twice a day. I went back on day six and the doctor gave me Promethazine for the nausea. This helped a lot, however, it is tiny tablets and considering I could barely swallow, it was kind of difficult to get down. Sometimes it would take six or seven sips of juice, by that time, the pill had started to melt, and they do not taste good!

    I also had this DISGUSTING white film stuff all over my tongue. I don’t know if it was scab stuff, or what, but it was gross. I scraped it off, and after my taste buds felt almost as if they were burned. It’s still hard to taste certain foods. And some foods taste wrong now.

    I was unable to sleep the first week as well. The first few days, when I started to drift, my throat would make this weird noise. I’m guessing this was due to my swollen uvula. This did go away after a few days.

    On day 10 I started spacing out my pain meds so that it wasn’t every 4 hours, and was finally able to sleep through the night. I would wake up early in the morning in pain though, having to take another dose.

    Day 12 finally and I’m starting to believe this will pass. I getting less nausea and I can go for longer periods without the pain medicine. I’m still in moderate pain, but it comes and it goes. It’s worse in the morning. I still have a few scabs, but they are slowly coming off. I’ve also graduated to soft foods. I eat a lot of jello and mashed potatoes. I tried mac&cheese today, it was ok, not as easy to do as mashed potatoes.

    So my suggestions:

    Take at least 2 weeks off work. Maybe you will be lucky and bounce back, but maybe you will be like me and vomit every day for a week.

    Ask your doctor for medication for nausea before your procedure. It will be 100 times more miserable to vomit on top of all the other things you are going through.

    Set your alarm and wake up every 4 hours to take your medicine. You will be wanting to die if you miss a dose.

    As everyone has said, drink drink drink drink. I don’t know if it’s helped me, but considering it took me quite a while to eat soft foods, and I think it will be another week or two to graduate to real foods, it keeps you hydrated.

    Good luck!

  177. Melissa says:

    The end of day one. Well my surgery was supposed to be at 9:30 this morning but didn’t happen until 10:30 I think. For my liquid hydrocodone I can take 3-6 teaspoons every four hours. Until 6pm the 3 teaspoons were working great, but after then it’s been worse. Earlier in the day I could talk and eat and drink with no problems. So far today I’ve eaten pudding, chicken broth, half of a cheeseburger that I chewed up forever until swallowing, tons of water (I feel like I’m peeing every fifteen minutes), and ice. I just took six teaspoons of the hydrocodone so we’ll see how that works out, I’m hoping it’ll knock me out until my alarm goes off to take some more meds. Wish me luck!

  178. Melissa says:

    Day two was AWFUL. I woke up at 6:30 is terrible pain. I took my hydrocodone and slept all day long. Only waking up when it was time for more meds and to eat a little bit. At 7 I got out of bed finally ate some noodles with butter on them. I didn’t eat very many. Then I started feeling very nauseas. I took a warm bath and that seemed to help, but then at 9ish I threw up. It didn’t hurt as bad as I would have expected it too. The worst part was not being able to get the taste out of my mouth. I’ve felt better since I got sick. I’m thinking that I wasn’t eating enough before taking my pain meds. I’ll try to do better about that tomorrow. Since days 3-6 are supposed to be the worst I’m pretty scared, but thankfully I have people helping take care of me.

  179. Melissa says:

    Well day three is almost over. I feel like I’m in this vicious cycle of being nauseas and not eating or drinking and then feeling worse because I’m not eating or drinking. I was given 5 suppositories for nausea and I’ve used three. But even after I use them I’m so terrified of throwing up again. I was put on a different pain medicine, but it’s still making me feel sick. I’m sleeping about 20 hours a day, which is so out of the ordinary for me. All I’ve eaten today is a couple of spoonfuls of oatmeal this morning, and I know I’m not drinking enough water. Any ideas on what to do for the nausea? Or to make myself drink/eat?

  180. Kimberly says:

    Well it was a week ago today that I had surgery. I had the triple whammy. Tonsillectomy, Open Septorhinoplasty and Turbinate Reduction. Once the surgeon got in there he needed more cartiladge so he took some from my ear. Needless to say I have been in some pain. What was to be a one night stay in the hospital turned into two. I got dehydrated and was vomiting. Thank goodness I was in the hospital so they could pump me full of fluids. All I can say is drink, drink, drink. Jello has really helped with coating my stomache so I don’t get nauseaed. I go to the doctor today to get the splints out of my nose so hopefully I will be able to breathe better. I will updae again in a few days.

  181. Nik says:

    I went 7 months straight with throat infections, from mono to strep to tonsillitis. The antibiotics they prescribed to me only helped to suppress the infections causing the doctor to finally give the orders to have my tonsils removed. I am 17 and I had my tonsils taken out June 17th and I must say when I woke up my throat was just a tad bit soar, but I could easily swallow down water. After leaving the hospital that day I still felt just a little sore, however I started throwing up all the blood that got into my stomach during the surgery it was horrible. Every time I threw up it became harder and harder to swallow until it got to the point where i couldn’t swallow liquids or my liquid pain medication (hydrocone). After vomiting I rapidly became dehydrated and was rushed to the hospital and was given and iv and returned later that night home… All of this occurred during the first day. Two days after the surgery and I must say I just feel like dieing the pain is so bad…I missed taking my pain medication by an hour today and boy was that a big mistake. I was prescribed liquid hyrdrocone and it really does make me feel better. However when I take it my throat and ears feels like they are being ignited on fire, and then I uncontrollably start gasping for air. I have started as of today finally being able to take sips of water but some of it starts coming out of my nose…I haven’t really been able to eat since my surgery the food just gets lodged in my throat causing me to gag. I’ve read from some of the comments you start to feel even worst when the white scab falls off, is this true? I can’t imagine hurting anymore than I already do…I just can’t wait till I’m through with my recovery stage.

  182. Ryan says:

    Evening of day 8 for me. I am really starting to wonder if I will ever be normal again. I “think” I may finally be over the hump and starting to recover. I hesitate to say this because I only feel about 3% better than I did a week ago. I am still painfully forcing down 1 cup of applesauce a day and about 6 ounces of water. I’m down 25 pounds now, which is cool but scary. My main beef is that all during pre-op my doctor and his office made light of the whole thing and even said I’d be back to work in a few days. Now post-op when my wife calls in telling them I’m vomiting blood 6 days later (among other things), now all of a sudden it’s “normal and expected”…what the!? They think I’m crazy for thinking I was going to be back at work sooner than 2 weeks! This coming from the same people that downplayed the entire operation just over a week ago. When I get my voice back, I’m going to ruin some people’s day. I am angry.

  183. Krystal says:

    Hey all,

    Im scheduled to get a tonsillectomy done on July 1st. I have mixed feelings about all the stuff Ive been reading on here because Im really hoping I dont end up one of the bad cases. Anyway Im really glad I found this message board because alot of the tips on here seem helpful. Some one wrote about TISSUE SALT – that looks like something that Im willing to try. Theres one thing I found online that looks really promising its called THROAT AND TONSIL DR (its completely natural!)it says its supposed to keep your immune system healthy and your tonsils and throat as well and it says its especially good for tonsillectomies. It helps with post op and enables a speedier recovery. It sells for $33 plus shipping but I found it on AMAZON.COM for about 10 dollars cheaper. Ill try to keep everyone posted on my progress and how use of it will work for me.

    P.S. Linda Im so sorry about your husband Mike. I will send lots of love energy his way! Please also look into THROAT AND TONSIL DR for him since its all natural with no side effects.

    Heres the link

    Remember if you wanna buy it try AMAZON, it goes for a few bucks cheaper! Hope this helps. Good luck to all and Ill try to post as I progress.


  184. Melissa says:

    Well it’s the end of day five, and I don’t want to jinx myself but I’m feeling tons better. I’m able to eat real food now. For dinner tonight I had pizza. It was only half a slice and it took forever to eat and hurt when I swallowed, but it’s better than chicken broth. I’m not nauseas from my pain meds anymore and talking is getting easier. Now I just have to wait for the scabs to start coming off.

  185. Ryan says:

    There is hope. I’m just cresting over into Day 10 and I can now finally safely say that I getting better. I’ve been eating tiny bits here and there and this time it seems to be staying down. This has been one long and awful ride, so glad it appears I may actually be able to return to work on Monday or Tuesday. That only zapped 95% of my total vacation time available, grrrrr.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to joining the ranks of you that are 100% recovered from this. For those of you reading this on the eve of your surgery…godspeed and good luck. I do not envy you in the least and if faced with this decision ever again….I will not have it done, it was too much for me. I keep hearing about people’s tonsils growing back and having to do it all over again…crazy, I am not going to think about that.

  186. Sandi says:

    I have to have my tonsils out due to repeated peritonsillar abcesses. Can anyone tell me how the recovery pain from a tonsillectomy compares to the pain of an abcess?

  187. joanna says:

    It’s day 9 for me and it hurts more now than it did before, but it’s never really been horrible. I’d recommend not looking at your mouth because I did yesterday and I can’t get the image out from my head. When are the scabs supposed to fall off? Does that hurt too?

  188. Nicole says:

    Why can’t you use a straw when drinking?

    The doctor never said anything and my daughters have been using a straw. They are on day 5.

  189. april says:

    I had my tonsils removed on friday the 13th (of all days)im on day 10 of recovery and it hasnt been that bad,actually the worst part of it was the nausea from the liquid hydrocodone (lortab).it makes you vomit because your taking it every 4 hours and your stomach is empty…i did have to go to the ER because i was dehydrated and the zofran they gave me in my IV made me feel even worse,it makes your chest feel really heavy,but besides that im recovering,but it does still hurt to talk and im supossed to go back ro work next week and i am a customer service rep…i dont knw how thats going to work!

  190. Julie says:

    Hey All-

    I had had my tonsils out in March, posted on here a couple times. This was a great site for tips on what to do, but don’t let all the horror stories scare you. I am not going to say it was pleasant, because it wasn’t. But I only took a week off from work, and while week two was bleh, it wasn’t that bad. Helps that I have an office job, of course. I also didn’t have any scabbing issues. After reading some of the comments about scabs, that became my biggest fear. I did avoid looking in my mouth though!

    Anyway, despite the pain and general crappiness I felt, it’s SO much better than it had been before. I’m glad I did it. A couple weeks of pain are worth not having to deal with my tonsils swelling up every other week, for months upon months.

    I wish you all a speedy recovery and good luck to those having the procedure done!

  191. Melissa says:

    The end of day 7 and it still hurts to eat real food, but I’m doing it. I’ve noticed that I’m clenching my jaw all the time now since the surgery. And yawning in the most painful thing in the entire world. This morning I think I felt the scabs and they were making me cough, but after I took my meds I couldn’t feel it anymore.

  192. Meagan says:

    I am a school teacher! I have had numerous children in my classes go through the same surgery I had 6 days ago. These children are sometimes back in my classroom on a Friday after having the surgery on a Monday! I am 28, on day 6 and I am still in some pain.. It is definitely by far better than it was for me on days 3-4. One thing I found that really helped me was taking a bath. I would make the water as hot as I could stand it and just breathe while laying there. For some reason it really helped. The ice really does help as well as lots of water. I hope that helps!

  193. Melissa says:

    Well I definitely jinxed myself. I woke up at about 7:45 this morning realizing that I was swallowing something. I went to the bathroom and tons of blood was coming out. It went on for about five minutes I think. I gargled two glasses of a hydrogen peroxide/water mix to make it stop. After that I felt really weak so I sat on the couch. Then I got really hot and I felt like I was going to be sick. I then threw up a blood clot that was the size of 1 1/2 of my fists, and I was freaking out. My parents took me to the doctor and mine was in surgery but someone else looked at me and used this suction device to remove another blood clot that had formed. They said if it happened again I would have to have another surgery, and that most of the scab is gone now. I’m supposed to be going to a wedding that is five hours away on Saturday and I’m just hoping that I’m well enough to go.

  194. Amanda says:

    Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a t&a (how funny is that!) on June 30 and I have been reading these websites constantly trying to get as much info as possible. Something that I wanted to suggest to others is using a bag of frozen peas instead of ice packs for your neck. I used these when I had a breast reduction and it was so much better than a regular ice pack. It molded to the body better than chunky ice packs. Wish me luck next week!

  195. Nicole says:

    Hey I just wanted to let everyone know I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers!! Linda, I’m especially praying for a speedy recovery for your husband.

    And just to let eveyone who is still in pain know, YOU WILL GET BETTER! I know it feels like you won’t, but you will. I’m on day 19 Post op, didn’t start feeling top notch until around Day 17. But trust me, it there is an end in sight!


  196. Barbra says:

    I am 20, this was the most painful and miserable experianc of my life. it has been 2 weeks exactly. I had to go in to get them recoteried after 11 days due to severe bleeding. Ive lost tons of weight and now my throat still kills. It better be worth it.

  197. julia says:

    hey i had my surgery on monday its day three.. well after surgery i was hyperventilating but other than that i followed the good Popsicle idea an ice compress!! an drinking ensure has been my only food. yesterday got a little worse i couldnt talk as much, an i also have a tmj so my jaw started getting swollen…an twice i overslept the 4 hour period of takin the pills so i started to put an alarm clock on my phone to wake me up… well today i regret waking up i can barley whisper my jaw is so swollen an my throat is so sore that the only way to take endocet is by dissolving it with water an mixing it with a melted Popsicle so it doesnt taste so bad.. i keep waking up with a nasty film on my tongue an very dehydrated but im tryin to nibble on the popsicle cause even sippin water hurts like hell!! i havent bleed yet i dono if i was but im fine so far.. but im happy i did it i can actually breath better!! ill keep in touch

  198. Julie says:

    OK all – I’m 51 and having my tonsils out on July 2nd. We’re having our “annual” 4th of July party at our home but I intend to do nothing – other than sit back and watch.

    I’m not looking forward to this but appreciate ALL of the advice about how to deal with the pain. I had Vicodin prescribed when I had my hip surgery 2 years ago and had a HORRIBLE reaction to it and will have to remember to let them know that they will need to prescribe something else for pain.

    Keep me in your thoughts and I hope that all of you that have recently had the surgery are doing better and better every day!

  199. HavingItDoneAt46 says:

    I will be having adeno-tonsillectomy, UPPP, and endoscopic sinus surgery in the nest couple of weeks because of sleep apnea. I have never had any problems with my tonsils as far as tonsillitis. Has anyone ever had this done for sleep apnea? I realize it will be very painful, but if it helps my being able to get some “good” sleep and not have to take a nap every day, I’m all for it. I have been reading every internet site I can find about recovery. I found one page that listed “What to buy before tonsillectomy”, but can’t find it now. Anyone know?

  200. Susan Chenault says:

    My daughter is 23 years old and had her T & A done on June 10th. I would never have allowed this procedure to be done on her if we had known what she would be going through. My advice to anyone that is considering this surgery is to think twice before having it. She had surgery performed on a Tuesday and by Saturday she was writing me a note that she would rather be dead. I started reading other comments from people that had been through the procedure and I just assumed that this was part of the recovery. By Sunday morning she looked and felt like death. She had been following all the instructions she had received but by Sunday she could not get anything down. I called the doctor’s office and thank God did not have to talk to the doctor that performed the procedure because by this time I was pretty mad that he hadn’t explained the post-op complications, only that she would recover in two weeks. My daughter was admitted to the hospital that Sunday and was started on fluids and Darvocet which did not even touch the pain. Next step was morphine which still would not touch the pain. The next morning after I left her room she started bleeding profusely (if you can imagine blood clots that looked like liver) all over the hospital room at which time she was taken to have the blood vessel cautherized. I could hear her screaming outside the room. The procedure was only supposed to take 5 to 10 minutes but actually turned into 1 hour! My daughter was in the hospital for 5 days and on morphine drip and morphine directly into her IV.

    Needless to say, this has been the worst nightmare for her as well as for me. Today is now the 16th day after the procedure and she still feels bad. My daughter knows pain because she had kidney stones for 1 1/2 years and had to deal with that pain but she said she would rather have 1000 kidney stones compared to the HELL that she has been going through.

    I would have never let this procedure be performed if I had any idea that it would turn out like this. I’m not trying to discourage anyone that is thinking about having this procedure but I would definitely weigh the risks and I hope if you have it done, that you have a job that you can take off work from!

  201. Sandi says:

    I am 38 and just had my tonsils out on June 12th. The first week was very hard and painful but water and ice are your best friends! I bought an ice shaver (for snow cones) and always had a glass of ice and water. It helped alot!!!! Ice packs also helped. I had 3 in the freezer so I could change them out. I slept in a recliner for over a week because I couldn’t lay down even with 3 pillows. The vaporizer was on 24/7 and that seemed to help some. I could only sleep for 3 hours at a time and would wake up in pain because I dried out. It would take me an hour to get the meds down and some water before I could fall asleep again. I still have some swelling but not to bad. I saw the dr yesterday and he said everything looks good. My tonsils were always swollen and infected and I am so glad I did the surgery! I was very lucky and didn’t have the bleeding and I didn’t even notice when the scabs fell off (boy am I glad for that!) I am now off all pain medicine except for motrin every now and then (like after I sneeze!!!!!) It is defenitly worth the week and a half of pain to be able to breathe better! You do need at least 2 weeks off from work, I am very lucky because I work for a school and have the summer off. Week 2 you just have to recoop from doing nothing the first week! If you are going to get it done, listen to everyone on this site! I am so glad I found it! Water and ice remember are your best friends!!!! Drink lots so you don’t dry out and take your pain meds!!!!!! Good luck to you and you WILL feel better soon!!!!!

  202. Kirsten says:

    Hi, I am 19 and I had my tonsils and adenoids removed 8 days ago. And I feel a bit better. It has been the most difficult thing I have had to conquer thus far in my life. Yesterday my doctor told me to take children’s benedryl to stop my uvula from swelling. It had another surprising benefit. It cleared out all of the nasty mucus. I have occassional mucus here and there and I’m still spitting up. But not nearly as much hacking or coughing. And I am actually sleeping through the nights. I have not been able to eat. In the past 8 days I have had: 1 cup of jello, 1 1/2 Ensure drinks, 1 glass of ice tea, water and that’s it. I cannot eat. Any suggestions on getting my uvula to stop swelling? Is there something wrong that it is still making it hard for me to swallow?

    Also thanks so much for everyone commenting on here. It is real comforting knowing that I am not the only one going through this painful recovery.

    I just hope it’s worth it.

  203. Wendi says:

    I had my L tonsil out this morning. Only one was removed because a lesion was found in it. I am lucky because it was found to be nothing. Now, I just need to recover! I guess right now my main problem is trying to swallow and trying to NOT clear my throat. I am trying to drink as much as possible, but like I said, swallowing is hard. I’m medicated sufficiently, but the medication is part of the problem. My mouth is so very dry- definitely a side effect from the Roxicet. That coupled with the actual changed function of swallowing has made it really challenging! (Sometimes when I swallow, I feel like it is not going down my esophagus, but up my nose or in my trachea). The doctor had to explore another area in my throat, (another mass), so there may be more post surgical damage there. I am using ice on my neck- thanks for that advice!! I am trying to drink as much as I can too! If I could swallow- that would be ideal. I am hoping for advice on the swallowing. Maybe if someone knows if this will pass soon- that would be such good news. Seriously- any advice on the subject!

    Thank you all-


  204. Its been 2 months now since my tonsillectomy & sinus repair. the bills have started rolling in & I am VERY happy with the insurace co. I can recommend to all,please try & gety yourself off the pain meds & get back to your normsl routine on your own time. Do not let the DR or anyone at your place of employment tell you,You’ll feel better in “X” number of days.I was off work 17 days (including the weekends). I was told 7-10 days. Chocalate pudding in the freezer fixes everything. I made popsicles in the little plastic molds out of gatorsde.Whats Really really good ere popsicles made from grape juice. I lived with a big plastic cup w/ice & water. Still do & have kept off the 11 lbs I lost. I also quit smoking due to this surgery & I am still smoke free- 2 MONTHS LATER !! Thanks Karl for this site & good luck & good health to all.

  205. Melissa says:

    Well day 12 post-op and I am feeling almost 100% back to normal. I’m really surprised that I’m feeling this good, especially after my scab episode on Monday. I had my post-op appointment yesterday and my doctor told me that he didn’t see any blood in my throat and everything looked great and he hopes to not see me again :) Even though I was in pain and all the bleeding and blood clots were so so scary and gross, I’m really glad I had the surgery done. I’m so excited to not have strep throat anymore! Good luck to everyone who is going to have the surgery done and I hope that everyone who has already had it is healing well.

  206. Ryan says:

    I’m 17 days post-op and still have discomfort swallowing or talking. I also have been having issues with my tongue. I can’t move it like I used to be able to, it’s like a badly strained muscle now. I’d say I’m about 75% back to normal now.

    When I read that other’s doctors also downplayed the post-op issues, it really bothers me. As an adult, I have responsibilities and need an honest answer to my questions. I was not prepared in many ways for how it has played out. If I had been told upfront that I’d be wanting to die for 2+ weeks, ok…I could deal with that, let me make preparations and fit it into my schedule. Don’t lie about it and down play it giving me false hopes of returning to work in just a few days.

    For those of you about to have it done, I have heard of some that make it through ok. However, most I meet and hear about are like the cases you’ve been hearing here of hell and desires to die. I don’t mean to scare you, but to just give you an honest look into how ugly and mean this procedure really is for the majority of us over 30.

    Unless you are having painful infections more than twice a year, I wouldn’t even consider it. I was snowballing and was up to painful infections at least every 3 months for sure. When I decided to do it, I had bad cases of strep 3 times in 2 months. That all to familiar metallic tickle at the back of the throat was coming back for more.

    I will be full of rage if this procedure didn’t cure this.

  207. Kimberly W. Berg says:

    Hello everyone. I am 54 years old and after years of tonsillitis, strept, etc…I had my tonsils out June 25, 2008. I am technically finishing up day 3 postop. I have found that venturing some scrambled eggs into my broth, jello, water regime, only “packed” some of the egg into the craters my huge, ugly tonsils left. I “cleaned” the food out of the craters very gingerly with a long, sterile q tip (I am a nurse and do not recommend anyone do what I did) and gently gargled to make sure I got it all out. I can’t begin to tell you how sore my throat was and now is like I had downed a cup of broken glass. I have been deligently taking my antibiotic and using liquid tylenol during the day and my tylenol with codeine to help me sleep. I plan to go back to work on Tuesday, but I’m not sure how that’s gonna play out….I work in a cold, dry, OR and won’t have access to the water like I need. I may have to arrange for more time off……
    So, a little bit of word to wise, even though you think you feel well enough to eat a little more solid food….you should wait….I’m staying on the liquids for a while….good luck all!

  208. Melissa says:

    It is now Sunday and I had both tonsils removed on Friday morning. I’m 23 and after reading this website feel like I really prepared myself. I slept most of the day Friday but was able to get up about once an hour to drink and/or take my meds. Saturday wasn’t too bad, I was even able to play Rock Band with my husband for a little bit. However, today was a different story. I threw up at least six times this morning so I called the doctor and he gave me a refill of those anti-nausea patches, but my pharmacy didn’t open until 11:00 (called dr. at 8:30) so I had to miss a dose of pain medication. I would NOT recommend that to anyone! After I finally got another patch on I am starting to feel better but still not great. I’m dreading what the next few days hold but I think I can make it through if I continue to use the ice packs and drink lots. I’ve also been able to eat quite a bit, pudding, jello, popsicles, scrambled eggs, soft pretzels and today some saltine crackers. Good luck to anyone reading this who is waiting for the surgery!

  209. Amanda says:

    So, I had my surgery about 4 hours ago. I am afraid of the next few days because the pain once the numbing meds on the back of throat wore off was awful. But thanks to this website and others like it, I feel prepared for what is coming. Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and feelings and helping people like me who needed to hear the real world expectations as opposed to the ones the doctor tells you about. I will keep you up to date and let you know about any complications. Thanks for “listening”.

  210. Wendi says:

    I had my surgery Friday morning. I was concerned about swallowing then, but the problem went away. I suppose I relearned how to swallow with my newly designed throat. My tongue was swollen a lot, (maybe 3-4x it’s regular size), but it’s almost back to it’s regular size. I was given another Rx for Roxicet, but luckily this one said it could be filled with the tablets (Percocet) instead. I had a friend have that filled for me because the liquid medication was difficult for me to keep down. (Nasty taste.) I can swallow the pills fine. I’ve still been eating very, very soft food and chewing everything a lot! All in all, I’m very pleased with my recovery. I understand that there are different stages to this, so I am biding my time before I get all giddy about feeling like I’m doing so well… BTW- if it matters, I’m 50.

  211. julia says:

    hey its day 8 post surg.. im getting better but i ran out of percocets yesterday so the doc prescribed me Tylenol 3… so im very dizzy thats the main problem an i have headaches…its probably cuz i still can barely eat.. it hurts like heell if you try to eat something with a mini lump.. butt!! i found that you can eat cottage cheese an jam!! great snack the cottage cheese has lumps yea but they are slimy an they dont get stuck in your throat!! tried it twice.. but i didnt mash my potatoes all the way i got a lump stuck almost cried!! also its very great if you have a pet with you it makes you feel better trust me.. i got a cat on sun the suckers been suckin up to me.. or borrow someones pets.. a small an cuddly one..well im off lying down…

  212. Alyssa says:

    I am soooooo glad that I found this sight. Just wish I would have found it couple of weeks ago. I had a septum repair, pollups (sp?) removed from my nose and a tosillectomy on June 12. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and I’d say I feel about 90% better.

    It was by far the worst pain I have ever experience though the 2 weeks after surgery. I was OK Day 1-4 after but days 5-12 were a nightmare. I would shake because I was in so much pain.

    All of the advice on this sight is great. Drink lots of water, NO STRAWS (THE SUCKING KILLS). Don’t miss your pain meds!! I found cold packs on my neck and warm chicken broth to bring the most relief.

    HOWEVER, I still can’t taste and still have a slight sore throat all the time. Can anyone tell me when these things will get better??

  213. Caty says:

    For anyone reading these comments and feel like they want to cancel their surgery, I just want to tell you that you can do this, and you will survive and you will get better! The best advice I can give is to be smart! Plan to take things easy – and I mean easy – for 10 days. Seriously, don’t plan on taking a couple days off and expect your body to be able to jump back and be normal after a couple of days – you need to heal and the best thing for that is hydration, nourishment and rest. Pain meds are great, but they will not help you heal. They will help you feel more comfortable so that you can stay hydrated, nourished and rested. This is the best advice I can give.
    I also want to mention that I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to start eating solid foods too early. I know some people think it is better to eat foods that will help to scrape the gunk off the back of your throat, but what is important to remember is that that “gunk” is actually your scabs and is your body’s own natural band-aide to help protect it. Your scabs will come off when ready, but don’t try to rush it – let them do their job. That being said, I was really surprized at how sore my throat was after the scabs did fall off (at day 10 for me). I found the best thing was to carry around Cloroseptic spray and use it as often as needed. Such a simple little thing and it did help so much! It also is important to remember to still stay hydrated at this point in your recovery – it really does make a difference. Drink, drink, drink!!!!
    I am now almost 2 months since surgery and I am so glad I did it…No regrets and completely worth it…I am over 30 and have 3 kids under 5 so it is not like my recovery environment was exactly “calm”. Ensure was the best thing for sure… Along with Kool-aid (I don’t like gatorade)…Also soy ice cream was great also along with smoothies made with soy milk.
    Good luck everyone – it WILL get better! Be healthy!

  214. Ricky D. says:

    hey everyone
    all this information is great. im 8 days post my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy(sp?) and im feeling pretty good. actually i was feeling pretty good three days after surgery. my advice just like the rest of you is cold water without a straw and soup for the first four days and sleep in a arm chair. avoid juices and popsicles (for me anyway) for the first four days as well. i surprisingly found that popsicles were painful to consume. i started eating ice cream three days after surgery and was pretty painless. i havent taken any pain medication for two days now and the pain is very minimal. also, massage your neck and throat gently to relieve some of the pain.

    my only problem is that i have trouble talking still and my tongue is sore. other than that life is good. hope you all find this useful.

  215. gemma danton says:

    I am 43 yrs old, tonsillitis has tried to ruin my very active outdoor life in Australia, i have come down a long road of re-occurring throat infections starting 3 years ago for no particular reason, my research for a cure led me to a laser technique performed in London. To avoid the traditional method of surgery that you are all talking about I advanced to England for a pain free expensive laser treatment two and a half years ago.

    A year later infection appeared on the sight of the surgery where the tonsils once were and yep you got it, i fell into the 5% ” This can happen and I’m sorry it didn’t work for you” variety, now I have to consult a surgeon for what they call a revised tonsillectomy ! the one with pain and medication and scabs and pain etc. I have resigned myself to the fact that if I want to be rid of this awful thing I must bite the bullet even if i am unable to swallow the bullet after !

    I search rapidly through this site for the over 40′s testimonials trying to pluck up the courage to go through it again! I think i’m nearly there !

    Thanks everyone

  216. Tarra says:

    I am 28 and having my tonsils removed tomorrow morning at 7. I am absolutely terrified and totally want to back out. I am afraid of the pain so much but my tonsils have been bad forever and they are so pitted they have actual holes in them. Lets all cross our fingers I am one of the lucky ones!!!

  217. christina says:

    i am eighteen and i had my tonsils removed june 26th a week ago. it was the most excruciating pain ive ever endured in my life. i never anticipated the pain that i went through. the liquid vicodin they prescribed me gave me absolutely no relief whatsoever. nothing would take the pain away. my doctor said id be able to eat on day 2 and it is day 8 and i still cannot eat. also i still cannot talk. my uvula is still completely swollen and i can feel it sitting on my tongue and it is quite uncomfortable. im waiting for my scabs to fall off and dreading it because i know its going to be painful and bleed. everything my doctor said – the opposite is happening. my recovery is taking way longer than it should have. everthing ive read online about other peoples experiences say theyre eating by around day 3 and the pain isnt that bad and everything. but its so different for me – the pain was unbearable from day 1 to about day 6. it is now day 8 and the pain has subsided for the most part – it only hurts really when i swallow. any suggestions on the whole bleeding part cause im really scared when it happens.

  218. emma says:

    hi its day 2 guys of my tonsillectomy and im in agony i feel drained and need the sleep but must stay awake and keep drinking, i don’t want to be back in hospital after all. unable to eat anyhting im dosed up on the tabs! shall keep u posted.

    bye for now fellow tonsill ppl

  219. Amanda says:

    I had my tonsils out on Monday afternoon, so this is about day 4 for me. The first three days hurt, but nothing too bad. However, today things are different. I feel as if I have golf balls in the back of my throat and having difficulty talking. I know this is just the healing process, but does this mean that the scabs are about to fall off? I am just trying to get a time frame for everything. If anyone can help I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

  220. Carl says:

    I’m 43 and i’m at day 7 of getting tonsils taken out, uvula reduction and other sinus surgerys done. First 6 days were great. I took myself off the prescription pain meds and went to OTC liquid Tylenol as needed. The best thing for me was to eat cubed seedless watermelon with a little salt sprinkled on it. At first it hurt like heck to swollow. But the more I swollowed, the easier it became. Must be the “no pain–no gain” thing!!! The salt on the watermellon did me wonders for the pain. My biggest problem is a swollen tongue. I think I getting that cured by increasing my liquid intake. The best thing for me is Lypton Green Tea. Gatoraid and other drinks are ok, but the Green Tea helps the pain also. I have greatly increased my intake on Green Tea and both pain and swollen tongue are decreasing. The scabs on my uvula have came off and since reformed. Hurts really bad when I wake up in the morning. Not a pleasent thing. But again I’m hoping increasing the tea will help this also.

  221. tarra says:

    Well its the day after my surgery and I feel okay. They ended up taking my adnoids as well and I have never been able to breath so deep and clear. My pain is fairly bad but as long as I keep up on the painkillers its bearable. My uvula however is so swollen that sleeping on my back is not an option and I find sleeping in a chair really uncomfortable. Ice water is my best friend and I dont think I have ever drank so much of it in my life. I havent eaten anything and I am not looking forward to that, at least I havent been hungry. My cupboard is stocked with soup so it shall be a boring next couple of weeks in the food department I am sure. I appreciate all the tricks and tips on this website they have surely helped alot. Good luck everyone we are all in the same boat. I wish you all a pain-free day!!

  222. Cliff says:

    Hello All. I am 43 years old and am in day 6 of recovery from my Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty performed via outpatient procedure. My surgery was performed simply to help alleviate the snoring that my beautiful wife has had to endure for over 10 years. Although I am fortunate to have not been diagnosed with sleep apnea not bouts of tonsillitis, I still chose to have the procedure performed so that I can wake each morning with my wife beside me, not in the guest bedroom.
    Fortunately for me in preparation for the surgery I found this website and did not solely take the advice of my ENT. Albeit good information from my ENT it paled in comparison to what Karl and many others have taught me.
    Thus far I must say that days 1 and 2 have been my worst because I had to learn how to consume the water necessary to stay hydrated. My daily goal was to drink 10, 8 ounce glasses of ice water along with 1, 8 ounce Ensure every four hours with my pain medications. The Ensure along with the prescribed Promethazine has provided no nausea when taking the liquid Oxycodone. I was prescribed both liquid Oxycodone and liquid Lortab and I must say that the Oxycodone works best for my pain management but I am also a touch less clear headed on the Oxycodone.
    My ice water and ice for chewing has been purchased from the local Sonic Drive-In. All Sonics offer the bagged ice for sell and it is the small pellet ice perfect for our needs. I must confess that this has been a real benefit to me.
    Ice on my neck. I have tried to keep my neck wrapped in ice continuously since I came home from the hospital. This too has stopped almost all swelling and the tenderness has nearly lapsed as well. But one thing I will not do is stop the ice until I am certain that it is no longer needed. Yeah, it can be a hassle but it is worth it.
    Don’t miss your med times. For me it is every 4 hours. Period. Doing this has allowed me to stay relatively comfortable thus far. I also have the Magic Mouthwash I perform every 8 hours. I think it helps my disgusting tongue.
    I had instant mash potatoes last night that were very good. The only other sold food has been apple sauce. Besides that, I have stayed hydrated and full with water, Ensure and a few Popsicles. I still have a long way to go and have no desire to push it.
    Finally, I have found that carefully brushing my teeth, tongue and soft pallet 6+ times a day helps keep my mouth feeling cleaner.
    I am hopeful that the coming days, which tend to be toughest, will be tolerable for me so wish me luck. Again to Karl and all of those whose advice I have taken to heart I want say again “Thank You”. I will keep you updated on my progress.

  223. Amanda says:

    So, it has been exactly a week ago today that I had my tonsils out. I am feeling pretty good, but my scabs have not moved! I have heard that that is the most painful part, so when can I expect them to fall off? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

  224. Dear Karl and everyone,
    Thanks for taking time out during all your pain to post your experiences and wisdom. This information seems priceless. I am planning to prepare everything you all have suggested and have it ready before my surgery on Monday July 14th.

    I am scheduled to be out of work for three weeks, but that leaves me with zero additional time off until next year. I hope I don’t need any follow up surgery, and I hope I really don’t get sick between now and the end of the year or I am going to have to be off without pay.

    Have most of you had good results with your regular health following the tonsillectomy? My issues are repeated strep infections with fever requiring me to miss about three days of work with each occurrence.

    My other question is how many of you had the coblation surgery? Is this any better than the traditional? Is the traditional type even still an option or are the specialists only doing coblation now?

    I will be prescribed Roxicet for the recovery, and I have a history of becomming nauseated with any kind of narcotics. Will the Ensure or protein drinks help with this type of medication? Thanks for any information.

  225. Ryan says:

    It’s about 4 weeks post op and I’m 99%. The strange part is having to learn things all over again, like swallowing a pill. When I tilt my head back now to pop the pill with water already in my mouth like I used to, I gag and choke on the water! I can’t clear my sinuses like I used to either. It’s interesting how one part of your sinus/throat can affect the whole system like that. I am anxious to find out how it will affect my swimming and s.c.u.b.a. I do feel that I can breathe easier, and I think I’ve stopped snoring too. Anyway, now that it’s way hindsight I can say that if you need it, do it….but if you had asked me that 2 weeks ago I would have said differently.

    Good luck all!

  226. Dave says:

    Hey Karl,

    My surgery is scheduled for August 13th. My doc says he actually would only do the coblation method on little kids. (I’m 39 yrs old)… Do most adults have the traditional method or is my doc just playin’ it old-skool with the more barbaric method?


  227. Dave — No idea. I’m definitely not a surgeon. If you don’t know, call your GP / Primary Care physician up and ask *him* — or ask him for a referral to a different doc so you can get a second opinion.

  228. Amanda says:

    My doc used the warm scalpel method and he explained that he had tried coblation as well as the “old school” method and had found no difference as far as amount of pain and healing time. So, he continued with the warm scalpel method. But that was just my doc, so you may want to speak with your doc or get that second opinion. And I also wanted to let everyone who has yet to have this done, that I went into it scared to death because of all of the horror stories I had read on sites like this. I am glad that I researched it as much as I did, however, did not experience half of the pain that I was expecting. I am on day 8 and feel about 75% back to full speed. This can be attributed to many things. First of all, I listened to the advice from these websites and stayed well hydrated (over 100 oz. of water per day) and stayed on top of my pain medication. When I would start to slack off either of those two things, I noticed I would feel worse very quickly. And, it just goes to show that people heal differently and there is no telling how you will feel until you actually go through the process. So good luck to everyone, and I hope that you have an easy and quick recovery!

  229. Jeanne says:

    Hi! I’m 36 years old and my tonsillectomy is scheduled for August 6th. I’m scared to death, but at the same time really looking forward to it (I’m sure I won’t feel that way in the week leading up to it, haha). I have chronic tonsillitis and strep (which has become resistant to antibiotics since I seem to always be on them). I was referred to an ENT specialist in October (my doctor was at her wits end about my tonsils), and was prescribed a three week course of antibiotics. I felt pretty dang good for a while (besides the fact that my left tonsil is constantly swollen and a little uncomfortable), I would just pop a couple Advil every day. Well, low and behold the end of May I went back to the ENT because I was having issues again. He gave me a week dose of antibiotics and told me that he recommended a tonsillectomy. He made it very clear this was a family decision because someone needed to be with me for at least ten days, and he always sees young mothers (I have three kids) not healing properly because they are taking care of their kids before themselves. He said my husband has to be the primary care giver for a while, and I need to focus on myself. I thought that was wonderful advice, because that enabled us to plan when it would be the best time to get this done so he could be home to not only take care of me, but the kids (hey, a mini-vacation, haha). Well anyway, the one week dose didn’t work so he put me on a three week dose. I’ve been taking it for a week now, and so far it hasn’t “kicked in” yet. Usually by the third week it will though.

    What’s weird with me is, I don’t necessarily get a bad sore throat all the time. It’s the actual tonsils themselves that hurt (especially the left one, since it’s constantly swollen). Does anyone else have that?

    Also, this is an awesome forum. I’ve learned so many tips, and so many things that I didn’t even think of like having to sleep in a recliner. I didn’t know the tongue and uvula swells!! The one thing the ENT did tell me is that I will get “poop breath”, and that lasts a few days. Lovely. He told me that under no uncertain terms am I to gargle with mouth wash. He said it will send a person through the roof in pain!

    Sorry for rambling….I’m just so nervous! Thanks for listening! I’ll let you know how my surgery and recovery goes, and I’ll keep checking this site up until the big day for more advice and recovery stories. This site has really helped prepare me.

  230. Amanda says:

    I have one child and the doc was right. You have to have help with them! My husband took over all child duties for a week and then we sent my son to stay with his grandmother for a week. It is nice to have a bit of a vacation, but at minimum the first few days won’t feel like it. Between the heavy drugs and the heavy pain I cannot imagine taking care of my son during the first week of recovery. I have stated on here before that I appear to have recovered faster than normal. I am sure most would agree that you will need help for the first two weeks minimum. Good luck!

  231. Megan says:

    My tonsillectomy is scheduled for July 14th and I am SOOOO scared. I am like obsessed with reading about the surgery and healing, but it only makes me feel horrified. I am 33 years old and have 3 children that I have been hearing I won’t be able to take care of. I have always had issues since childhood with tonsillitis, but then will go years without getting it too. This time I have had it. I have had strep/tonsillitis since November and can’t be off antibiotics for more than 48 hours without getting it back. I am having the coblation procedure and have heard wonderful things about it…and that it is a much easier recovery. I was given the name of an ENT where I live by a nurse who knows many Dr.’s here and she referred me to him specifically because he is the only one who does coblation. Coblation does not use heat and desolves the tissue at a very low temperature, which prevents surrounding nerve damage. Really though it sounds like it doesn’t matter much. I am going to be in pain and I’m going to HATE IT!

  232. gemma says:

    Well i am booked in for the 29th July. Round two for me ! you could say I’m a bit nervous.
    [ see previous posting ] This time I am stocking up on supplies recommended by the tonsillectomy guru “Karlkatze”and all of you other throat sufferers. I am also searching for a store that sells a whole lot of “grin and bare it ” as well !

    happy days

  233. melissa says:

    Hello! I am a 29 year old who just had her tonsils out 13 days ago, and I’m here to say that I survived! I too like many other people completely freaked myself out pre-tonsillectomy by reading blogs. However, I do believe there is value to reading about other people’s experiences so that you know what does help. I feel thankful my tonsillectomy recovery went smoothly. So, i wanted to reiterate a few important things…

    1) DRINK THAT WATER!!! Each day i drank no less than 80 oz of water.

    2) NOURISHMENT IS IMPORTANT Try to get something in your system to help your body recover as well as to prevent nausea from pain meds. Ramen, easy mac and cheese, lomein noodles, angel hair pasta with butter cut up, pudding, powder protein shakes that you can mix with water and you can add other things to them to spice them up such as peanut butter, oreos etc. Best time to eat is 20ish minutes after pain meds so that it’s not as painful.
    The lack of food options was extremely frustrating…but by day 11 i was able to eat pretty much whatever i wanted as long as i cut it up into small pieces and chewed it well before swallowing.

    3)TAKE THE PAIN MEDS! Set your alarm so that you don’t go too long without them. These pain meds are important… i noticed that as it got closer to the time to take my next dose that i was less likely to swallow the spit in my mouth let alone drink water. Taking the pain meds helps you to hydrate and nourish yourself.
    I did find that the liquid hydrocodone with tylenol (which I believe is the generic of vicodin and loratab )burned the back of my throat a little more than was comfortable so i watered it down a bit to make it tolerable.

    4) KEEP A JOURNAL- I actually kept a daily journal of what i put into my body including water, food, and the time i took meds. I became very nautious at one point and then was able to look at my journal and realize it was due to the fact that i didn’t have enough in my stomach for the pain meds.

    You will make it through and will be happy once its all over! : )

  234. laura says:

    Hi everyone! First off, thanks to Karl for this amazing site. I read every single response the week before I went into surgery and it really helped me be totally prepared for what was to come. I’m 20 years old and I had my tonsils out one week ago today because I was getting strep and tonsillitis every month. Something was always wrong with my throat, so I went to the ENT and he said I’d benefit from having them removed. My adenoids were already gone, so I didn’t have to deal with that too. My surgery was at 12:30 and I was home by 2:30. The anesthesia was amazing. I was given a slushie as soon as I woke up and I was surprised how different it felt to swallow. It hurt pretty intensely. I went home and took my percocet and was in the worst pain of my life, without a doubt. every 4 hours, I woke up and took it, and forcing myself to swallow anything was awful. I would seriously let saliva build up until my mouth couldn’t hold any more and then coerce myself into swallowing. days 2 and 3 were much worse. I kept ice packs on my neck and drank water, and also had a cool mist humidifier right next to me every minute, when I was awake as well as when I slept. I’ve been sleeping sitting up, because lying down made me choke. On Day 2, my habit of taking pills on just a few swallows of Ensure came back to haunt me, and I threw up 3 times. Not pleasant. Days 4 and 5 were the WORST. The ear pain was insane, Every time I ate anything, the pain of swallowing would radiate to my ears. It honestly felt like I was swallowing razor blades. But the scabs have been consistently white the entire time. I never allowed them to dry out; I constantly drink water and have my humidifier, and it has been a godsend. On Day 6, I looked in the mirror with the aid of a flashlight and saw that I could see the pink of my throat through the scabs. Today, there’s almost no scab on the right side and the left is about 50% scab-free. I am amazed that they’re almost gone. Swallowing is still painful, but it’s manageable. I’m still taking my percocet (WITH FOOD, or else you’ll be really sorry) but the pain is less than half of what it was. I’m eating pasta and soft cookies today, and that went fine. The cookie got rid of a big piece of scab on the left, and I’ve had no bleeding at all. Even though this was SO painful, I would do it again. Don’t be afraid of the pain. It sucks, but as long as you have a positive attitude (and unlimited text messaging and a stack of great DVDs) you CAN do this.

    The following things are what I recommend for a good recovery:
    –Water. Set a goal of how much you’re going to drink, and make sure you meet it.
    –A cool mist humidifier. Mine cost $30 at Target and looks like a penguin. It kept my throat from getting too dry and helped with headaches.
    –Mashed potatoes. I found that the ones from Ruby Tuesday are the best; they have a little flavor but aren’t salty enough to burn. Let them get to room temp (not too cold, or else they’re really hard) and eat enough to take your pills.
    –Ensure or Boost shakes. They’re great for when the pain’s too bad to eat but you need to take meds. Chocolate tastes weird for a few days, so I stuck to vanilla, and they weren’t bad at all.
    –A sno-cone machine. The shaved ice works wonders, and I used a bit of vitamin water for flavoring. Not gatorade, it’s too salty.
    –Overcooked macaroni and cheese. Cook the noodles till they’re a bit too soggy, and they’re really easy to swallow. I ate these on days 4 and 5.
    –avoid dairy on the first day or so! It makes your throat mucusy so it’s harder to swallow.
    –DVDs. The X-Files has saved me from boredom. I highly recommend it.
    –A dry erase board makes communicating easier. I still can’t talk very well, but I’m much better than I was.
    –Don’t sleep lying down at first, it made me choke.
    –DO NOT BE LATE FOR YOUR PAIN MEDS!!! I cannot stress this enough. Because being a half hour late will be the worst pain you’ve ever felt.
    –A lot of people mentioned heartburn being a problem.I have acid reflux, so I was prepared to fight it. Don’t sleep lying down after you eat, or you WILL get heartburn. If you do get it, chew a Pepcid Complete and it’ll be gone within an hour.
    –Gum is awesome, because your breath will smell like something crawled into your mouth and died for days. Brushing teeth gently helps too.
    –Don’t get too depressed! No matter how bad it is (and it has been BAD–MUCH worse than having my 4 impacted wisdom teeth out last summer) it will get better. Just focus on healing, don’t push yourself.
    –You’ll lose weight! I’ve lost 10 pounds so far.
    –Don’t think too much about foods you can’t eat, it’s too depressing.
    Good luck everyone, and I hope my story helps!

  235. tarra says:

    i am on day 6 of my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (i guess) my pain has subsided from the horror and iam doing fine. please all u new readers researching before you go under, take the hints, take the tips but don’t believe the pain. pain is inherint to people differently and it does NO good worrying about what kinda pain you will be in or how severe who knows?!!! the worst part of the whole surgery is leading up to it and all the anxiety and stories…. just relax you are gonna be fine, your family is gonna be fine, and its all gonna work out…really…it will. just have a little faith in your body and its healing mechanisms. this too shall pass.

  236. Jeanne says:

    I have a question for you guys that already had this done. As I await my tonsillectomy on August 6, I haven’t seen anyone mention how much weight they lost during recovery. The nurse said I should expect to lose AT LEAST 10-15 pounds. I did want to lose about 20 pounds this summer, but since I found out I needed to get this done I held off on any dieting for fear of losing too much weight. About how much did you guys lose?

    Also, AWESOME tips! I love the idea of keeping a journal. I’m also going to get a big water cup with ounce markings on it so I can make sure I’m drinking exactly what I need to…and then some! Next week I’m shopping for my supplies (ice packs, ensure, etc.)

    Tarra, thanks for you’re kind words for us that are waiting for the big day. You’re right, I think (actually, I know) it’s the time leading up to it that’s so scary. I’ll be so glad when it’s over with!!! I’m 36 and this is the very first time I’ve ever needed surgery! I think that’s a big reason why I’m so scared, too.

  237. scared! says:

    I am 23 years old and am scheduled to have my tonsillectomy surgery in just a few weeks. I am TERRIFIED!!! I have never been put to sleep before and I think that is what is scaring me most at this point. I have a question– do they put you to sleep using an IV or do they do the whole tube down your throat thing? I am so scared of something going wrong during the surgery or not waking up from the anesthesia. Aside from that, bleeding during recovery is my second biggest worry.

    If someone could let me know how they put yuu to sleep during the surgery and what is like waking up for the surgery that would help me out.

  238. Hey, scared! Well, every hospital may be different. First they put you under with some drugs in the IV. If you tell them you’re scared as you’re going in, they’ll put something extra in it to make you panic less… trust me, it’s a good idea to have that extra! Then then when you’re sound asleep they’ll put you on a respirator, which is where the tube comes from. The tube’s mainly to make sure that fluids from where they’re working (blood, etc.) don’t go down your throat. They may use gas or continue using the IV at that point.

    Just be sure to tell them of any drugs you’re on, and check with your parents and grandparents to see if they’ve ever had reactions to anesthesia. Also, if you know you’re allergic to shellfish or anything else, tell them before the surgery. They’ll take it from there.

    I didn’t have any problems except for nausea after the surgery. They prescribed some anti-nausea drugs for that and they worked like a charm.

  239. scared! says:

    Thank you for your reply! I will be sure to check with my family to make sure they have not had any adverse reactions to anesthesia. The main reason that I am so concerned is that my body never seems to take well to medications. I had a c-section (was given a spinal block) and was vomiting the entire procedure. I was given morphine after my c-section and it made me itch so badly that my face was raw from the uncontrollable scratching I was doing. I know that vicodin makes me very sick as well, I cannot imagine taking vicodin after the procedure on such an empty stomach (since I will not be eating near as much as I normally do). I do not know as if I am “allergic” to any medication, but I do experience unpleasant side effects. Not really sure what would be considered an allergic reaction versus a side effect??

  240. Jeanne says:

    SCARED: I hear ya! I’ve never been put to sleep before either, and I have this “fear” that it’s not going to work, and I’ll feel everything. Even though I know that would never happen. I do have a little tip for you though. Write down everything you just told Karl (all the different side effects you’ve had with different drugs), and bring it with you to the hospital. When you’re there, you might be so nervous and flustered you forget to mention something that could end up being important information. This way you have a little list look at as a reminder.

    Also Karl…the put you on a respirator?! Please tell me they remove the tube when you are still put under!!! Is it the tube that makes you’re throat feel so sore? Stupid question I know, but I’m just trying to prepare myself (as others are too, I’m sure).

  241. Yep! Everyone gets put on a respirator. They’re doing a lot of work in there and there’s a lot of fluid and other gunk that would get washed down and potentially aspirated. The respirator is to prevent that. It’s only part of the reason your throat’s sore, though. Surgery is pretty traumatic no matter what part of your body it happens to.

    I didn’t remember the tube coming out. From what I can tell, it takes you upwards of an hour (sometimes more) to come out from under the anesthesia. Last thing I remember was just getting wheeled into the operating theater and saying, “Hey, I’m getting kinda panicky again, can I have some more of the happy juice?” … Scene cut, lights out, fade back in to the recovery room.

  242. Amanda says:

    In regards to the water, if you are unable to find a cup with markings on it, try getting the biggest bottle of water at Wal-Mart or Target that you can find. I bought a 33 oz bottle of water and refilled it every time it was empty. That way I knew I should drink three of those a day which equals about 100 oz of water. If I hadn’t finished it by the time I was to take my antibiotic (taken 3 times a day) I knew I needed to pick up the pace. Remember, you will get through this. I am on day 12 and I am on tylenol only. It only hurts to yawn and I am completely back on solid food (with the exception of chips). Thanks again to everyone on this website. If it hadn’t been for ya’ll I would have completely panicked and broken down about day 5. Good luck!

  243. Sandi says:


    I haven’t had my tonsils out yet (there’s another Sandi who posted here who has), but I know that with my last abcess, I lost 10 pounds in 7 days. From the way that people describe the pain of swallowing after tonsillectomy, it sounds similar to the abcess, so 10-15 pound weight loss sounds reasonable.

    As far as your question about your actual tonsils hurting, I’ve experienced the same thing. My right tonsil has had 2 abcesses, and it has been hurting ever since the second one. I thought I was the only one.

  244. Sara says:

    After a bout of strep throat in December I continued to get non-strep tonsillitis ever 3-8 weeks until I saw my ENT in May. I had to wait until I was finished the semester (I’m a 22 year old college student) to have my surgery.

    I am on day 12 – have had little complications (with the exception of some bleeding on day 8 that required some cauterization from the doctor) and today is the first day that the pain is barely there… but as Amanda said, I’ve found yawning to be the worst!! I am only taking tylenol for what little pain I have and am basically back to my normal diet.

    My big issue right now is the ear pain. This morning was the first time in all 12 days that I’ve experienced this pain… I’m thinking it may’ve been there for a while but dulled by the fact that my throat pain was so bad. Any suggestions to ease the ear pain?

    I hope everyone is healing well… and if you’re waiting on the surgery and scared – the days of pain will be well worth it in the end. As long as I can go (at least) months at a time without getting sick, I know it would’ve been worth it.

  245. Amanda says:

    The ear pain is usually just pain left over from the surgery. If you have any pain meds left, take it for the ear pain. I have also heard of some people putting warm oil in their ear for it, but don’t know what type of oil it would be. I would check with the doc to get his/her suggestion for it. Hope this helps. And as far as weight loss, I lost between 5 and 10 pounds, but was so excited when I could eat again, I am sure I have put most of it back on already.

  246. Jennifer says:

    Hello, I’m on Day 5 of getting them out. I really didn’t have that much pain in my throat. I had the worst migraine in my life , from the anesthesia. My Biggest problem was the pain meds. They first gave me Oxy-something, which made me throw up.. I was sick on my stomach for 3 days. Then the doc gave me something for the nausea, and T3. The T3 gave me another blasting Migraine, so I didn’t really take any pain meds yet. I’ve broken a major rule, and started taking Advil for the pain. Its the only thing that works for me, to relieve the pain in my jaw. I also took Clariton.. I think that has helped a lot too. I’m sitting here eating a grilled cheese, so life isn’t that bad! If you have a headache issues, let them know. Good Luck, Jenn

  247. Cliff says:

    Hello All. My first post op posting was at Day 6. Now at Day 11 I must say there has been a dramatic change in my recovery – FOR THE BETTER! Yeah, I am finally feeling more like myself again.
    However let me tell you what happened between days 6 -10. On Day 6 I was still fighting the pain and difficulty swallowing. I met with my surgeon and he was very pleased with my recovery, especially when I told him about all of the water I was forcing down my throat daily. He said that was probably a big factor in my quick recovery. He told me to keep up the good work and see him in a week.
    On Day 7 I lost my first big scab, I coughed it up. No big deal. Okay, for all of those who like me were wondering what a “scab” looks like in the back of your throat well let me give you a subtle description. The entire back of my throat was an off white layer of tissues. Where the incisions for my tonsils were located looked like small dried raw oysters, disgusting but true. With the loss of the first scab I saw a very small amount of bleeding, but it lasted for only a couple of seconds. Not necessarily due to the loss of the scabs but on Day 7 the pain began to radiate more in my ears, a common problem with this surgery. I continued with my scheduled pain medications, magic mouthwash and fluids. Ensure continued to be my number one source of nutrition.
    On Day 8 I lost a couple more small pieces of scab and on Day 9 the second large scab came off. Again, no big deal. Throughout these days my pain was still primarily in my ears and my throat pain was subsiding. Again, I never gave up my medication, fluid routine. I also began eating soup that I would put in the blender and place on chop. The warm soup was very soothing and a nice change of pace in food.
    Day 10 saw the biggest change. For the first time I believed that “everything is going to be alright”. I ate a soft scrambled egg and a syrup soaked pancake – yummy. I stopped my heavy medication of liquid Lortab and went to liquid Extra Strength Tylenol. Throughout the day I still took it easy but felt much, much better. I would say that I am at 80% and 9 pounds lighter.
    The keys to my success have been the same as many others here and that is to stick with the medicine, ice and water plan. Take your pain medications without missing a beat, use ice for the first week continuously and drink at least 10, 8 ounces of water per day.
    Finally, thanks again to Karl and all those who posted here. I have read all of the postings and took advice from many here. The pain and recovery is difficult I won’t lie; I just hope that the outcome for me (no more snoring) was worth this long endeavor.

  248. Suzie says:

    I have to have my tonsils out, my deviated septum fixed, and a couple of fun other little things done on Aug. 6. I am 41 and terrified. I have taken great comfort in this web posting and written down things that others have done so that I am as prepared as possible. I appreciate the supporting comments from all of you!

  249. Steph says:

    I had my tonsils out 1 week ago. I’m fifteen. The pain wasn’t too bad the first couple of days, and I’ve been talking since the first day. Now the pain is the worst in my ears. I don’t know what to do to relieve the pain, but it’s worse than the pain in my throat. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

  250. Christine says:

    At age 56 I seem to be among the oldest to have my tonsils removed. I am at day 8 and I am finally starting to see a decrease in the pain. I am fron Australia and my ENT specialist advised eating solid foods from day 2 to help remove the build up of the slough at the back of the throat. I have complied to some extent but there are times when this is just too much to handle. I had the surgery for my sinus and turbinates four months ago. My breathing has statred to improve despite the current swelling. My ENT specialist also recommended sipping Coca Cola, the most surprising thing was that this did help, but I would talk to your specialist before trying this, and only small amoints at a time.

  251. tarra says:

    hello everyone! its day ten since my surgery and i fell okay, i have eaten a bit here and there but i am suprised i am still in quite a bit of pain. i had to go to the emergency room on friday night because i ran out of pain killers and could not take it. does anyone have a ballpark figure for the length of pain to expect? i am working half days at a very quiet shop so i can tolerate working but not if i am in excruciating pain. i only have three more days of pain killers and i will have to see my doctor again if the pain outlasts the drugs.

  252. Stephanie says:

    Hey Everyone! I am 30 years old and I had my tonsils & addenoids out, Turbinates trimmed, and a septoplasty on July 1st. Really was suprised how much staying hydrated helped. By July 4th I was totally off of the Oxy- Codone pain meds cause it made me so sick. Just stuck with Tylenol, and used a ton of ice and lots of rest. My best advice is to listen to your body and let it heal. By the time I went to get my splints removed a week later, I felt like a new person, and eating solids. Getting splints out was a relief, use the Ocean Sray Mist every hour til you get your splints removed, and there will be no scabs for the doctor to dig thru to get to the stitches, they will slide right out. Worst part was how sore my jaws and tongue was when I tried to chew. Ice seemed to bring most relief for me. Today is day 13 and the only thing I have is a very minor sore throat,and my tongue is still numb on the sides and I don’t taste food like I did. They say that will improve over time. I hope they are right!!! Good luck to all! It gets better each day I promise!

  253. brittany says:

    im 20 years old and i had my tonsils taken out about a week ago and i still cant talk and i still cant swallow. Ive been without medicine or painkillers the entire time because i cant swallow them so im feeling more pain than i should.. I also found that cold liquids should be avoided…in my case. they made my throat feel tight and it hurt…anything luke warm or warm felt good to swallow. Its almost the eigth day and my throat still kills, my ears are still pounding, and i cant talk. Im so sick of being sick. Im a toughie, but i actually cried becuase this hurt so bad. but i think its different for everyone and because i had no pain killers. i just want to know how long before i can eat again…i havent eaten in a week and ive already lost fifteen pounds….im starving!!!

  254. Kale says:

    I’m 36 and going in to get my tonsils out on Monday… After two seperate incidents where I had to go to th ER because my throat had swollen up to the point that I couldn’t breath, the ENT and I decided that those little hunks of flesh needed to come out. This site has been great in getting me ready for the procedure. (Much better than a couple of other sites which simply dealt with the horror-side of things…) I go in for my pre-op appointment on Friday and am prepping a list of questions to ask my Dr. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

    1) What form of pain medication are you planning on prescribing, both type and delivery method (would prefer liquid). I’ve generally found that Codeine does little or nothing for me,other than giving me really messed up dreams, so I’m hoping that they’ll give me something else, but I’m concerned about getting something that my body simply doesn’t like and making everything worse…

    2)If I run out of pain meds, what are my options? (I’m a member of Kaiser and the nearest clinic isn’t that near…)

    3) What type of tonsillectomy are you actually performing: Cold Knife (Steel) Dissection, Electrocautery, Harmonic Scalpel, Radiofrequency Ablation, Carbon Dioxide Laser, Microdebrider, Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation (Coblation), or some other type of procedure? What are the benifits of performing that type of procedure instead of one of the others?

    4) Beyond ice packs, drinking lots of fluids, keeping up with the medication schedule, resting, and pushing liquid nutrition what can I do to speed healing?

    Are there any other questions you guys think I should ask?

  255. Kelly says:

    Hey all-

    I’m at 21 yr old college student who gets tonsillitis probably around 4x year. It is usually so bad that I am literally choking on my tonsils because they are so swollen. I also get sinus infections probably once or twice a year that really irritate my tonsils and can last up to a month. And in the winter I have trouble sleeping b/c my tonsils get irritated really easy, even when I have a humidifier my throat still gets pretty dry. Also I usually get a little sore throat/irritated tonsils about once a month. I am wondering if you guys would recommend the surgery to me? I never really go to the doctor for anything because I try to just take vitamins and homeopathic drugs. (And I’m vegan so I’m glad another person asked about vegan foods to eat after.) Also do any of you know about how much it costs? I am going to be off my dad’s insurance pretty soon so I will have to get my own insurance and pay for it myself. Also I have heard that sometimes it is not a good idea to get your tonsils out b/c they “protect” your throat. But I am pretty sure I’d rather have a sore throat than infected tonsils.

    Thanks for any feedback,

  256. Julie says:

    OK all – I’m back. Had the surgery on July 2nd. All went well. We actually had our 4th of July party. I just kind of stayed in the house – visited with some folks – took it REALLY easy and went to bed early. Well, I THOUGHT I was home free. WRONG. Sunday, the 6th – the pain came in full force. I COULD NOT even believe it. I think the first couple of days were OK because the initial pain medication (morphine) was working it’s way through my body.

    You really need to be prepared for this pain and realize that it will bring tears to your eyes – no joke.

    I’ve done EVERYTHING that I needed to do, drinking fluids (although very difficult to do) popsicles, VERY soft foods, etc…

    I thought I’d be back to work – but there was no way I could safely be behind the wheel of a car (my pain felt like a brain freeze up the whole side of head from my neck up through the top of my head). I went for my post-op on the 14th and the Doctor gave me some liquid predisone – taking it for 4 days – and it’s helping with the inflammation. He’s not releasing me until the August 4th.

    So, be prepared, don’t rush the healing. Hopefully, if you do everything you need to – this will only be a bad dream after a couple of months! EVERYONE – take care of yourself!

  257. Nyanko says:

    Kale–I’m getting mine out on Monday too. I’m 37. I’m freaking just thinking about it.

    You have good questions. What time is yours? I have to be at the hospital at 5:30. Yuck!

  258. Jeanne says:


    I’m scheduled for my tonsillectomy on August 6th (I’m 36 years old). I don’t want to speak for everyone, but you mentioned you don’t really go to the doctor. If you want a tonsillectomy, you NEED to see you’re doctor (or even call them) each and every time you’re tonsils bother you. You’re medical records need to show how many times you’ve seen the doctor for this, or insurance may not cover it. In my case, I went to my family doctor quite a bit for over a year with tonsillitis/strep before she referred me to an ENT specialist. Even though I’ve only had to see the ENT specialist twice within eight months, he recommended a tonsillectomy. The first time I saw the ENT, he told me that he won’t recommend a tonsillectomy on an adult unless it’s really necessary because of the painful healing process. That’s one thing I do know for sure. You can’t get a tonsillectomy unless a doctor (usually the ENT specialist) recommends it.

    So my advice to you is to see you’re doctor and have a long talk. I have a feeling they will put you on a strong course of antibiotics to try to clear it up, and if you still have problems they will refer you to an ENT. At that point you and the doctor can decide if a tonsillectomy is the best solution for you.

    I have no idea about cost. I THINK at the most it would be about $3,000.00. I depends on where you are getting it done, and what procedure they do. I also think it varies from state to state. Sorry I can’t help you with that one! But definately make sure you have some type of insurance put in place before you get it done.

    I hope I helped you out a little, and keep us posted!
    Good Luck!

  259. CC says:

    Well, I was one of the lucky suckers that had little or no pain at all. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed a week ago by cautery, and since then I have been in little or no pain. I’ve had ear pain and neck pain, nothing severe, and I was given steroids to prevent inflammation of uvula, tongue, etc. Instead, my problem was Lortab, the painkiller. Lortab had a strange effect on me– it gave me vertigo, nausea, and induced extreme drowsiness. So I slept most of the day and complained of nausea until around evening, when I got up and ate as the nausea faded. But, I have given up on Lortab for now, because my pain is not bad, my scabs will be off soon, and I really am tired of nausea. I don’t recommend that! Do what your doctor says to do. Along with that, I am taking amoxicillin to prevent infection.

    Even though I can’t quite say I know how all of you are feeling, I hope you all have good recoveries and DO NOT BACK OUT OF THE SURGERY. It’s worth it. On the first day, I could breathe so much better!

    Keep a positive attitude, and time will go by quickly.

  260. amber says:

    I love your site. I am 38 years old and a nurse. I am due to have my tonsils out on Aug 4th. Let me tell you, being a nurse is not always a good thing. I know all the things that can go wrong. I totally agree with keeping hydrated. what concerns me most is being able to deal with the pain. I have had surgery before and always recovered pretty quick and without having to use a whole lot of pain meds. My body reacts very stongly to drugs and it seems to only take a little to do the job. I don’t like to take anything I don’t have to. Do you or anyone know of any nonprescription ways to relieve the pain?

  261. crab says:


    I am 23 and female.

    I am on Day 7 of ‘recovery’ and each new day has been a fresh disappointment :( my surgeon told me Days 4 & 5 would be the worst and then I’d turn a corner – not true, each day has got a little worse for me! Waking up is excruciating and I actually shake with the pain until I get my first dose of painkillers for the day. Each morning is pure misery. Im going to try and stay awake all night tonight so I dont have to feel that pain. I just cant bear it.

    I have been eating mostly normally from Day 3. Mashed potato, crisps, pizza, pasta, crackers, [hospital advised to eat 'sharp' foods - once you have chewed them up they arent really sharp anymore anyway] I have found ice cream unhelpful, it seems to make a thick mucus at the back of throat, which then makes me feel sick.
    I’m drinking water & tea all day. This helps a bit.

    I have been given soluable paracetemol and soluable voltarol for pain – I find it only takes the edge off and Im not coping too well with controlling the extreme pain. Im miserable also at the thought of drinking yet another one down, they taste awful :(
    The pain is in my ears, neck and where my tonsils were obviously. I knew it was going to be painful but this is just ridiculous!! Every day has brought me to tears at some point. I cannot take much more of it.

    My tongue is still very swollen, I can hardly see the back of my throat when I tried to have a look because my tongue is in the way!! Is this normal after a week?

    The only thing that seems to have healed is my lips which were cut in each corner, must’ve been where they clamped my mouth open to operate.

    The taste in the back of my mouth makes me want to throw up.

    This has been the worst experience of my life.

    Day 8 tomorrow…

  262. KIM says:

    Hi! I’m 38 years old. I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed July 22nd. I have never had any type of infections in my tonsils. I have only had tonsil stones. I could irrigate my tonsils with a waterpik, as I am now,to cleanse them. But would rather not have to deal with it at all. Should I have the surgery? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  263. Christine says:

    This is from Christine (of 14th of jul) it is now day 14 and my throat is mostly healed, one patch still giving some pain. The experiance has been lke having the worst strep throat infection lasting for two weeks. Paracetamol (Equivalent to yout Tylenol) on a regular basis has been the best pain relief for me. As for some others the stronger pain medications gave me bad dreams and halucinaions, plus nausea. I also agree with maintaining hydration. Hold in there, it does come to an end eventually. Apart from the fact that I have now caught a cold (It is mid-winer here) my breathing is still much improved. Tonsils do serve a purpose in producing antibodies but with constant infection, and as in my case, the development of a low grade perminent infection they can actually reduce your immune system. Be guided by your ENT specialist, it is not surgery for the Feint hearted and only to be undertaken as a matter of necessity where the benefit outweighs the risks.

  264. hey all,

    i had mine taken out on thursday 7/17/08 appointment was for 1:45pm eat was told to be there a hr early. i was really nervous and freaked while waiting. once they called me they started asking me questions like are you allergic to anything and what not and to take my clothes out and put that hospital thing on. At that point i was thinking to myself, its too late to turn back now. they put the IV on and about 10 mins later they wheeled me to the surgery room. all i remember was the lady saying ” im going to give you some oxygen so you could breath better, breath in deep. and then i felt this pressure on my right arm like a burning feeling. that was pretty much it. it was like blinking my eye, that fast. i woke up to my g/f next to me and i was very out of it. when i swallowed it hurt pretty bad. and i was feeling nauseous. i didnt vomit the nurse was nice enough to let me stay for a bit and just chill. i felt all drugged up though i couldnt move on my own. it was pretty bad. i got home at 5:47pm that day. first thing when i got home was go to bed with my head up like i was sitting almost. and put ice pack around my whole neck. and took the meds they gave me oxycodone Apap 5.325mg , my g/f had to crush it and mix it with cold water. thing made me a lil nauseous at first but then again i didnt have anything in my stomach. so i slept it off with like a r nap. i kept my neck with a cold ice pack at all times for the day even at night same thing, i drank water even while it was hurting. the next day in the morning i tried to get out of bed and i couldnt. my whole body was hurting. i have muscle weakness. even have my g/f help me out of bed was a mission. i just kept on drinking water and had some jello. the jello was a great idea , it went down with no problems. the 3rd day sat. was pretty bad i still couldnt walk on my own, i was hard to move. my g/f called the dr. to see why i was feeling like this. the dr. said that its normal that some people will get like that from the anesthesia that it may take up a few weeks i should start to feel better. now if that wasnt bad enough. since i was trying my hardest to walk on my own i stopped putting ice on my neck. big mistake . cause laster that night i was in pretty bad pain to was going to my ear. it wasnt major pain but i could feel it getting worse. So what i did was stop the trying to walk and go back to bed and ice up again and fell asleep with the ice packs around my neck. today i feel much better my neck dont hurt and i could move some what. i still need help to get out and into bed but i can walk much better. i hurts to swallow still but not as bad. unless im getting used to the pain. oh btw i drank a bottle of ensure 20 mins after taking my meds. i found it was much easy to swallow after taking the meds. all and all i think this is worth the pain is there but you know what. it’ll go away. i’ma gonna se if i post some pics up on myspace. it’s all white and icky and my uvula was huge yesterday , not so much today though.

  265. Stacy says:

    Im 18 years old, and i got my Tonsils and Adenoids out on 7-14-08 a week ago today. As you can tell its 2 am and i am not sleeping. When i went into surgery, they gave me laughing gas and did my IV, but they had problems finding a good vein so they had to go into my right hand. after my surgery i had difficulties waking up (which is a scary thought) but when i woke up i was crying and screaming (and i am a tough girl i never cry) so after i came home from the hospital, i actually talked prettty well. the ice on my neck has come in handy…its soooo soothing. on day 2 i was so hungry and tried to eat mac n’ cheese… not a good idea… slushies were okay they had to be a little melted. and i was looking forward to milkshakes galore! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worse thing ever! but it is very strange because i had good days and bad days.
    on friday Day 4, i went to my friends Grad party and did the most talking i have ever did since the surgery. this had me waking up at 4am in the greatest pain … i thought i needed to go to the hospital, i took my Codene and i was fine… on Saturday i started eating a little more food. I swallowed and felt the worse pain of my life, it felt like the white scab in the back of my throat ripped off, apparently a small amount did. at this point, i have not talked hardly at all for three days. as of right now when i drink water, it irratates the scab and if i drink more it hurts worse,,, when it is irritated, my body reacts by coughing which is the worse thing ever!
    the only way i am getting through is PRAYING. no lie i feel thats the only thing helping now, i just want these stupid scabs to fall off and to be able to breathe again. as of right now i would give anything to sit down and eat a big juicy burger or steak (oh and i get very angry when my family members sit down to eat dinner… its soooo frustrating!)
    so far, i have lost 8 pounds in a week, and being very small in size i feel like a skeleton,

    does anyone know how to speed up having these scabs fall off quick? oh and one side is more yellowish than white… is that a bad thing?

    btw, im so glad i never will have to undergo this past week ever again!

  266. Bryce says:

    Hi, I’m sixteen years old(but look/built like I’m twenty-three) and last Thursday, the seventeenth, I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out, additionally I had a deviated septum fixed and something with tissue in my nose taken out. With this only being day four and all my pain level is pretty good, thank god for drugs. The only problem I’m having is swallowing and well sleeping but, that is expected. Does anybody know anything I can do to help with this problem? Its horrible from eating to drinking to swallowing my saliva, whatever it is I feel that my throat is on fire whenever I do it…any advice or tips would be very helpful.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  267. Stacy says:

    I just tried oatmeal and it hurt so bad! as of right now Day 7, i cant eat anything so im just drinking water water water

  268. cold jello works bryce. when your mouth is on fire. and the sleeping thing, i found it sleeping sitting up right worked for me and you need to ice up your neck thats a must.

    stacy you gotta eat after you take your meds i’d say like about 20 mins after. that way it’ll be less painful.

  269. Stacy says:

    thanks victor, but has anyone had problems talking? i havent talked in days…it sucks! texting is the only way of communication

  270. Tiffany says:

    I’m 40YO and had my tonsils removed 6 days ago. I thought all the stories of the procedure being more painful in adults were somewhat exaggerated. IT HURTS!!! Okay, that being said, it hurts more after day 4. Today I’m actually whining because it hurts. I noticed my legs were dry, and I realized I’m dehydrated. With all the ice chips, popsicles, jello and water, I’m still not getting enough liquid. So I’m drinking more and swallowing still hurts, but doesn’t bring me to tears. The first few days were not as painful, but I was pretty woozy from drugs. I’m sure there was some residual effect from dilaudid in the hospital, because I ate a little semi-solid food. Can’t do that anymore. It was hard to sleep because whenever I’d lay down, I would gag on the swollen tissues.

    Keep the ice packs on and take the pain meds regularly. Drink more water than you ever have and when you don’t think you can drink anymore, drink more. Eat a little something (ramen soup is great!) so you don’t get nauseous from the meds. Don’t talk too much, and don’t get up too often. Just lay there and let your body heal. Slimfast or Ensure are good to be sure you get enough nutrition.

    Even though I’m miserable now, I know I’ll be glad later. The surgeon said my tonsils were so scarred from repeated infections that they were “gross.” There’s no way they were doing their job anymore. He said the were actually acting like a magnet for infection. And even though he had me on antibiotics for 30 days, when he cut my tonsils off, they were infected again and puss sprayed everywhere. Who wouldn’t be happy to have that mess gone?

  271. Nyanko says:

    I had mine removed today and I’m pleasantly surprised about how good I feel. (Well, I wouldn’t say good, but relative to what I expected I guess it is.) I’ve been drinking water and broth like a champ and taking my pain meds on schedule. I know it’s still early on but I’m hoping maybe it won’t be too bad for me later. My doctor did say days 4 and 5 would be the worst, so I guess I still have that to look forward to. Oh, joy. Honestly, though, this is much better than I imagined it would be.

    You know what has been soooo soothing? Raw unpasteurized honey. It feels so good on my throat. I dip a spoon in it every once in a while and sometimes I drizzle it on my crushed Sonic ice and it makes a delightful caramel-type consistency. That’s been the best thing I’ve eaten yet. That and chicken broth.

    Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. I know the worst is still to come. Good luck, everyone!

  272. the first day i talked a little bit the 2nd and 3rd nothing at all. 4th wasnt as bad but as the meds wore off it started to bother me again.

  273. Kale says:

    Well, I made it through the surgery. Right now the worst part was that the Dr. got backed up so I spent abpit four hours in pre op watching Baseball desperately wanting a beer and garlic fries.

    Got home and got some soup in me (camble’s chicken noodle ground up in a blender just in case), got some ice packs on, and startewd drinking water. and drinking water. and drinking water. I’ve got a 32 oz. Nalgene which I am trying to empty every 2 hours, mainly because the last time I had strep I got dehydrated and know what a horror that can be. I did find these great re-usable ice-packs with velcro-elastic strips at the drug store that you can just strap around your throat. I’ve got three of them and am just cycling through.

    Didn’t sleep much last night because about every 15 minutes my throat would try and swalow and would wake me up, but I used this to take another sip of water, or when on schedule, take my pain meds (liquid Hydrocodone and this really nasty viscous lidocaine goop), and then doze off for the next 15 minutes or so.

    For now, I’m uncomfortable, but it is nothing like my last throat infection. If nothing else at least right now (knock on wood) I’m not spiking a 104 degree fever!

    I’m not looking forward to days 4-7, but I keep telling myself “It has GOT to be better than constantly worrying about getting another life-threatening infection…”

    Stay strong everyone, I’m hoisting an Otter-pop in your direction and pretending that it is an ice cold beer!

  274. Megan says:

    I’m23 and just had my tonsils out on Friday the 18th. Every bad thing I heard about it was true. The surgery went well. I dont seem to have problems with anesthesia. I’m on day 5 of recovery and my throat doesn’t hurt that bad considering how I was before surgery. Each tonsil was the size of a ping pong ball and almost always touching each other. I cannot stand this horrible taste in my mouth. To make matters worse, I have braces so my mouth feels extra gross right now. I drink water alot and blue powerade. I dont think I want that blue powerade ever again when this is over. I havn’t tried to ice pack thing. Maybe I’ll try that. I have lost about 12 pounds already, but I’ve already planned out my first meal for when I can swallow normally…Pizza Hut thin crust cheese pizza. I think that’s what keeps me going!

  275. Stacy says:

    Megan- you have to push the ice packs, it litterally was the best thing for me. The ice just soothes ur throat. Im on Day 8 and im feeling really good. I noticed that if you time your medicene and take it at the right times without skipping the pain is not as bad. I have already made a list on the foods that I am going to devour after this is over! Im ready to gain all my weight back!

    Does anyone know if its best to ease into normal solid foods or take your time? Like when i am fully healed (when that day comes) is it ok to just scarf food down or is it best to ease into everything?

    For all of you- this is what i have been thinking… every day it changes with the pain… some days are good some days bad, but try to just push passed each day and be like “ok, i got through that day, i got that day behind me… its only going to get better” especially after the days 4-7.

    Oh, and i have such a greater appreciation of food now… and at this state i cant watch people like my family memebers eat in front of me, it makes me very ANGRY.

    And i never noticed how many food commercials there are… maybe like 75% are about food!

  276. tell me about, every time i see tv its like the same thing RibS!!!!! i want ribs dammit and juicy burger with bacon, i cant wait till i start eating again.

  277. Stacy says:

    haha me either! i fell asleep on my couch and woke up to Rachel Ray… and i was like soo mad! haha!

    and i am feeling really really good today… it feels like most my scabs fell off, BUT to my suprise, i took a flashlight and looked down my throat and there is still SO much left! it looks like none of it fell off! i just know that when most of it goes im going to be in so much pain…

    does it hurt when they fall off? and do they fall all at once?

  278. Megan says:

    I’m too scared to even look down my throat. Yeah, do they hurt when they fall off? Does anyone else have the most disgusting taste in their mouth? And why do people insist on eating in front of you? I definately feel better than I have but I’m so ready for this to be over!

  279. I had a scab come off and now on that section when I swallow it feels like swallowing blades. the meds help a lot ;) I’m like so freaking hungry I wish I could get in my car right now and make a run to nyc to get some gyros yummmmm that and bbq pork :::drools:::

  280. Stacy says:

    one of the best things i found to drink was ENSURE— the chocolate kind. I had to use water as a chaser but other than that it was great! it said to refrigerate but i had it room temp, instead cause it felt better for my throat! it has a lot of great nutrients that you need and is very good for you, especially for all of us who cant eat! hope it works for all of u!

  281. Jeanne says:


    I haven’t had my surgery yet (I’m scheduled for August 6), but when the nurse was telling me about the tonsillectomy one of the first things she said was “you will have poop breath”. She said it will literally taste and smell like someone pooped in you’re mouth, and she said it will last a few days. She also said whatever you do, DO NOT gargle with mouth wash. Because of the alcohol in it, you will go through the roof in pain. I hope this helps you a little bit. Even though I haven’t gone through it yet, this is a question I feel comfortable answering since I heard it firsthand from an ENT nurse. From what it sounds like, it’s just part of the healing process and it happens to everyone.

  282. Morgan says:

    I’m 22, and I’m on day 5 post op. Like many other people my surgery went well (I was home by 11 am) and I felt great on days 1-3 post op. Days 4 & 5, however, have been pretty miserable. My ears starting hurting a little on day 3 and got worse on days 4 & 5. I just wanted to share a suggestion made by my dad, who is a doctor. Take SUDAFED!!! It reduces swelling in your nasal pasages and helps relieve the pressure that causes your ears to hurt. That has really helped me and my ears only hurt now when the Sudafed wears off, but it lasts 12 hours so it’s not so bad. Hope that helps!

  283. Nyanko says:

    Ignore everything I said above. It’s like each day is worse than the day before. I suppose it’s still not as bad as I thought but I think I was given false hope by how good I felt that first day. I’m really sick of sweet food and the liquid lortab makes me really queasy. And I’m in more pain. This is only day 3. I shudder to think what the next few days are going to be like.

    When this is over I’m going to eat a big steak. Good luck, all!

  284. Stacy says:

    nyanko, i was just waiting for you to share how much pain ur in… i felt ok the first day and then it was a disaster after!

    there is times where i can barely drink water and it takes me soo long to take down my medicene because the burning hurts so bad!

    but, last night i could drink water better than before so i took advantage of that.

    im actually starting to feel pretty good… (post op 9 days) hopefully it continues to be a downwards spiral from here on out… its almost like i can hear that JUICY, Beefy, burger calling my name, and that succulent steak dying to hop in my mouth….ahh… and cut fries…yummy…. OK IM GOING TO STOP THIS PRLLY JUST MADE EVERYONE HUNGRY! SORRY!

  285. nyanko, it’ll get better you’ll see, just keep the ice pack going. all i keep thinking to myself and it hurts is, i got it done and over with.

  286. christine says:

    I am on day 3 post op. I really thought I would be in more pain by now. I found this web site the afternoon after my surgery and I done everything I could find that people said was helpful to them. Last night however, I started getting sick to my stomach, and it scared me to death. There was some blood. I had my husband look to see if I had done any major damage, he didn’t think so and the bleeding stopped fairly quickly.

    My biggest complaint right now is that unless I am sitting straight up, it is hard for me to breathe out. Inhaling is not a problem, but I can’t exhale all the way fast enough, and then I feel out of breathe. When I fall asleep, I start breathing through my mouth because of it. I had gotten a humidifier and put beside my bed as soon as I read about that being helpful, and I’m sure it has saved me a lot of pain. Has anyone else had this problem?


  287. luke says:

    This wall has been incredible helpful….Thank you for all the incite..Day three for me….The pain has not been terrible but i have been drinking cold water like crazy….I have two pint glasses and keep them in constant rotation from the freezer to my mouth…I have it down by the time one is finished I grab the other one from the freezer and refill the other…..The more you drink the easier it becomes…..I notice a big difference if I take a break from the water….Also I have barely been talking and keep ice on my neck here and there….And of course i have seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the office to boost my moral…

    Quick question…I have seen some comments about gargling salt water to clean the white scabs, but i am on an antibiotic so i think that should take care of it…

    Also how do the people here feel about milk products…..

    your friend on the couch….

  288. luke says:

    Ohh yeah…..

    I have been watching a ton of movies, but my father insists on entering the living room with a big bowl of popcorn to join me….

    Are you kidding me!!!!!

  289. lol doesnt that suck huh. i think whats killing me most is boredom, not being able to go out. it like jail.

    Ps. why is it mtv doesnt have music video’s anymore? its like all shows now. mtv sure changed alot since how it started.

  290. Steve says:

    So, I have my tonsillectomy scheduled for next Thursday, July 31st. From everything I’ve read, I am expecting an extremely difficult 7-10 days of recovery. However, I am determined to follow all of these suggestions and be diligent about each and every one in order to minimize the pain as much as possible. In doing all of this reading, here are the things that stand out to me as most important (correct me if I’m wrong):

    1. Drinking water/gatorade like I never have before.
    2. Ice packs on my neck, not just on the back but all the way around.

    3. NEVER missing a dose of my pain meds due to sleeping.
    4. Sleeping more upright in a reclining chair, as opposed to lying in bed.

    5. Using a cool mist humidifier to keep the air in my place as moist as possible.

    6. Drinking ensure or slim fast to keep getting nutrients in my body.

    Anything else that I should know? I feel that preparation for this is the key to not having the worst week of my life. I want to know everything there is to know. In addition to the pain, I’m also worried about the scabs coming off and gagging on the disgusting taste. Anything that can be done about this? I appreciate any and everyone’s help/suggestions on anything……

  291. Kale says:


    About the milk products… the post-op nurse told me explicitly not to drink milk or eat ice cream for the first couple of days but I couldn’t stand it this morning so I made myself a milk shake for breakfast. It was fantastic. Now I did chase each sip with a bit of water to avoid the ‘coating feeling.’

    I’m on day two and am feeling pretty good, though I am dreading turning the corner in the next couple of days. I’ve been able to eat pretty regularly (soup) and have eaten my weight in popsicles.

    I agree with the water thing if I stop for awhile it gets much harder so I’m trying to just constantly keep sipping at my nalgene.



  292. luke says:


    Day three for me is easier than day two….I had an avocado and a chocolate ensure (I think they are much better than vanilla)….My mom made me a smoothie too and it was awesome….

    Also I am making some applesauce now…..No more popsivles for me…

    Good luck Kale….Any ear pain….mine hurt bad this morning but is easing up….

    things are looking up….

    dont talk bud…


  293. Stacy says:

    Actually you made great points! those are all awesome things. As for me, I didnt eat ice cream/milkshakes until like day 3. it wasnt too bad! i ate a sheetz slushy on day ! but then soon after that, sweet things irritated my throat…badly! and the cold stuff wasnt too great either! so i started to drink lukewarm liquids. Gatorade WAS NOT good for me! but i think that everyone is very different. it seems like each person is different and certain things work for them.

    the main thing is to just rest and take it easy let your body heal. and taking ur meds on time is crucial! the pain sucks but its going to be so much better when u are fully recovered.

    As for you steve, EAT as much as u can before ur surgery…ur going to miss food sooo much!

  294. luke says:


    You will be fine……Stay mentally positive and you will not have any problems….biggest thing is hit the liquids hard…

    good luck,

  295. stacie says:

    Well I am on day 8 of my tonsillectomy and I am still in pain. I am 28 and would not wish this on my worst enemy. I did the ice thing on the neck, drank my water and avoid any food for the first 3 days. I have lost about 12 pounds, which I didn’t need to lose in the first place but when I get better I am probably gonna gain 20! Anyways I just want to let you guys know about the scabbing, one of mine came off yesterday morning and I thought I was dying. Blood was everywhere and I couldn’t get it to stop so we ended up going to the ER where it eventually stopped. I still have trouble talking and swallowing but it feels a little better today. I thought 1 week off of from work would be enough, boy was I wrong you can’t make yourself feel better after this.

  296. Megan says:

    Yeah Steve, eat up while you can! I’m on day 6 post op (I count my surgery day cause surgery was at 7 in the freakin morning). I actually slept well last night and only took one nap today. I’m worried bc my Loritab is about to run out and I’ve already refilled it. I’ve heard liquid Tylenol is a good sub, especially towards the end as your pain in lower. I cannot stress enough the drinking cold water thing. I can really tell when I’m dehydrated. It’s almost like I’ve missed my medicine. So, I drink as much as I can in one session and within minutes, I feel better. It’s weird. Anyways, I’m still worried about the scabs falling off. Has anyone been coughing? I’m wondering if this is my throats way of trying to get a scab off? Anyway, thin crust cheese pizza here I come….

  297. fallon says:

    i only had my tonsils out yesterday and i find its better to try and tlk then to keep my mouth shut lol
    if i tlk my throat dnt hurt as much as when i have been quiet for like 10 minutes….
    my throat is soo tickly and i ate a banana today and i keeled over it was very painful indeed.
    altho im onli on my first day after the op i have only eaten solid foods like i was told to and believe me it hurts but its prob best thing in the long run….. and i had cheese pizza today yumyum lol

  298. Maggie says:

    Hi there,
    I am 19 years old and getting my tonsils out next month. I am TERRIFIED!!!!! I have one engorged tonsil and TONS i mean TONS of tonsil stones. its digusting. The doc says that removing them is the only thing that will fix it. Woopee for me. However I am a massive chicken and hate pain. I get anxiety attacks from needles and am really looking forward to the IV!! Aswell I do not accept blood transfusions, and so the potential for bleeding and further emerg. surgery is a lil scary. I realize I am not “old” and barely considered an adult in this surgery, but the potential for it to go bad is still present. Any encouragment would be greatly appreciated. Pain scale 1-10?

  299. stacie says:

    Maggie, I am no pro or anything but I had tonsil stones as well that is why I had to have mine taken out. It is painful somedays not as bad but somedays the pain was a 10. My doctor told me I could either keep my tonsils and keep on dealing with the stones or take them out and improve the quality of my life so I chose to remove those suckers! As long as you take care of yourself and talk to your doctor about your concerns you should be fine. Yes the pain sucks but it happens, you are only 19 so it might not be that bad on you. Good luck!

  300. Maggie says:

    Thanks…however…SCABS!! ahh…blood…dear God!And what the heck is this business about people’s tongue getting all messed up?!! They arent doing anything to your tongue…that I was aware of anyway! Sorry for being so dramatic…but wow…Im not any more relaxed about this whole thing. My last hospital experience (supposed to be day surgery) left me in the hospital for a week, having granmal siezures!! yay for me! SO you can understand my hesitation. ANyway thanks for the information. Hope you all start feeling better soon…have a popcicle on me!

  301. Luke says:


    I know that this is a bit backward but I have been researching more about tonsil stones now three days after my operation…I originally grew concerned when I began getting terrible odors from my mouth, thinking that I must have strep throat….Going to the doctor (regular family doctor) he said they were harmless food particles stuck in my tonsils and recommended a water pick to shoot them out….That day I was lucky and shot them out (after waiting 8 hours for my pick to charge)….Easy enough I thought….However a month later they were back…This time I tried to use the pick again and ended giving myself a sore throat from repeatedly missing the stones…I decided to go to an ear, nose and throat doctor for further incite…He said that they were indeed tonsil stones and are only an annoyance, causing no real harm…..Thinking about firing that water pick into my mouth and gagging and shooting water all over my bathroom made the choice easy for me….I called right back and set up my tonsillectomy….

    Now I am reading all these walls and really learning about tonsil stones….The choice for me came down to one thing…..Having to become a sharp shooter with a water pick (risking irritating my tonsil each time and defacing my bathroom) or just spending two weeks on the couch…

    I was 23 and took the plunge……

    3 days into it…….and no regrets….

    Anybody want to buy a water pick!!!!???!!!

  302. Stacy says:


    I am 18 and i am getting mine out from tonsil stones as well! its really something that needs to be done, my surgeon said that if i didnt get them out i would end up getting cronic bad breath! EW LIKE GROSS!

    But anyways, you said your 19… im 18 so i guess i could help you… You will be in pain, im not going to lie to you! but im at day 9 and i am feeling the best yet! so your recovery could be a little shorter.

    I am just so gald im almost done with this!

    Maggie, if you do not like needles, tell your anesthesiologist…. tell them you do not like needles… then they will give you laughing gas (thats wat i got too) and you will be sitting there and you wont even see the needles. you will be so far out in “La La Land” that you wont care how many needles they put in you! and before you know it you will be waking up and it will be done and over and u will be in horrible pain for like 10 days!

  303. Stacy says:

    oh and fallon…. just wait… in a few days you will be on here saying how bad it is… dont let the first few days fool ya!

  304. Nyanko says:

    I definitely second what Stacy said-don’t let the first few days fool ya! I guess it could still be worse. I haven’t cried yet or anything but I am just miserable. Actually, I think my biggest problem is the lortab. It’s just disgusting and it makes me want to throw up. Fortunately I haven’t yet. I pretty much hate all food now and even my ice chips are making me want to throw up. Everything just tastes bad now. And I think I started having a little ear pain today too. Whine whine whine, I know. I really can’t stand myself right now. My tongue is sore-probably from whatever medieval clamp device they had to use during surgery.

    Add me to the list of tonsil stone people. Eeeew! That’s why mine came out, too. I was able to prod about 6 out before the surgery and then they said there were another 8-9 in my ex-tonsils. Gross.

    I’m due for a refill on my lortab. Has anyone tried to take it in pill form 4 days after the surgery? I’m really going to try to switch if it’s possible.

    I wish I could sleep through the next week without waking up until it’s all better.

  305. Megan says:

    I feel the same as you exactly. I was never told about stones though, just chronic strep and enormous tonsils. I went through a phase where everything tasted like poop. and today my ears hurt probably more than my throat. I tell people all the time that I just wanna sleep for the next week and wake up and be healed. But at least once tonsils are gone, they’re gone. I havn’t tried pill form loritab, but I know other people that have switched. I personally dont think I could swallow a pill right now. I forgot what it feels like to be normal. I really wanna go to a bar and drink! What a celebration weekend I will have when that time finally comes!

  306. Tracy says:

    Well, everyone, I found this site last week … probably around Tuesday when I was so discouraged from finishing my third course of antibiotics for tonsillitis. For 30 days I had it, and I was pretty desperate. My doctor didn’t know what was going on and gave up on diagnosing me, so she sent me to an ENT last Thursday. I waited for two hours before the ENT came in to see me, but it took him only a brief peek inside my mouth to see that my tonsils had “the look” of chronic infection. This was the first time I had ever been told this before, as I had never had many problems with my tonsils until just recently. Post nasal drip, sore throats, strep once a year – sure – but never anything that antibiotics couldn’t kill. I guess my tonsils had finally had enough and were revolting at the young age of 26.

    So the ENT told me on Thursday that I should go ahead and get them taken out because at this point, that infection just wouldn’t go away. Ever. I was filled with fear and excitement and some surprise since I assumed my tonsils were, other than this persistent infection, relatively healthy. The ENT asked me when I wanted them out – I said as soon as possible so I could get back to work, and he said, “Well, you’re lucky, we had two cancellations for tomorrow!”

    I took the plunge and scheduled my surgery for the very next day, Friday, and felt glad that I wouldn’t have even more time to sit around worrying about it or reading websites with horror stories. On Friday at around 11:45, they took me in and removed my tonsils and apparently my adenoids as well. I remember waking up in the recovery area coughing from them removing the tube from my throat. Within minutes, the nurse had me swallowing Advil from a cup with a straw.

    (**note: my ENT believes in using Advil as an analgesic based on several studies that have been done where the outcome revealed that using Advil did not increase the risk of post-operative bleeding.**)

    It hurt to swallow the three Advil, but I did it just fine and was soon moved to the next recovery area and given a cup of crushed grape popsicle, and a Vicodin. My legs were shaking so badly from the anesthesia that we were all getting a kick out of it. One of the nurses said I must be muscular since normally it’s only guys who shake like that. ;)

    When I got to go home, I was a little woozy feeling from the anesthesia and my throat was sore, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I couldn’t sleep that day, so I laid on the couch watching TV and pounding Gatorade and water. Like everyone has mentioned – staying hydrated is incredibly important! And, I made sure to set my phone’s alarms so as to stay on top of taking my Hydrocodone, steroids, anti-nausea pill, Advil, and antibiotics. I never missed a dose, even when it meant taking them throughout the night.

    On my second day, I could feel the anesthesia wearing off completely and had a slightly increased amount of pain, but again, nothing I couldn’t handle.

    Through the whole ordeal I’ve only taken 1/4 of the amount of pain meds prescribed and done just fine on that.

    So, I’ve been living on Gatorade, water, pop ice (little popsicle type things), chicken broth, pear baby food, apple sauce, cream of wheat, arrow root baby cookies (dissolve quickly in your mouth), mashed potatoes, spreadable cheese on mini saltine crackers, and other baby food flavors from turkey to squash.

    I have to admit that now, on day 6, I’m getting very frightened of the scabs coming off because of all the horror stories I’ve read on sites like these about the bleeding that occurs …… but if I survive that, then I’ll be happy. Most of all, I’ve been surprised at how hungry I have been, how my tongue was not abused or burnt or anything like some, how manageable the pain is, how little my ears hurt, and how glad I am that I had this procedure.

    Now, it’s true, I may come back in several days posting about some horrible bleed, but I’m hoping not!!

  307. Maggie says:

    So you have to take LIQUID medicine?!! Good grief…i think doctors are really torturers undercover as “good samaritans”…haha. Well all-in-all I think I am SLIGHTLY less petrified about the surgery…though wow…thanks for the multitude of less than pleasant things to look forward to! I told my dad that I expect presents for getting this done…LOTS of presents….car payment kind of presents!! Anyway, my doctor was talking about some kind of laser surgery as a possibility? Anyone know anything about that? I work in a medical spa and we do a lot of different things with lasers…they still “hurt” but nothing in comparison to the alternative. Well I guess its up the the guy who aparently knows what hes doing…Best wishes to all of you recovering!! Stay strong!! lol

  308. Tracy says:

    @ Maggie:

    No, not everyone is taking liquid medicine. The antibiotics, pain pills, steroids, and anti-nausea stuff they gave me for mine are all in pill form.

    As for the laser surgery, it really depends – if you are thinking of it for sleep apnea, it might be an option. However, the reason it is less painful is because it leaves part of the tonsil bed behind … which means there is a chance of your tonsils regrowing or even becoming infected. So it’s an option for those with sleep apnea, but not much of an option for those with recurrent tonsillitis issues.

  309. wow what a great forum.

    I’m 30 and I had my tonsils out this morning at 9:30, it’s 1:51am now.

    I had severe tonsil stones (I pushed out 15 the day before the surgery) and I got sick about 3 or 4 times a year because of my tonsils.

    Since this morning it has been tough to swallow and some of the stiches feel a bit long and tickle my throat. It isn’t as bad as I thought. I’ve been watching movies and napping on and off. I’m on Vicodin which I think I like better than some of the meds that make you more drowsy since I feel like I’m alive still. Plus if I was sleeping too much I wouldn’t be able to drink as much water and be on time with the meds.

    I’m all by myself and even though it isn’t recommended I feel pretty independent doing it this way.

    I had trouble peeing at first because of the anesthesia (I had to push to pee) but that’s just about gone now.

    I’m going to try some ramen noodles, might be risky on the first day but I’ll mash them up really well and I should be ok.

  310. Kelly says:

    Hello All,

    I am 27 years old and am scheduled to have my tonsills removed on the 18th of August. I have to say( and you all will think I’m a little odd) that I am totally excited. My tonsills are a +4 in size. I have terrible insomnia and I snore(sexy huh?). I get strep throat every two months and in between that I have tonsillitis. YAY TONSILL REMOVAL! I am a little scared of the pain to ensue, but for the most part, who cares! No more gross throat for me. I appreciate the blogs, they help me to realize the many different reactions and healing times for different people. Not all are the same. My mom was 31 when she had hers removed and a week later she went to a Christmas party. Regreted it afterwards, but had felt well enough to go in the first place. Thats something, huh? Well, I wiil definantly have ice packs and ice and water and ensure and pain meds readily available to me at all times. I will post again when I am tonsill-less.

  311. Stacy says:

    for me i am taking liquid vicidin and at first it was so hard to swallow. it took me 20 minutes to swallow 2tsp. NOT A GOOD THING. what i do to get it down is to take a small gulp then chase it with water. just take the gulp of water and medicene and swallow it at the same time then its not so bad at all!

    i wokr up this morning (day 10) and i finially kno what ppl are talking about with the horrible taste in my mouth,,, but it is weird its only when i swallow. my scabs are coming off but its not like they are coming off in CHUNKS, i havent really noticed them falling off i think they are thinning out and small parts are falling off cause when i look in my thraot they are almost gone.

    another thing, why/how does the tongue get burnt?

  312. Kale says:

    Ok. I want to know which sick bastard decided that Bananna flavored Vicidin, Strawberry flavored Lidocain, and Bubblegum flavored Amoxicillin was a good idea.

    It’s like a party in my mouth and everybody’s throwing up Fruit Stripe gum.

  313. Megan says:

    Ok. maybe my doctor is from a third world country bc i’m not on an anitbiotic. I have some “miracle mouthwash”. Maybe that’s it? Who knows? Anyway, I switched to Liquid Tylenol to try to ween myself off the loritab. And so far, it’s worked pretty much the same. Except it doesn’t make me sleepy or give me a headache. So, if anyone wants to be off their pain meds, tylenol is a good sub. Well I’m nearing a week post op. I was glad to hear someone didn’t notice their scabs as “chunky” (yum). Maybe they do just thin out and kinda float away with what you drink? Good luck everyone!

  314. ok.. today was kinda scary

    i got mine out thurs. the 17th. today i got up all fine was even gonna go out and get somethings done. when i go to the bathroom and bruth my teeth and then try to clean the top of my tongue. major mistake. i j=must have forced to stick out my tongue out and clean it, that a mess of blood just came out of my mouth. I was freaking out cause it wouldnt stop. (that and im home alone) i quickly calmed myself down and got a cold bottle water and started slowly drinking and spitting it out. it stopped the bleeding thank god. i havent checked to see if a scab came off or what but i guess i’ll check tonight or tomorrow, im still a lil shaky from this.

  315. Greg says:

    Hey everyone!!
    im 24yr old male from ireland just had a tonsillectomy (coblation method) and am currently day 8 post operation.

    First of all, i just have to say Thank God i didnt come across this site before i had the tonsillectomy cos there is no way i would of went through with it! Fair play to everyone who did go through with it knowing what was in store for them. i honestly thought, hey you’ll be sore for a couple of days and then you’ll be grand, and wasnt nervous at all about the operation, actually quite the opposite and more eager to get it over and done with so i could go back to work!! Well Fuck me was i in for a shock!!. I like to think that i’m a guy with a high pain threshold, but seriously…this whole situation has reduced me to someone who must gets hugs from every family member in range if they’re passing by!


    Had to fast the night before, even water! Arrived at the hospital early wednesday morning Sat in my room awaiting to be called for the operation! in my lovely hospital gown thing and slippers and also had to wear some sort of tights(apparently stops blood clots) so was feeling a bit like the main act in a circus. i signed a load of forms, basically stating that yes i am giving you permission to leave two big holes in my throat!! the nurse arrived and i was brought down to the anesthesisists ward(i dunno how you spell that, but you know what i mean)was basically put on a drip and then lights out!! Like as if i was teleported through time! Only now i was less two tonsils!!

    Woke up, in no pain what so ever but disillusioned, a nurse was sitting beside me asking me out of 10 describe your pain, confused and dazed i thought of the only no. i could think of …6, when i didnt actually feel pain at all , i could hear her saying more morphine and then i nodded off, Woke up to being wheeled to my room in my hospital, had to stay there for the night (which is my ent doctors method) where i was seen to every hour or so by the nurses and my blood pressure was checked and i was given painkillers. Wasn’t in any pain at all and actually managed to eat chips and an omelet for dinner with ease along with apple crumble after!i was thinking to myself ‘holy shit i must have a pretty high tolerance to pain!’. morphine is awesome!

    Day 2 The next day i was driven home by my mother and on the way we stopped off at a chemists to get my painkillers( Difene tabs) and antibiotics. and again in no pain at all, slept that night for a whole eight hours with no problems!

    Days 3-7 The Horror!!Oh The Horror!! i dont want to go into too much detail about these days because i actually want to blank them out of my life!! Basically very sharp pain in throat, ears, jaw and unable to swallow and almost passing out everytime i did! Couldnt eat,drink or sleep!Alot of spitting up disgusting stuff every 20mins or so, horrible taste in mouth!actually spat up blood on 5th morning, but just small bits, wasnt flowing blood!! unable to talk and if i attempted to it felt like my head was going to explode and also sounded like a duck! made the mistake of watching a comedy one night, put my hand up to my mouth to stop laughing as laughing nearly brought me to tears! also yawning has the same effect!! those 4 days honestly felt like a month and it was hard to see an end to the pain! All in all, a very horrible time!

    Day 8- not too bad this morning, not near as bad as the last few mornings.keeping on top of my meds which i actually had to upgrade my difene to tramadol on day 5 after ringing my ent doctor explaining excruciating pain!!

    anyway some tips for those just after operation!
    1)Drink lots and lots of ice cold water! even when your not able to, just force it down! it’ll get easier to drink if you keep drinking!!

    2)Keep on top of your painkillers!! take them even if youre not in pain at all! if your still in unreal pain ring your ent doctor and get him to give you a prescription for something stronger!( you shouldnt have to go through unreal pain)

    3)I also put manuka honey in warm(not Hot)water like a tea and i thought it was very soothing!

    4)nights are the worst…I think because I sleep with my mouth open so my throat was getting dried out. Try not to sleep with the window open, do not use a fan, and try to use a humidifier. That way, your throat can stay moist

    5)When your heading to bed set your alarm for every hour and a half and then drink lots of water! especially during nights 3-7!! this will stop you from waking up in absolute agony!!

    6)Eat if you can, although i was unable to during days 3-7( just too painful)

    7)take a multivitamin every day and drink powerade, this will help speed the healing process.

    8)Also get an ice pack, or if you dont have one, a frozen vegetable bag from freezer and put it around your neck at night, helps with the swelling!

    9)Complain as much as you want to whoever you want. You really deserve to.

    10)Try to chew chewing gum. Gets you producing more saliva hence more swallowing!

    One thing that bothers me about some of these posts, is the people saying that they breezed through the recovery and had no pain at all, unless these people are 6 years old or they have the same attributes as superman, there is absolutely no way anyone can go through this without feeling some pain! and that is a Fact!

    Don’t judge your experience based on other people’s. One of the worst things I did was say to myself, “Well, *this person* felt better in 7 days — why do I feel so bad on day 7?!” You’ll heal in your own time. All you need to remember is the severe pain will end! You’ll be back to normal soon!

    Currently on post op day 8, i can see that there is hope, had chicken chow mein for dinner today, hurt a small bit but still manage to eat most of it!!Cant wait to get back to normal!! Come on 100% im Ready!!
    There is alight at the end of the tunnel, although its not like a train coming!

    Sorry for the real long post but if your recovering from having this operation you’ve nothing better to be doing anyway!

    Good luck everyone! And DRINK YOUR WATER!

  316. Tracy says:

    @ Greg:

    Hang in there, Greg! Remember, everyone heals differently, everyone has had a different doctor/surgeon, and everyone experiences pain differently. I consider myself to have a pretty low tolerance for pain, but have been absolutely astonished at how manageable recovery has been so far. I say manageable, not “pain free” — it’s manageable because if you keep on top of your pain killers, start drinking and talking and swallowing as soon as possible, get some nutrients into your body when you can, sleep without missing out on your meds, and generally take care of yourself, you should be able to get through this while keeping the pain under control.

    Also, since everyone has had different surgeons, everyone has had different procedures to some degree — not to mention everyone starting with different sized tonsils, etc. — so there are numerous variables that come into play during recovery.

    The best thing you can do is remember that everyone heals differently, and hope for the best while treating your recovering body gently!

  317. Kaydee says:

    I am 27 years old from Billings MT. I had 3 C-sections and I would much rather go through those again. I feel a lot like greg. My first 2 days were really not too bad, I was hurting dont get me wrong but I think the pain meds worked and maybe there was some left over anesthesia. Days 3-7 (today) HAve been the worst days of my life. I am in constant pain. My left side hurts sooo bad. Every hour or so I get a major sharp pain through my throat up to my ears. I have to hold my neck an ears for like 5-10 minutes then it dies down a bit. 8 out of 10 times it brings me to tears. Taking a hot bath soaking my neck helps for a little, I end up taking about 3 baths a day. Another thing is I can not eat or drink. When the pain meds kick in I try my hardest to down some water and through out the day. blended ice is a lot easier there is not as many sharp edges. I have already lost 8 pounds and am constantly hungry ( I weigh around 123 lbs normally so 8 lbs is a lot). I called my doc today and he gave me steriods to try along with my pain meds. Pill form is a lot easier to take than liquid because the liquid sticks to your throat and you have to swallow like 20 times and chase it with water because it is so yucky. Advil helps with the swelling. I do have a humidifier in my bedroom so IF and when I do sleep it keeps some moisture in the air. Well I just hope and pray that I get better soon and I hope this massive pain and hunger is worth it! Good luck to anyone else getting the op. If anyone has any remidies or tips please let me know. My kids miss me and I miss playing with them. I cant even read bedtime stories and I think my husband is gonna go nuts soon and my house is getting real messy. thanks

  318. christine says:

    Day 5 (it’s after midnight, so I’m counting it as the next day) I’m starting to loose my scabs!!! Scary! I can feel them washing down when I drink. I had a friend who had serious bleeding issues on day 5 when she lost one of her scabs, so this really makes me nervous.

    I ended up changing pain meds. I was on hyrdrocodone, but it was making me sick every time I took it, so the doc changed me to Tylenol 3 with codine. It is definitely easier on the stomach, but not as effective as a pain reliever. It doesn’t last as long and you have to take more of it too. I am glad however, to not be throwing up anymore!

    I ask my doc about using a laser before we went into surgery. He told me that using a laser for this procedure isn’t the best way to do it because the laser leaves a burn behind and that just adds to the pain. That made perfect sense to me, and at that point I was glad he wasn’t going to be using one. I’m not sure what “technique” he used or the equipment, but he said what he would be using would remove the tonsil and cauterize the site all at the same time.

    The pain that I have experienced has been less that what I was expecting, but I have done everything I have read here to try and make sure the pain didn’t get out of hand at any point. Even when I was taking the hydrocodone and was sure that was what was making me sick, I still took it for fear that the pain would get ahead of me and I would never get it back under control.

    I had set my alarm to get up to take my meds, hence the reason I’m up at this hour, but I woke up before my alarm went off because I was have the most horrible dream!! This is the first night I’m on the new meds, I hope the meds aren’t affecting my dreams!

  319. Tracy says:

    @ Christine

    It’s very common for the narcotic pain meds to affect your dreams. Hang in there!

  320. Nyanko says:

    Well, this is day 5. I’m surprised I’m not feeling much worse. I keep waiting for the stabbing ear pain to kick in but so far so good. I feel just as crappy as before but at least it’s not not getting worse. It just seems like it’ll never end. I’m still trying to drink water (albeit not as much as I was), and taking my pain meds on time. Other than that I’m just here.

    DH brought me some yellow potatoes and sour cream and cheddar cheese last night and that mashed up potato was the yummiest thing I’ve ever eaten. I’ll be eating more of that today.

    I hope you are all getting better! Just a matter of time now.

  321. Megan says:

    It’s officially been a week since my nasty tonsils were snatched from my body. I honestly do feel better. I am losing my scabs slowly but surely and it is pretty gross. But I’m glad my tonsils are gone and I look forward to each day getting better. I still look forward to food. I may try some mashed potatoes today. I just can’t tell if I’m swallowing or not, ya know? Anyway, good luck everyone!

  322. Lindsey says:

    Hey everyone! I can’t believe how long these comments have been going on, its awesome, and incredibly helpful!

    I am 19 and am on day 4 post-op, I’m dreading everything everyone has talked about, days 5-8 or so especially because I have felt pretty much fine these past 4 days. I drink A LOT Of ice water and stay positive. The first 4 days really are NOT BAD, but I’ll be sure and get back to you all on how the next few days go (eee scary!)

    My biggest advice is to just do it, I can already breath better and am so excited not to get horrible tonsilitis all winter long. Drink LOTS of ice water and stay positive!! If you can talk, talk, if you can eat, eat. My doctor told me that the more I swallow and work out my jaw the better I will feel, HE WAS NOT LYING. Oh, and if your doctor doesn’t give you 7 days or so of liquid steroids, as well as pain meds and antibiotics, ASK FOR THEM!! I’m pretty sure the steroids are keeping sane! Thanks all, will write in a few days!

  323. Maggie says:

    Do the steroids make you swell up? I used to have to take them for my asthma and they made my face all swolled…i loved having a fat face! Really hoping not to have that again!!

  324. Floridagirl2008 says:

    Help … Im In So Much Pain Its Not Even Funny I Just Had My Tonsils Out 3 Days Ago … Ive Been Sucking On Ice Chips Eating Apple Sauce And Pudding The Past 3 Days … What I Was Wanting To Know Is By The 2nd Day I Already Had The White Puss Where They Took My Tonsils And My Adenoids Out … Is That A Positive Sign ?? Or Should I Call My Dr. ??? When Will The Pain Go Away Completely ??? i Wanna Know If Thears Luck At The Other End Of The Pot Of Gold ???? Someone Help Plz ???

  325. Stacy says:

    praise God!! its over Day 12- I CAN FINALLY EAT! But i still dont have all of my vioce back ;(

  326. Tracy says:

    @ Maggie:
    Actually, it’s different for everyone. This was my first time taking corticosteroids and I had noticeable water / sodium retention that disappeared a few days after the steroids were done. That said, I’m still grateful to have had them because I had no trouble with swelling or inflammation (other than my uvula which was swollen for a day or so but no big deal).

    @ Floridagirl2008:
    The white on your tonsil beds is not pus — it’s the scabs that form after your surgery so yes, it’s a good thing to have them. Pain goes away at a different time for everyone. Reading the other comments here will help reassure you that it gets better.

  327. Maggie says:

    Thanks Tracy,
    Good to know it will at least go away fairly quickly. Probably laster longer with my asthma meds b.c I was on them a for a much longer period of time. Makes sense. Thanks

  328. Kaydee says:

    Ask for the steriods if you are in massive pain!!!! I have been misserable. You only take 2 pills a day for 3 days. I am onmy second day and the massive hurting That puts me to tears have not been near as bad! No tears so far! It is called prednisone. I am still not able to eat much but now I am at least getting some ice down. SERIOUSLY TRY IT.

  329. Kaydee says:

    I also wanted to add that I have not swollen up anywhere. You only take them for 3 days. The first day I did get a little dizzy, but that could be the lack of food. Even if you do swell up a bit I think it would be worth it!

  330. Tracy says:

    @ Kaydee and Maggie:

    It depends on what steroid you are taking. Your doctor can determine which would be best for you. The one I was on was methylprednisolone. On it, I took 6 the first day, 5 the next, 4 the next, etc. Your doctor might instead give you an injection. In any case, there are numerous different steroids available and as with any other medication everyone will react differently.

    It is important to eat – doing so will help loosen your throat muscles which have tightened up since surgery, and will help you recover. I’ve been able to eat soft foods (mashed potatoes, bread, macaroni and cheese, ground turkey, baby food, etc.) since the second day.

  331. Kaydee says:


    I bet if I would have started the steriods on the 1 or 2 day instead of the 7 I may have been able to eat those things too. Tonight is the first time I have been able to eat besides the 2 day when I had a little noodle soup and broth. I actually ate about a half a can of those chicken noodle o’s ( I picked out the chicken in case it was too sharp. I did try those other soft foods you mentioned and it was absolutely impossible, but I am gonna try again since I was able to eat some today! I am really glad you did not suffer like me!!! (ps thanks for the baby food idea) I

  332. Nyanko says:

    Ugh. This is day 6 and I am feeling really bad. I was worried about going back to work on Monday because I only put in to take one week off of work. My friend and coworker came to visit yesterday and she said that no one was rushing for me to get back to work if I’m not feeling right. Well, I know I can’t go back on all these pain meds so last night I ignored the alarm for the lortab because I was really tired and also as a test. (I’d been taking it every 4 hours round the clock.) Well, when I woke up again this morning I was in such excruciating pain-the absolute worst I’ve been in yet. I was really shocked at what a difference it made taking my meds on schedule vs. not. And just when I was starting to feel intermittantly slighty-human again! Today is Saturday. I don’t think I can go off the lortab to make it to work Monday. Ugh! I also overdid it yesterday with talking and stuff so I’m sure that’s contributing to my overall feeling of yuck.

    Despite this minor setback I know it’ll be okay. But definitely-take those meds around the clock-even if you don’t think you need them!!

  333. Ok, I had my tonsils out back in May and everything went well. The advice I got from this site was very helpful!! Well I just went to the Dr. and you will never believe this but I was told my tonsils are growing back!!!!! I will have to undergo surgery again. I am in no way ready to go through this again. So if anyone tells you this is not possible I am living proof it is. :(

  334. Sandi says:

    leelee, what method of tonsillectomy was used last time? (coblation, laser, electrocautery) Why do your tonsils need to be removed again? Are you having tonsil-related problems again? (Sorry to be nosy, I’m just curious.)


  335. Kale says:

    Well, so far, so good. I had my tonsils out five days ago. I have been drinking water like a fiend (I’ve gone through a five GALLON bottle since Monday). I’ve also been pretty psychotic about staying on schedule with my pain-meds (to the point of lugging around a kitchen timer with me and waking up every 3 and a half hours to re-dose).

    While I certainly have been in pain, it is nothing compared to my last tonsilitus flare-up where my throat swole up to the point that I couldn’t breath. I think that I psyched myself up for so much pain after this surgery that when it finally hit I was under-impressed (not that I am complaining and I am knocking on wood like crazy right now). I know that I can still turn the corner and get into the crazy-pain side of things, but I am hoping that I am going to be OK.

    I’ve been able to eat from the day of the sugery and have mainly been putting away soup and Mac-N-Cheese and when my throat gets especially bad I do a milk shake.

    The worst part for me has been the side-effects of the Vicodin… it makes me antsy (both wanting to get up and do something as well as feeling like there are literal ants crawling over my body.) Plus, I just feel whiped by the drugs. I’m too woozy to read (hell, I’m too woozy to drive in Grand Theft Auto, and that’s saying something). But, and this is a big one, it is keeping the pain in check so I’m willing to deal with the side effects.

    The long and short of it is when I first found this site I almost convinced myself to abort the sugery. Don’t. It’s bad, and there are certainly people out there right now who are having a worse time of it than I am, but in the long run it is worth it.

    Good luck!

  336. Floridagirl2008 says:


    Thank You So Much For Your Advise .. It Was Really Helpfull Cuz I Tryd To Call The ENT On Staff Last Night And No One Would Tell Me Anything And They Were All Like Well Your Gonna Have To Call Your Dr . That Did The Surgury So That Wasnt Much Help At All But Im On Day 4 Post Op … And Im Doin Ok Except My Breath Stinks So Bad … And When I Eat Or Drink I Cant Taste It And Boy Is It Raunchy … EEEEWWWW !! =( I Just Cant Wait To Heal Up And Eat Me A Nice Crunchy Salad Again .. But Im Sure That Will Happen Sooner Than I Think I Juss Have To Give It Time To Heal So … My Kind Advise To Those Who Have Just Had Thears Done And Are Having Neck And Ear Pain … Take A Washcloth And Put A Big Handfull Of Ice In It And Twist It Up And Hold It All Over Your Neck Trust Me Take It From Somebody Who Is Not So Pain Tollerant Than What She Thought … IT HELPS … And Take Regular Tylenol For The Earach To

  337. Floridagirl2008 says:


    Thank You So Much For Your Advise .. It Was Really Helpfull Cuz I Tryd To Call The ENT On Staff Last Night And No One Would Tell Me Anything And They Were All Like Well Your Gonna Have To Call Your Dr . That Did The Surgury So That Wasnt Much Help At All But Im On Day 4 Post Op … And Im Doin Ok Except My Breath Stinks So Bad … And When I Eat Or Drink I Cant Taste It And Boy Is It Raunchy … EEEEWWWW !! =( I Just Cant Wait To Heal Up And Eat Me A Nice Crunchy Salad Again .. But Im Sure That Will Happen Sooner Than I Think I Juss Have To Give It Time To Heal So … My Kind Advise To Those Who Have Just Had Thears Done And Are Having Neck And Ear Pain … Take A Washcloth And Put A Big Handfull Of Ice In It And Twist It Up And Hold It All Over Your Neck Trust Me Take It From Somebody Who Is Not So Pain Tollerant Than What She Thought … IT HELPS … And Take Regular Tylenol For The Earach To … I Hope The Rest Of You Get Better … Actually Today Im Not Feeling So Bad Knock On Wood

    GoodLuck To All Of You And Wish You A Speedy Recovory

  338. Sam says:

    Hey guys. Im a 19 year old male who has had horrific cases of sore throat and strep for the last 3 years so my ENT finally took my tonsils out for me on the 22nd July (Tuesday). Today is my 5th day then I guess and it’s not been easy. On the other hand it has not been torturous just pretty painful. The toughest part for me has been waking up in the morning. I have bad sinuses so i sleep with my mouth open and thus my mouth dries out horribly at night and when I wake up I feel like someones been treating my throat to a blowtorch extravaganza. I read the advice about waking up every hour to drink a glass of water but I am skeptical about that because if i do wake up every hour I am scared i will be in too much pain to get back to sleep and that will be horrid. I prefer to just wake up in the morning and deal with the really bad pain all at once and then just push through the whole day which seems to take forever. On wednesday I see my ENT again and I cant wait because that must mean he expects me to have made progress by then .. We shall see I guess. I am athletic and am just hoping this means I might recover quickly.. Although it seems that recovery is just a matter of body type and drinking lots of water.

    This board gives me a great deal of comfort to be able to foresee potential problems and hear other peoples stories to feel like i am not alone. Anyway if I have a good story by the end of this I will post again just to make some people relax.


  339. Sam says:

    P.S . . I havent been eating any solids. . only soups, jello, puddings, ice cream, water, ice cubes, apple juice and eggs really soft almost liquidy. .. I am hoping this helps because these are the easiest to eat. Hopefuly will pay off because I am starving.

    Also, its the 5th night after my operation and i am feeling quite decent even on no pain killers at the moment just before I take my next dose. I am assuming this is the calm before the storm and I am about to suffer for 3 or 4 days.

    I just hope by the end of this all its worth it and I am not one of those unlucky people whose tonsils grow back or still get sore throats.

  340. Tracy says:

    @ Sam:

    From what I understand, the sooner you are able to resume a diet consisting of soft foods (not just liquids), the better because it helps to loosen the muscles that have tensed since the surgery and it also helps to keep the scabs from getting too thick (which you don’t want). If you can, try adding foods like mashed potatoes, bread without crust, biscuits, cream of wheat, etc. when you are able. I’ve been eating that stuff for several days and it has really helped.

    Yesterday (day 7 for me) was more painful than any other day so far, but as soon as I was able to eat some breakfast it helped. Today has been pretty painful as well, but I know it is because the scabs are slowly wearing away.

    Last night I was able to eat some ground turkey (mom and brother were having turkey burgers – i just ate the ground turkey and then a bun!) with mashed potatoes. This morning I had two biscuits from McDonalds and one of their round eggs. Tonight – fettucini alfredo!

    The best thing you can do is try to get some better non-liquid food in you, and stay on top of the pain meds because as your scabs start to come off, it gets more painful. Still not excruciating for me, but definitely more intense than before.

  341. Kaydee says:

    HI GUYS i JUST WANT TO MENTION ONCE AGAIN THE STERIODS!!!! I am so much better since taking them. I still hurt a little and cant eat much, but I have taken only 4 piam pills and 2 advils today. I was taking 14 and 8. I would choose the steriods over the pain pills in a heartbeat.

  342. Sam says:

    Today is morning 5 after the operation but I guess day 6 then cause my op was on Tues morning. Woke up at 6 with bad pain .. rammed my pain killers down so hopefully theyll take effect soon.. manageable pain but obviously not enjoyable. Had no a idea a tonsillectomy would be like this and thank God I am almost through a week even if the worst is yet to come. Last night was feeling great actually barely any pain swallowing and was drinking lots and lots of cold water just before I went to bed at 1ish.. Still woke up really dry etc. I dread the mornings because once I wake up at 6 am or 5. I stay awake till midnight or later for the fear of napping n waking up with bad pain. Will be absolutely ecstatic when this is done. But then will start worrying bout my rcovery into athletics etc. . .

  343. christine says:

    Hello All. I need some feedback to help me through the next week.

    I’ve posted comments here a couple of times, but I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that I’m 40 years old and have 4 kids (ages 16, 12, 8 twins). I’m day 7 post op. 2 of my 4 kids were gone last week and my husband was home with me most of the time. 1 of my kids tends to be the “pot stirrer” at our house, does the most whining, and in general, the most high maintenance (there seems to be one in every bunch!!!). He has many wonderful qualities and I love him dearly, but these qualities are just part of his charm. As you can probably guess, he was one of the kids gone last week. With everyone back home this week, and my husband back to work, I’m anticipating a fairly difficult week.

    For those of you who have successfully lived through this surgery, when did you feel like you could make it through without pain meds? I know each person is different, but I need something to look forward to. I’m not going to be able to lay around as much, even though the meds make me tired. I know that I’m not at that point yet of being able to make without medication, I’m just trying to make a plan to get through the next week. We took our twins and some of their friends to the pool for an hour and a half yesterday because it was their birthday, and that just about did me in. All I did was lay on a chair or sit by the side while they swam, but I paid for it all evening.

    I’m on liquid Tylenol 3 w/ codine and it is handling my pain to an acceptable degree right now. Any thought would be welcome. Thanks!

  344. Tracy says:

    @ Christine:

    I haven’t made it through yet, but still thought I’d let you know that here on Day 8 for me I still have to take about 1/2 tab of hydrocodone (which is the amount I’ve taken since Day 0 … and happens to be 1/4 of the amount that I *could* take if needed). Supposedly the pain increases as the scabs begin to come off, approximately days 7-10. So for now, I’m still needing to take my 1/2 tab of hydrocodone every 4 hours and 3 Advil every 8 hours consistently.

    It seems like from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, around Day 12 things really begin to improve.

    Have you tried seeing what would happen with your pain if you alternated your Tylenol 3 w/codeine with Tylenol Extra Strength? If that kept your pain at a manageable level, then you might be able to get through the day without as much fatigue from the Tylenol 3 w/codeine. What I mean is, try taking your prescription meds and then when it’s time for the next dose if your pain is okay try taking regular extra strength Tylenol instead of the prescription. Alternate like that and see how it manages your pain.

    Many people end up doing this, but it completely depends on whether that is able to keep up with your pain right now or not.

    Wishing you the best! You’re getting toward the end!! :)

  345. Sam says:

    Im on the evening of the 6th day post op now and I am starting to get bad ear pain and feeling different in my throat now .. Could this be the start of the scabs falling off ? earlier i coughed up a few blood clots into the sink. I dont feel any scabs in the back of my throat so I dont know what to think!!

  346. Megan says:

    @ Sam
    You probably are losing some scabs. I had ear pain and a lot of coughing on about day 6 of my recovery.
    I never felt like I was losing my scabs but I would cough up mucous (lovely I know) and I assumed that was my body’s way of shedding the scabs. I’m on day 9 so I know I have more. Has anyone been able to look at their throat yet? My uvula (punching bag as I like to call it) is HUGE! I think that’s what contributes to the weird speech and trouble swallowing. I heard it would swell but I didn’t think it’d get as big as it is. Anyone else notice theirs?

  347. Sam says:

    Cant really see it but I know it must b massive cause when I eat i feel like I have an extra tongue protruding from the roof of my mouth

  348. Kaydee says:

    @ Christine

    I have posted this many times The steriods help soooo much. I lost 8 pounds and could not swallow or drink the whole first week. I was taking the max on my pain meds and advil with them. I called the doc friday and told him how bad I was. He gave me prednisone Steriods and yesterdayand today I have been eating and drinking, and I have only taken 2 pills today and 4 yesterday and all night. I will swear by the steriods and they did not give me any side effects or anything. I have 3 kids myself and am fine on my own now. I went to the zoo and a picinic today and was out all day yesterday. BTW I am on the 10 day today. Good Luck

  349. Nyanko says:

    Day 7 and I think the scabs are starting to do their thing. They are the most disgusting, sickening death-grayish color and the pain from the one tiny spot that they no longer cover is excruciating. I can’t even imagine if more new skin gets uncovered right now. I’m sucking down Chloraseptic like it’s water. My freaking ear!! This sucks this suck this sucks. The only good thing I can say is that if I have to pass this stage before it gets better, at least it’s here so I can hurry up and get this over with. Psychologically I’ve just taken a beating and I can’t wait to be done with this. I am SO over all of this! Thanks for listening to my whining.

  350. Tracy says:

    @ all:

    Scabs. Ick. Mine are slowly wearing away. I didn’t know what to expect and was afraid they would fall off all at once, two gross slimy sheets down my throat! Luckily, that’s not how it happens for most people. For most of us, they will just slowly wear away as we swallow and eat and drink.

    I haven’t had any mucous or coughing up of things at all, and because of my awesome surgeon’s procedure and the steroids, I have been able to open my mouth as wide as ever since the very first day ….. so needless to say, I’ve been keeping a close watch over all that’s been going on with my tortured tonsil pads.

    For those of s in this scab wearing away period, I’ve found that eating really helps with the pain. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it really does help to keep the jaw loose and the throat loose and to ease the pain of the scabs.

    Remember to stay on top of those pain pills and if your ears are causing you a lot of pain then pull out the ice pack.

  351. Floridagirl2008 says:

    2: ALL

    Ive enjoyed reading everyones storys because its really helped me alot and i feel bad for most of you because i know the pain your suffering … im on day 5 post op … and boy last night i never coughed so bad in my life my goodness … maby its the scabs fixin to do its process … i dont know … and boy ive ear aches out the yang heavens oh mighty … my throat never hurt so bad since the surgery till last night b4 i went to bed … but i wish everyone the best … still eating pudding , soup , jello , drinking ice cold water , eating soft things .. not tryin to push things untill i get the ok from my dr to eat really solid foods but i wish you all the verry best and a speedy speedy recovery and hope we all get through this sooner than we think … but ill be on soon and post more as it goes on

    Thanks Everyone

  352. Floridagirl2008 says:

    gum also helps in the morning to help work your jaw muscles and if your lymph nodes hurt (neck) ice packs also helps tremendously … for those who are just starting off or didnt know …. lots and lots of tylenol for those stubborn ear aches to

    bye everyone

  353. Hillary says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I am scheduled to have my tonsils removed on 8/11 and I am beyond scared now that I have read this site. My tonsils have been VERY swollen since January and a few months ago Doctors told me that my CT scan results led them to think it was lymphoma. After I biopsy they determined it wasn’t (phew…) and now a new ENT doctor decided on the tonsillectomy.

    I’ve written down a number of questions for the pre op appointment as well as some great tips and advice from this site, thanks!

    I’m 23, and having my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago was a piece of cake… I was hoping this would be similar but it seems that won’t be likely.

    I’ll be reading this site up to and after the procedure. I have only taken a week off of work and I was REALLY hoping I could make it into the office for a meeting on post op day 2… probably way too optimistic :-) On average, how much time do you need off of work for recovery?

    Anymore advice, tips, or questions to ask my doctor would be great. thanks!

  354. Kaydee says:


    Well everyone heals differently, I would take at LEAST a week off. Some times it may even take longer. It seems like the 2nd day was the easiest until the 9th day. Just keep being optomistic. I was too. I was planning on having mine removed on finals week. I only had 4 classes so I thought I could handle it. Luckily the doc had a reschedule!!! Seriously ask for steriods right away!!!! I am sure I sound like a broken record, but they helped me soooo much! I was taking around 15 7.5 mg hydrocodones and roxicets and advil, and was still so miserable and in more pain than any of my c-sections. The steriods help so much. I did a complete 180 on the second day of taking them. Good Luck!!

  355. Tracy says:

    @ Hillary

    Whoa, you will definitely not be able to attend a work meeting on Day 2. For one thing, you won’t feel up to it physically … and for another thing, you do NOT want to expose yourself to germs that early on, and it is not safe to drive on the amount of pain killers you will need to be taking!

    From what I’ve read, most people end up taking 2 weeks off. Some try to go back after 1 week and regret it. Everyone is different, yes, but on day 2 you will NOT be feeling ready for that and shouldn’t push yourself that early on. I bent over to pick up a jug of gatorade on day 2 and that resulted in some bleeding. So, just take it as easy as you can – seriously!

    And, as Kaydee mentioned, ask your doctor to prescribe you some steroids for after your surgery.

  356. kristina says:

    so im getting my tonsils takin out on august freaking out I can’t even sleep at night because I think about all the horrible things that could happen. One of the biggest fears that I have is that I will wake up in the middle of my surgery and they won’t know. Yes, it is really stupid but I have never in my life had surgery of any kind and I’m freaking out very bad. I had abscess on my throat about 2 weeks ago and I could not eat or drink anything at all because it hurt too bad to get down. I know everyone is saying that I need to DRINK DRINK DRINK but I’m so nervous that I’m not going to be able to. I have to return to school on the 17th and im also nervous that I’m not going to be better and not in any shape to do what I have to do. I just cannot believe that I am freaking out and having so much anxiety when I’m two weeks away. I’m just really scared I’m going to wake up during the surgery and they will not even know!

  357. Sam says:

    Day 7 now and I just coughed up a massive blood clot that looked like it had been in me for 30 years. Are blood clots dangerous?? Or normal at this point. Still no signs of scabs. . pain pretty bad but I have accepted it by this point . Hoping I am closer to the end. .

  358. Kale says:


    Don’t worry about waking up during the surgery. They have you so wired up with sensors that they could teel if a fly landed on you, let alone if you started to wake up. At the first sign of your blood pressure increasing (i.e. you waking up) the anesthesiologist would push more drugs to put you back into sleepy-land.


    Sorry to rain on your parade, but you are not going to make it into work on day 2 and this really doesn’t compare to getting your wisdom teeth out. I’ve had a pretty easy recovery (according to what I’ve read of other’s experiences on this site) but I am still pretty wiped from the pain killers and general pain. My girlfriend took me to the store the other day and I was done for the rest of the day. Take it easy and let your body heal. I’m on day seven, still on my pain meds and have no plans on going anywhere for the next week at least.

  359. Tracy says:

    @ Sam:

    Look in the back of your throat where your tonsils were. Is it white? Those are the scabs.

  360. Sam says:

    The white patches (scabs im assuming) in my throat are much smaller and surrounded by new pink tissue but there are small dark red patches at the bottom of them. are those blood clots probably?? It seems the scabs have just been shrinking naturally because I havent harmed them at all with rough foods. Hopefully it stays this way!! I think not talking is very important to a decent recovery as is tons of water n ice. I advise not talking and not roughing up the throat with solid food too early and that should help. Ill change my opinion if I suddenly go into a massive pain attack. . Stay tough people. Especially in the tough parts because the days seem to pass really slowly.

  361. Tracy says:

    @ Sam

    Yep, those white patches are scabs. They shrink naturally, yes. Most doctors recommend talking as soon as possible and returning to a semi-normal diet (nothing sharp though) as soon as possible — both to aid in recovery and keep the scabs from getting too thick.

    Yes, water / fluids are important, but so is talking and returning to manageable solid foods when you are able.

    I’ve been talking since I woke up from surgery and was able to resume a non-liquid diet on day two — as per my ENT’s instructions.

    You really want to start talking as soon as you are able. Yes, your voice may not feel as strong as usual and you may not want to talk a lot, but talking some is an integral part of recovery! I had a surgery on my leg two years ago and out of fear and pain I refused to bend it afterwards. Not a good idea because everything tensed up and I had to go to physical therapy for 2 months just to bend my leg again. The doctor said if I had been willing to bend it after the surgery, it wouldn’t have locked up like that. Obviously, the voice is not exactly the same thing, but it’s the same concept.

    If you can talk, TALK. It doesn’t “rough up the throat” – it helps to loosen it up and get you back to where you were before the surgery. Don’t over do the talking if it’s causing you a lot of pain, but definitely continue trying to talk each day!

  362. Ashley says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m 24 and am post op day 11. I can finally say that through all this horrible pain and agony, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can finally see it!!!

    I thought I had a pretty high pain tolerance, until I had this procedure done. And like many of you I researched tonsillectomys till no end prior to the surgery and scared myself. Unfortunately what everyone is saying here is completely true, unless you are one of the lucky ones with little to no pain.

    WEEK 1 is pretty much a painful blur to me due to the LORTAB.

    DAY 5 had to be the worst. I guess I hadn’t been drinking very much water and bam I taste something metallic and warm in my throat. Oh YEAH I was bleeding, and I was bleeding bad. I mean gushing blood and dollar coin sized clots out of my mouth. Luckily I remembered the doc saying if this should happen to gargle with hydrogen peroxide which finally stopped the bleeding after 10 minutes. At that point my bathroom looked like a murder scene off of CSI with blood all over. Luckily, so far that was my only bleed.

    DAY 6 faired much better despite the usual pain and earaches. Anything at that point was better than a blood gushing mouth.

    DAY 7 was bad. I started day 7 by throwing up all morning. This was incredibly painful. Throwing up with 3rd degree burns in your throat plus a swollen huge uvula gagging you is not any fun at all. So I stopped LORTAB because my stomach obviously couldn’t take it anymore and switched to liquid tylenol. It helps some, takes the edge off at least. OH and hot washcloths really helped to soothe my earaches.

    DAY 8-9 Still painful, still can’t talk, can’t eat much (water, slimfast, ensure, and soup broth) and sleep is a joke. I miss food and am so hungry. So far I lost 10 pounds (but I’m not complaining about that!). At this point watching t.v and movies are boring, but there is not much else to do.

    DAY 10-11 Have been the best so far! Especially day 10. I am able to talk so much more, but I sound like I have a speech impediment of some sort. I definately don’t sound like myself. My jaw is still sore and can’t open all the way, but there is improvement everytday. Still can’t eat too much, but I finally can see that there is an end to this pain! Sleep is still few in hours, so I am very tired, but am hoping for improvement. I can’t feel anymore scabs on my throat anymore I think I swallowed them all in my sleep, I know that sounds gross.

    My advice is what everyone else here is saying. DRINK UNTIL YOUR EYEBALLS FLOAT!!! WATER is so completely important. ICE YOUR NECK, really helps. HOT WASHCLOTHS on your ears help the earaches tremendously. TRY not to get too depressed I know its frustrating, I can definately say I had a few good crys. Its nice to know that other people are going through it too and it turns out to be for the better. Hope all goes well, I’ll try to repost in a day or two, hopefully feeling even better.

  363. scared! says:

    So… my surgery is this Friday (August 1st) and I am still TERRIFIED!!! I am really trying to keep a positive attitude about the surgery/recovery but it is hard. I am trying to focus on what I need to be prepared for the recovery period and less about the actual surgery and pain. I will post and let you know how it goes as soon as I feel I am up to it…hopefully I will be posting sooner rather than later.

    Keep the posts coming because it is comforting knowing others are going through the same thing and making it through it one way or another.

    Wishing you all a very speedy recovery!!!

  364. Steve says:

    Scared- my surgery is this Thursday (July 31st) so we’re in it together. I agree, I’ve been totally focused on all the things that are necessary to help the recovery be (somewhat) tolerable. It will be tough but I feel like if we do what we’re supposed to, we can get through this. I am very thankful for this website and will be on here frequently to help get me through. Good luck to all of us! We’ll need it!

  365. Sara says:

    I’m having my tonsils out next Tuesday, along with a procedure to move my tongue forward. It helps to know what to expect, so thanks to all who have posted.

    Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of recommended things to have on hand for recovery? There are so many good ideas here!

  366. Sara: The original article (waaaaaay at the top of the page!) was my comprehensive list. After that, some things worked for some people, and other things worked for other people. Just see what feels good to you… for instance, I needed constant cold, but other people couldn’t take cold at all.

  367. Lindsey says:

    Hi again all! I’m just now starting on day 8. Nothing “too” terrible yet. Days 1-5 were fine, and I’ll admit its gotten more unpleasant since then. STILL not that bad though ok? No one freak out, the best thing I can tell those of you who are dreading it right now is NOT TO FREAK OUT, just drink, eat and talk AS MUCH as you can. And know that it does have to get worse before it gets better. Try all the suggestions on the site, see what works best, and keep up on those pain and steroid meds!

    Oh, and for whatever reason, brushing my teeth makes me feel a better about how gross tasting food is and how gross the scabs are. In all honesty (in my opinion at least…) adult tonsillectomy sucks, but the worst part isn’t the pain, just the fact that it takes forever and there are all kinds of damned stages to healing that you HAVE to get through. So stay strong everybody! Everyday that you get through that you don’t let it REALLY get to you is another day towards normal! Best of wishes, I’ll post again when I’m done or nearly done healing. (still have some time to go! boo it sucks)

  368. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this website. I had my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy on July 24th and am now on day 5 of recovery and I feel pretty good overall. I wish I had stumbled upon this website BEFORE my surgery, but finding it two days ago was the best thing that happened to me.
    As everyone has mentioned, we all heal differently. In my case, surgery day thru day 3 were pretty tolerable. I don’t really like painkillers so I asked for something mild in order to keep a clear head… DO NOT DO THIS! I was taking Tylenol w/ Codeine up until yesterday, when the pain was unbearable. It felt as if lightening were striking my tonsils and ear canals every single time I swallowed or spoke. I finally had my husband call the doctor (speaking, for me, caused severe ear pain) and ask for something stronger, to which he prescribed liquid Lortab. I take the smallest doseage ( 1 tsp.) and it has made a HUGE difference in how I feel, overall. Don’t be afraid of taking meds, because your comfort will have a huge impact on the healing process. My scabs actually began to “fall off” on day 3. I attribute my fast recovery and healing to drinking over 5 gallons of water in that time period and to keeping an ice collar on at ALL TIMES. Remember, this won’t be pain free!!! I have been living on tapioca pudding and soups. I drink 1 ensure a day (even though it causes mucous to build up) to keep some sort of vitamins in my body and just chase it with enough water to keep it from building up in the back of my throat. I don’t really know what to expect from today on, but I feel relatively good. The mornings, or anytime after a few hours of sleep, still feel the worst, since my throat dries out. I am still not ready for work yet, because of the talking issue and the fact that I sleep a lot from the pain killers, but I feel better than ever. Don’t try to be a hero…take the pain meds. They really will make a huge difference in your comfort. Don’t be afraid to cry a little…it hurts, but it also relieves a little of the stress you are feeling. You have every right to feel the way you do. This is not fun! Also, let people take care of you, but do a couple of things a day that you would normally do. I do simple things like go out to get the mail or put dishes in the dishwasher. It helps me not get depressed about feeling worthless.
    Anyway, thanks again to everyone on here. Your encouragement to one another and your wisdom helped make it a little easier to handle. I wish the doctors would have been this thorough. To everyone recovering and to those contemplating the surgery… GOOD LUCK! It really will pay off. I am glad, even with all the pain, to have made the choice to remove the tonsils. I don’t think I could have went the rest of my life with exploding tonsils from tonsilloths (sp). You will be just fine! Read all the words on this page and take what people say to heart and find what works best for you!

  369. Floridagirl2008 says:




  370. Tracy says:

    @ Floridagirl2008:

    The scabs generally start to come off somewhere in the day 7-10 range, but continue to slough off slowly for awhile after that … unless you haven’t been keeping hydrated in which case they may come off in chunks. Like most things, everyone is different. Some still have their scabs into the 3rd week … others loose them pretty quickly.

    I’m on day 12 and still have mine — they seem to be thinning out slowly and the pink underneath shows through more and more each day. At my post-op appointment today my ENT said everything looks perfect.

    You should be eating solid food as soon as you can — just nothing sharp. I was only on a liquid diet for the day of surgery. Since then I have been progressively eating a more regular diet. Returning to a semi-normal diet is an important part of recovery because it helps to keep the scabs from getting too thick and helps the throat heal more quickly / better.

    You can eat normally now. Eat whatever you can tolerate. Nothing sharp, but things like mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, eggs, chicken, tortillas, pastas, etc. are all good.

  371. Floridagirl2008 says:

    2: TRACY

    thanks so much for your advise but the scabs are generally starting to come off .. however one side is almost completely gone as far as the scabs but im sure itll take a few more days for the other side to start coming off because the other side isnt improving so much as i thought … i guess whatever i do eat ill juss have to deal with the pain … untill the scabs come off completely im only on day 7 post op . so im sure itll juss be a few more days hopefully

  372. Tracy says:

    @ Floridagirl2008:

    There’s no need to worry about the fact that you still have scabs. It could be that on one side the tonsils were more deeply embedded than the other or maybe more of the things you’re drinking/eating are hitting the one side …. I don’t know, there could be a million reasons why one side still has scabs and the other doesn’t, but it’s nothing to worry about.

    I still have scabs on both sides, but my left side is healing a little faster than my right side. Not worried about that.

    And yes, there is going to be pain while swallowing for awhile, but you need to eat. Nothing sharp, but softer foods that are nutritious for you. Eating helps to keep the scabs from getting too thick and it also helps to exercise the throat tissues which is very important (not to mention helping you heal in general).

    I’ve found that even on days when eating hurt, after the first few bites my throat started to feel much better.

    Don’t force anything, of course, but you ARE going to have some pain and not all pain means something negative is happening.

  373. Kayla says:

    Oh my lord. I am 19 years old and this has to be the worst experience I have been through. I am on day 12 of recovery and boy has it been a long road. Last night was my first time of eating an actual meal since the surgery. I’ve had the occasional bite of applesauce here and there which was VERY painful to down. My taste buds are messed up but I have been forcing this food down because I am so weak. I have been constipated for 10 days, my mom has made me take all sorts of laxatives which hopefully will work here in the next 24hrs. I still have both of my scabs… who knows when they will fall off. Its disgusting back there.

    Thats all,
    If I had to do it again… I WOULDN’T.

  374. Tracy says:

    @ Kayla:

    Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time and that you wouldn’t do it again if you had the choice. It’s also a shame that some people’s surgeons ended up damaging their taste buds. : As for the constipation … remember, in order to have a bowel movement, you have to have actual food in your system. If all you’ve been living on is liquids, then you won’t have much TO move.

    As for the whole experience, I would totally do it again for the benefits of no longer having those tonsils or adenoids!

    Hang in there and try to get some more food in you. The fact that you haven’t been eating is part of why you’re feeling so bad and so weak. Hope you feel better soon.

  375. Irina says:


    I’m 22. It’s been a week since my tonsillectomy and what worries me most is the horrible taste in my mouth. It’s really disgusting and the clear slimy spit that collects also smells horrific and I have very bad breath. On top of this my tongue is covered by a thick layer of white stuff (which I can’t get off since I can barely open my mouth).

    Do you think this is a result of infection? I didn’t get given any anti-biotics… so maybe. I plan on going to see a GP to ask as soon as I can.

    My other problem is the pain is often unbearable and despite it being day 7, it does not seem to to be getting better. At night I wake up every hour to hour and a half from pain and can’t take any more painkillers. Codeine seems to have no effect so I’ve almost given up on it. My other painkillers are paracetamol and Diclofencac. I have almost permanent headaches and ear-aches, which are severe.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Is bad breath plus horrible mouth taste normal?


  376. Liz says:

    Had my tonsils out on 7/14 and am still experiencing some pain, but am definitely heading in the right direction. Up until day 4 post-op I thought this was no big deal, but that’s when the real pain set in. I think the hardest thing has been coping with the fact that it’s not a nice little upwards curve in terms of recovery. It’s definitely an up and down process as the throat heals. Be prepared to have it hurt worse on day 7 then on day 3. Also, take two weeks off work. I had planned on only one week, and there was no way that that was going to happen.

    Drink, fluids, take your pain meds, eat what you can and make sure you’ve got people at home to help out.

  377. Megan says:

    @ Irina

    I’m on day 12 post op and I had the same exact issue with my breath and tongue and spit. It lasts for a few days and then it gradually gets better. I have braces too, so it really really bothered me that my mouth felt disgusting. Drink as much water as possible. If you’re not sleeping, be drinking. This really helped me and eventually my tongue cleared up and now I can swallow pretty normally. It just feels like I have a mild sore throat. Hope this helps!

  378. Kale says:

    Hmmm. I’ve been trying to identify precisely WHAT that horrible taste/smell is coming from my mouth and I hav come up with the following: take a squirrel, rolled it in manure and thn set it on fire… but that’s not quite it.

    My Dr warned me about the taste and smell and said that it was natural and that there was nothing that you could do about it. My tongue is covered with white as well and I can’t open to clean so I’m just dealing with it for now.

    As to the pain, you might want to call about getting something else. There is no reason for you to suffer. If the Codeine does nothing for the pain (as it does nothing for any pain that I am feeling) then you should call your Dr and ask for something that does work for you. Again, you shouldn’t have to suffer through this without something to take the edge off.

    I think that my scabs started coming off last night. I woke up this morning with the pain in my throat feeling, well, different. It wasn’t any worse, just a different quality of pain. Kind of sharper and it flet ‘higher’ up in the throat. When I looked at the back omy my throat I could se some pink spots in the sea of white and black.

    Let me add somthing to the list of things to do to get better: read this site. It has been immensly helpful to know that I am not being a baby, or melodramatic,a nd that other people have gone through the same thing that I’m going through. In addition it was helpful to have my frineds and family who were helping to take care of me read it so that they knew what to expect (and that I wasn’t being a baby or over-melodramatic!)

  379. Nyanko says:

    Hiya. Well, I’m back at work today. I’m either at day 9 or 10, depending if we count the day of surgery and I’m actually feeling okay. Still a little pain but I’m keeping the water flowing at my desk so it’s tolerable. I was able to get off the liquid vicodin two days ago and I switched to regular tylenol pills which are fine. I still have the gross scabs and nasty taste but hopefully they’ll go away without any problems.

    I feel like I’m sort of back in the land of the living and I’m pretty happy about that. You all will get there too! When you think you can’t take it anymore, suddenly it’ll be okay. Hang in there! It’ll be over soon!

  380. Martine says:

    How long after a tonsillectomy is it advisable to rest for before going for a night out etc ? Considering I am feeling fine . . Also alcohol etc

  381. Tracy says:

    @ All:

    The bad breath is from the scabs — it will go away once the scabs have completely disappeared.

    The white on your tongue could be thrush or could be from the surgery – your ENT should be able to tell you which it is.

    As for alcohol – it will burn the crap out of your throat. My ENT said to avoid it (especially wine) even though I am two weeks post-op.

    Also, a night out depends on what it involves. With exertion you risk causing a bleeding and setting yourself back. You also risk picking up an infection which you are particularly susceptible to after the surgery. This is why they advise you to take it easy for 2-3 weeks.

  382. Tracy says:

    @ Martine:

    It depends. Some people lose their scabs way early on before the tissue underneath has had a chance to heal and yes, they can bleed without the scabs there. If, for example, you’re 3 weeks out from the surgery and you don’t have scabs then no, you really shouldn’t have to worry about bleeding.

    If you’re less than 3 weeks out, I’d still avoid exerting yourself too much just to err on the side of caution. You have a wound and the new tissue is trying to heal over it …. for awhile, it’s still delicate even after the scabs are gone. So there’s not as big a chance of bleeding, but it’s not impossible.

  383. Dominique says:

    This is day 3 for me (counting surgery day) and I have to tell you, i would much rather go back to day one when I was all drugged up from the anisthetic and didn’t know what was going on. I’m 20, and they said it was gonna be worse now than if I had done it sooner, but MAN I wasn’t ready for this. They gave me this silly little sheet that says I should be eating all sorts of things by now. YEAH RIGHT! My mom stayed at my apartment with me days 1-2 and on day 2 I tried some mashed potatoes, a milkshake, and some broth. the potatoes were pretty darn tasty on the way down, but after the milkshake it ALL came back up. I’m not sure if it was just all the sweets i’ve been having (juice, popsicles, milkshake, JELLO) or if its the LORTAB, but something makes me feel yucky when I eat. After I threw up last night I tried a little more mashed potatoes and they were soooo good. It hurts to swallow, but I have been craving real food and salt a lot. i’m super hungry, so I’m trying to fill myself up with water but its not working.

    Does anyone else have a problem with coughing. When i take my meds or try and drink every once in awhile I start coughing and as a result start drooling EVERYWHERE. I’m scared to cough because I don’t want to knock my scabs out. But my spit seems so think that if I don’t cough or clear my throat I’m miserable! but if I start spitting it all out it gets worse and its like a neverending river of thick spit. Ideas?

    Reading all of your stuff helped a lot, and has given me some ideas. I’m sending dad down to town to get me some baby food, ramen noodles, and tons of episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to see if I can’t get a little something out of this unfortunate situation.

    Good luck to everyone, whether you’ve had them out yet or not! My only advice is not to eat until YOU are ready. I think the sheet your doctor gives you is a load of crap. Oh and drink lots of water. The more you swallow, the better it gets.

  384. Amber says:

    I am so glad I found this site. I am having my surgery done on Friday & I am so scared. There are a few of you that will be in recovery around the same time so that’s a little comforting. My doctor said that it’s great I am reading these blogs because at least I know what to expect. I’m not so sure though. Thanks to you all for the advice, before I read this I was just planning on not eating or drinking anything, not even swallowing, for as long as I could stand it. Boy, am I glad I read this first. Good luck to all of you….

  385. Irina says:

    Just wanted to say thank you everyone for replying. It really is reassuring to know it’s not just you and all the advice is great.

    Being in the UK, no real chance of asking my surgeon things (all he said was eat) and the GPs often don’t have a clue. I went to a GP yesterday and she just said.. ‘umm, don’t know – the Codeine should work so just keep taking that’ :(

    Hopefully today it’ll start getting better. (Though still couldn’t sleep because of pain)

    Also, my food advice is fried frankfurters, chopped up. It’s meat, it’s soft, and has a very strong taste so your damaged taste buds are likely to love it. Plus grease helps the calorie count. And cold milk – for the reason that it’s already cold (from fridge) and nutritious. In fact, cold milk is quite soothing in combination with whatever you’re attempting to eat.

    Good luck everyone and thanks again!

  386. Valerie says:

    I am 43 and am scheduled for tonsilectomy on Aug. 11th. Although the doctor explained how painful etc it would be I really wasn’t that worried. I’m good with pain. I’ve had 2 hip surgeries 5 foot surgeries a c-section and last year at this time I had my apendix out. I was back to work in about a week after the appendix. Even though I told the doctor all that he kinds of laughed (obviously he knows better). He just said be prepared. I have heard all kinds of horror stories. Everyone I talked to that had their tonsils out was a lot younger … the oldest was in her early twenties. I’m not freaking out yet. Although reading all the posts makes me cringe (and makes me nervous). I’m hoping it will all be helpful. I work for a construction company and although the doctor said plan to be out 2 weeks (I did tell my boss the doctor said that) I told him I didn’t think I’d be out the two weeks. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Keep posting so I can get as much info as possible :<)

  387. Tracy says:

    @ Valerie:

    Don’t let the horror stories discourage you …. if you have a good surgeon and make sure to stay hydrated, on top of the pain meds, and get some food in you as soon as you can, I think you’ll do just fine!

    I have a horrible problem where I am resigned to pessimism when it comes to medical things for myself and so I was prepared for a really excruciating experience. To my surprise, my recovery and everything was very smooth! I didn’t lose any weight, I only had two minor bleeds (which I fixed by eating a popsicle — so needless to say it wasn’t a bad bleed at all), I only took 1/4 of the maximum pain med dosage, I had no swelling, I had no issues with my taste buds or tongue, I never had any coughing, and the pain was only annoying to me on the mornings of Day 9 and Day 10 when my scabs were beginning to slough off (and continue to!) and that pain was still less than the bout of tonsillitis I had going into the surgery.

    (and I’m almost 27)

    So, don’t get too down reading the stories on the net – they are helpful in some senses and offer some good advice, but obviously everyone has a different experience.

    You mentioned hip surgeries … well, to give you an example, my mom’s hip dissolved and she had to have an emergency hip replacement. After the surgery, she had NO pain. NONE. Because she had been living with this static hip pain for such a long time.

    It all just depends on the individual.

    As for your job …. even after two weeks, your doctor will tell you not to exert yourself too much, so you might be able to go back to work within that two week period, but you still might want to take it a little easy there and not do any heavy lifting (if possible). Just listen to your body and your doctor, and you’ll do just fine. :)

    Wishing you an as-easy-as-possible recovery!

  388. Atlantan says:

    I am on day 4 of recovery (I had my surgery early Monday morning).
    I am 23-years-old and not doing too bad. My biggest problem is yawning! Every time I yawn, it feels like the scabs are about to pop off! I also had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Honestly, I slept through most of the pain, which was day 1 and 2. Tylenonl 3 is NOT enough though, ask for Lortab! Also, popsicles are you friend! No carbonated drinks! I threw up on day 2 because I kept taking meds on an empty stomach, so try to eat, even if it’s just oatmeal or pudding. Yogurt is good too, although no dairy for the first few days.

    Any and all advice for yawning is appreciated :-)


  389. Tracy says:

    @ Atlantan:

    Yawning hurts, yeah! My ENT (at my post-op appointment yesterday) said “Does yawning hurt?” And I said, “Yeah!” He said, “Well, you need to keep doing it to loosen that throat up.”

    So, I’ve been trying slowly to allow myself to yawn more and more and it has definitely been getting easier and easier.

    Just keep at it!

    Lortab or Vicodin (Lortab = liquid, Vicodin = tablets, both are the same medication just in different forms) are better for pain than Tylenol 3, by far.

    I took the pills easily, no problem. They had me swallowing Advil within 10 seconds of waking up from anesthesia! So, don’t be scared of pills.

  390. Martine says:

    I am on day 11 now. I have a funny feeling in my throat as if i have something small stuck in there I constantly try to clear it but it doesnt work.. . Could it just be the feeling of my scab? It feels like its in the roof of my mouth far at the back though. Feels very strange and annoying. I hope its nothing to worry about. .

  391. Sam says:

    Would beer hurt your throat only or actually cause complications in your body?? Is it just about the pain it would cause

  392. Tracy says:

    @ Sam

    Are you still on any medications? If so, then I’m pretty sure you should be avoiding the alcohol.

  393. Sam says:

    Nope. . not taking any anymore. .I am just worried about if it could cause any other complications . . My scabs are gone too

  394. Amber says:

    I had my surgery early this morning & am in pain (of course), but what’s really bothering me is that everytime I go to drink it feels like it goes right up my nose. Has anyone else expierenced this? I also have terrible heartburn

  395. Tracy says:

    @ Sam:

    If you’re off your meds and are relatively healed, alcohol is probably fine but may cause some burning. I’m not a doctor though, so I don’t want to say for sure …. my best guess, though, is that it’d be fine if it doesn’t burn you to much going down!

    @ Amber:

    Yeah, I’ve read that’s a common problem and should go away eventually. For the heartburn, maybe try some over the counter med for acid reduction.

  396. Jeanne says:

    HELP!!!! I’m scheduled for my tonsillectomy on Wednesday because of my recurrent strep/tonsillitis. I just finished a three week course of antibiotics a couple weeks ago for strep, and now it’s back again. My tonsil hurts when I swallow, and I looked in the mirror and I have a few white strep patches, and one right on my tonsil (the one that’s CONSTANTLY swollen). Do you guys know if they will still do surgery if I have strep throat? I go in for my pre-op physical on Monday, but as much as I’m dreading this surgery I really don’t want to put it off because of this. After all, the reason I’m getting this done is because I have strep/tonsillitis that never seems to completely go away! I’m not running a fever or anything, just the typical sore throat and white patches. What do you guys think?

  397. stephanie says:

    Hi. Im 18 years old and am supposed to be getting my tonsils and adenoids removed in 3 days. I have not been feeling good for a few days now (very light headed and dizzy, a lot of pain behind my eyes, chills and then feeling very hot and sweaty) and my doctor said if i’m not better I will have to wait to get my surgery. Only bad thing is that I’m leaving for my freshman year of college in 22 days… Do you think it is okay to go into surgery having these symptoms (did anyone have these symptoms before surgery?) Also, do you think I will be fully recovered before leaving? Feedback would be appreciated!

  398. gemma says:

    Gemma here again age 43 yrs. I have emerged from what i like to call “the week of the long sharp knives” I had my surgery on tues 29th july. I arrived at hospital at 7.30am feeling very sheepish, but after years of infection i was determined to go through with it. I had all the information and would follow all the instructions. My husband will get me better i thought, my mother would do all my worrying for me and when i got frantic reading too many posts my brother would encourage me with mind blowing revelations such as ” try having your own experience one time instead of everybody else’s experiences over and over !”

    Needless to say I did get my own experience.

    I had a bit of a girlie cry waiting in the operating theatre, this was my second time round, my laser surgery back in 2006 had not removed all the tonsil tissue and the problem returned. It was funny cos i felt much better after a cry i highly recommend it ! I was put to sleep and woke up in a lttle pain but the morphin reduced this significantly. I remember shaking the surgeons hand and giving him a drug induced high five i was so relieved it was over. I followed every last instruction on this site, ice packs on the neck straight away { i was in hospital for one night) meds on time, stacks of water etc. felt yuck but comfortable. The second day went home, same routine at home but I did need lots of help as I was now dealing with feelings of nausea and pain.I ate a little, toast and honey, soup, ice cream,protein shakes.

    Try to wake up every hour to drink through the night especially on the third and fourth day. Pain in throat became quite intense at this time, especially at night. It seems to me that when you wake up from surgery thats probably the best your gonna feel for a week. The throat does feel as though it is getting progressively worse and then suddenly changes directions moving towards a more comfortable feeling of healing, the calm after the storm if you like, it tested my pain thresholds and i had to really stay focused on getting past the unexpected sharp pains in my throat. Drugs help alot! steroids, panadeine forte and anti biotics.

    Today is a low level pain day recovering from the night before, last night awake every hour forcing water and ice down.

    I hope tonight puts me a little more in the clear and closer to the hot meals I crave! All the best every one.

  399. Tracy says:

    @ Jeanne:

    It depends on your surgeon / ENT, I suppose, but people with chronic tonsillitis caused by bacteria are pretty much always infected … so there are many of us whose tonsils were infected before and during the surgery! I had bacterial tonsillitis for 30 days straight and the antibiotics weren’t doing anything. The ENT never brought up anything about postponing the surgery due to chronic infection because again, if the infection is chronic then you have it (even if only low-grade) all the time.

    @ stephanie:

    First of all, you really don’t want to go into this surgery and recovery if you are coming down with something new. Since your doctor said that your surgery would need to be postponed, then there’s no way of getting around that – he/she is not going to perform the surgery if he/she thinks it isn’t safe to do so. If your surgery is in 3 days and you leave in 22, then that gives you 19 days to recover? Everyone is different, but most people seem to be feeling better by then. As to whether your doctor will advise you against flying at that point, I don’t know, he/she might, but I really don’t know when it’s safe to fly after a tonsillectomy.

    @ Gemma:

    Hang in there! I’m glad you had your own experience — I did too and am grateful! It’s interesting that you felt your best immediately after the surgery – I felt the *happiest* then, but probably not the best. I did have a great surgeon though, and what I would consider an exceptionally good recovery with no excruciating pain until days 9-11 … then as if by magic, woke to a day 12 with no need to take any pain meds. I think you’ll come to a day like that soon, too, and it’ll be a weird feeling to rise one morning with a noticeable LACK of pain — a pain that had been there the night before! It’s very sudden like that. Like night and day! I hope you wake up to that day very soon. :)

  400. Hi,

    I’m on day 10 and I feel almost perfect. I went out over the weekend and no one even noticed anything was wrong.

    Since I am sleeping much longer now I do feel an intense sore throat when I wake up but after 5 glasses of water I feel fine again.

    Some small pain when swallowing and I have to pop my ears out constantly (by squeezing my nose shut and breathing hard into my shut nose) because of the pain in my ears.

    I’m eating normal food for themost part but I’m staying away from bread or anything too rough.

    I don’t think I have scabs really, just a soft white membrane over the wounds, it looks as though they are starting to disolve.

    I have my post op appointment on tuesday and I can’t wait to get my stitches out. They tickle my throat since they’re sort of long.

    Don’t be scared! Just follow the directions, lots of water and stay on top of your pain medication!

    Good luck!

  401. nicole says:

    I am 33 years old am on day 11. I woke up with sharp left ear pain at 5am this morning. I am suspicious that I have an infection in my left side becuase I have experienced worstening pain on the left side (throat, head, ears, etc) for the past few days, and will call the Dr. later this morning. 1000mg of percocet has made things tolerable in the short-term.

    All physical discomfort aside (I have nothing to add to what is covered in this site’s content), the most difficult part of this has been the psychological issues. I was prepared for a week in bed, in a lot of pain/discomfort, being unable to speak, etc. However, as days 7-10 have come and gone I am not improving as I expected (left side is getting worse) and I am feeling very isolated and frustrated and almost defeated. I also have a couple of upcoming law school deadlines for which I need to be preparing (had scheduled that I would begin on day 10, which I had to cancel) so I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety regarding my preparation for these nearing due dates.

    Three things that keep me psychologically stable in my normal non-surgical life are regular 6-8 hours of sleep, healthy food and running or spin class 3-4 times a week. After the surgery I can’t sleep, I can’t eat and I can’t exercise, therefore my ability to manage my frustration over my pain and slow recovery is reduced resulting in lots of pity parties, sometimes resulting in tears.

    The only healthy real, non-processed food I’ve been able to eat is apple sauce and fruit smoothies that my husband blends for me (with non-acidic fruits only).

    I know I’ll be glad I had this done once I’m further along, but I’m having a very slow and frustrating recovery.

  402. Tracy says:

    @ Nicole:

    What about mashed potatoes? I’m sorry you’re having a tough time psychologically – I totally understand that feeling but want to reassure you that you are coming really close to that point where you’ll feel MUCH better. I suspect the increased pain you’re feeling is from the scabs beginning to come off on that side.

    @ Jason:

    The white membranes are the scabs. They just kind of thin out and slough away over time.

    Hang in there, everyone!

  403. Floridagirl2008 says:

    2: ALL

    Im on day 12 post op. im so happy because im basicly eating almost anything i crave EXCEPT FOR CHIPS JUST YET BUT ILL BE FINE … im so glad its pretty well over because i never thought id be eating like i am so earily … last night me and my family went out for dinner to a mexican resturant … YUMMY !!! the only bad thing was … i wasnt able to eat chips and salsa … but its ok at least im feeling much better .. anywhoo i had 3 soft tacos for dinner that night .. gosh i was craving some tacos so bad … not trying to make anyone feel bad =( … or rub it in for that matter …. i pray for each of you each day because i know what it felt like … actually for those who are fixing to have thear tonsils taken out my advise is to definatly ask for antibiotic seroids because they work so much better and FASTER than regular antibiotics but im not saying youll heal much quicker but it will definatly help 4 sure … for lunch today i had a plain hot dog with ketchup … another soft food thats tollerable for those who are kinda starting out thats pretty good is spaghettii o’s .. the best advise is to start back to a normal eating diet as soon as possible because it will definatly help your scabs from getting so thick and thats what you definatly DO NOT WANT because the thicker they are the longer it takes for them to come off and it will be more painfull .. im able to eat sandwitches and things like that .. bread isnt actually to bad because for me its soft but like i said it will help the scabs come off more quicker the better your diet is the easiest it will be for you just take it easy and DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF … if you feel that your not ready then dont … Trust Me YOUR BODY WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN ITS OK TO EAT AGAIN .. I KNOW MYNE DID =) after seeing my family eat like they did in front of me my body told me ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and i started eating normally ever since … just wait as far as CHIPS goes untill the dr says ITS OK … i was eating scrambeld egg the 3rd day after surgery .. for dinner tonight PORK CHOPS … PASTA RONI AND A VEGGIE … if anyone has any ???’s for me feel free to ask … I HOPE ALL OF YOU GET BETTER SOON TO A SPEEEDY SPEEEDY RECOVERY

  404. Jeanne says:

    Thanks Tracy! You’re right. I’m sure they’ll still do the surgery. The last time I went to the ENT (when he recommended the surgery), he prescribed antibiotics just to make me more comfortable (physically). He said nothing about not being able to do the surgery if it doesn’t clear up. I will be so incredibly happy to get this over with, but I’m so petrified at the same time! I think my husband is dreading it more than I am, haha!! Tomorrow after my pre-op physical, I’m going out to buy all of my “supplies”. I want to be fully stocked with everything I will need before the big day.

    For all of you recovering, I’m thinking about you! I obviously haven’t gone through it yet so I have no “words of wisdom”, but I am so grateful to you guys for sharing you’re experiences so honestly. It really does help those of us that are about to get it done. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of tips, dos and dont’s, etc.

  405. scared! says:

    I had my surgery Friday (August 1st) morning. I was soooo nervous waiting for my surgery, as they had me arrive at the hosptial at 6:30AM and didn’t take me into surgery until a little after 9am. I got to the hospital, registered, then they sent me to the surgery waiting area. After waiting about 30 minutes they called me back to put on my hospital gown and put in my IV. They gave me some fluids and had me pee in a cup. Some nurses came into to talk to me ask questions and write in my chart. My doctor who performed the surgery also came in to talk to me before surgery, followed by the anesthesiologist. The OR nurse came and got me, wheeled me in my bed down to the operating room. She had me get out of bed and onto the operating table. They strapped my arms down, gave me oxygen, and then put the medicine in my IV to put me to sleep. The last things I remember were the anesthesiologist saying I might feel the medicine go in my IV but it would be less than 30 seconds before I was out, and then the OR nurse told me they would take good care of me…I replied “please do”…and then it was lights out.

  406. amy says:

    Hey. I just wanted to say that I had a pretty rough time, but never lost hope. I just followed all the rules I’d read about and experimented a little on my own (since some of “the rules” contradict one another). For instance, I drank more water than I’d ever drank in my life. On the days that I was really, really consistent (8-12 oz. per waking hour), I did pretty darn well. My worst time was between 2 am and about 8 am. This is apparently because of the swelling from not drinking and from lying down. Some nurses told me that a little late. But whether you’re committed enough to stay hydrated throughout the night, definetly set alarms to take your meds. Don’t get “behind” the pain. I found it VERY helpful to write down each of my medicine doses, too. Then you’re never afraid that you’re taking too much, and you never miss a does, and you know how to cut back when the time comes. I agree with the No Gatorade, Just Water and Ramen guy. That really worked for me. Oh. One more tip. I am a little under-weight, so we were always looking for things with calories that I could swallow. Ramen’s pretty good for that. So was Ensure. Plain old chocolate milk. And of all things…those greasy little biscuits at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I ate three a day from early on until I went to solid foods around week two. For some silly reason, they melt in your mouth and then just slip right now. Heaven, to an invalid on a “clear-liquids diet.” It’s unbelievable what you cannot eat. But everyone should stay optimistic! It does get better. My very best advice is to call and bother your doctor’s office if you’re overwhelmed. Mine had a 24 hour line and they were very helpful when I called twice to dicuss pain issues. However, I’m currently wondering why my DISSOLVING STITCHES WON’T DISOLVE! Does anyone know anything about that? I’m going to take my own advice and call my surgeon’s office tomorrow, but when he saw me last week, he acted weird and said, “You don’t want me to take those out…” So. Three weeks, and five days in, I’m still taking tylenol, talking with a weak voice, and concerned by what looks like old-school metal stiches in the back of my throat (dare I say they put the wrong ones in?) I’m a little freaked, if anyone has any thoughts on that one–please let me know. And good luck to everyone else.

  407. gemma says:

    A little more encouragement for anyone waiting to get this op. I just passed day 7 and am recovering real fast now. I am secretly quite pleased and proud that I made it through some very grueling moments without too much fuss, didn’t know I had it in me !

    I must say it is so… worth it. The knowing that there is not one shred of tonsil tissue left in my throat waiting to flare up and cause me endless grief is liberating to say the least. To look in my mouth and find clear fresh pink tissue all behaving itself, and seeing a big gap where those nasty bastards used to dwell brings a broad smile to my face.

    Finally I conquered the evil tonsil attack, you will too and then you will be ready to charge into life again with gusto.

    So take the greatest care of yourself and put your recovery before everything else, totally concentrate on your own individual needs during this healing time.

    All the best

  408. Nicole Manigo says:

    I had my tonsils taken out on July 24th. My Doctor performed a new procedure called the coblation to remove the tonils. About six days into recovery I begin to cough up blood and my Mother had to call 911. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was severly dehydrated. I was drinking (apparantly not enough) and eating mash potatoes the day after the surgery (not good). Here is what I recommend:
    1)Drink lots of ice cold water…You should literally be using the restroom every hour. If you’re not, you are not drinking enough liquids.
    *Try ice cold water and ensure they worked well for me. Gatorade made me vomit.
    2)Apply ice packs all round your neck including the surgical site.
    *reduces swelling and pain.
    3)If you get really hungry, eat jell-o only or sip on room temperature chicken broth.
    **Do not try to start off eating even soft foods right away.
    Hanging in the back of the throat-There will feel like something is hanging in the back of your throat which is irratating. This is the skin that is suppose to peel off. That must be kept moist..I repeat that skin must be kept moist. If you do not keep that moist, it will rip off and cause you to cough up blood like I did. The only way to keep this from happening in drink alot of water. The water helps it to fall off easily instead of ripping and causing blood to spew.
    Burning Sensation-There will be a stinging or burining sensation when you drink acidic drinks. I recommend ensure because it coats your stomach and those areas that are stinging/burning. Follow up the ensure with a bottle of ice cold water. Put some in the freezer and always keep a ice cold water in your hand.
    Also, stay way from red color foods such as red jell-o, red gatorade. Purchase a humidifier, it will help you breathe better and easier. I hope this information is helpful. Whataver you do, keep drinking try not to sleep but two or three hours at a time which is hard but you need to do this so you can keep that skin hydrated.

  409. Tracy says:

    Different things work for different people …. for example, Gatorade was a godsend for me during my recovery. So did soft foods starting on the day after surgery – remember, your body needs nutrients in order to heal, you need them in order to feel better, and eating something is good for keeping those scabs from getting too thick (you do NOT want those things getting too thick). My ENT insists on his patients returning to a semi-normal diet as soon as possible for those reasons, and I think my doing so is part of the reason I had such an easy recovery.

    Hope everyone is healing well!

  410. stephanie says:

    Hi. I was just wondering for anyone who had their tonsils out when they were around 18 or 19 how long it took to be back to normal? like how long was it till you were able to go out of the house?

  411. Martha says:

    Hey y’all, I am scheduled to have a tonsillectomy on August 15, and I am a nervous wreck! I have had several surgeries, my hysterectomy being the worse thus far! But I have read so many things on tonsillectomies that it scares me just a bit! I am 36 years old and do fairly well with pain..Is losing weight always an issue? I am a little person and not sure about losing to much weight..And of course they say the older you are the worse it is! Not sure how the doctor will perform the surgery, I go see him on the 12th. I can’t eat ice cream or really any milk based product do to be lactose intolerant. So any suggestions will be very much appreciated. I do’t work outside the home, except subbing at my sons school, so my job will not be a problem. thanks again for reading my post. God Bless each of y’all!

  412. Frank Castle says:

    Hi all, I’m on day 6 of my recovery. I just gotta say, I can’t wait until its over! The only time I’ve had really bad pain these past two nights has been really late/early, like at 6am, but Tylenol fixes it until wake up again.

    During the day, two Tylenols allow me to not feel much of anything. I drink ice water constantly, once one glass is done I fill up another one. I eat jell-o, popsicles, and soups like noodle soup or potato soup. Has scrambled eggs a few times for the substance. I urinate constantly.

    I have one concern: my scabs. When I look at them, there are always red splotches on them, whats that all about? A few nights ago, one oozed a little blood, but it was no big deal, but when I look at them now they got these dark red areas on them. Whats that all about? I called a nurse, and she said that was pretty normal, but I dunno. I’m not bleeding or anything.

    Also, is it ok to talk? I’m trying to talk more, but I’m not sure if that would have a negative impact or not.

  413. Ashley says:

    Hey guys its me again, thought I would stop by to help encourage the discouraged! I am 24 and got my tonsils ripped out on July 17th. I am now on post op day 18 and am feeling oh so much better. Yes I went through the whole bleeding frenzy (from eating mashed potatoes and not hydrating enough on day 5) and I went through the whole vomiting phase (from the Lortab on day 7). I thought I would give some food ideas to those going through the thicke of it right now.

    1. Jello with whipped cream was so good!
    2. Cream of wheat went down extremely easy!
    3. Easy mac went down easy around day 10.
    4. Ramen noodles overcooked to help make the noodles softer.
    5. Frostys from Wendy’s went down really easy.
    6. Ice cream around day 11 helped numb my throat, before that no way, popsicles all the way!
    7. Ensure and Slimfast (how I started my mornings before working my way to more solid type food).

    I know its not much but I hope it can help! I know its not easy but I finally feel about 90% normal. So there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    OH and I also have been using a cool mist humidifier that I got from target for about $30.00. It works great in fact I’m still using it. It helps keep your throat moist while sleeping. Although I’m on day 18 I still have some throat pain when I wake up but that’s nothing a little water can’t fix. I only wake up about two times in the night versus 7 to drink water.

    Oh and about talking, I used a dry erase board to talk up to day 10. I worked my way up to talking and didn’t force it. Seemed to work fine for me. I know others recommend talking asap. What I did worked for me.

    Okay guys good luck and heal up fast! Wishing you all the very best! God Bless!


  414. Tracy says:

    @ Frank:

    The little red splotches are absolutely normal. I had the same – they’d show up one day and be gone the next or appear in another spot. I also had some of the oozing blood when I bent over once, but it stopped as quickly as it started. It’s disconcerting at first, for sure, but take heart in the knowledge that it is completely normal. :)

    As for talking – it’s good to talk. No reason to over do it, but talking is 100% fine to do.

  415. Frank Castle says:

    Thanks Tracy, that was very reassuring.

    So a few moments ago I looked and the left scab is covered in blood. I’ve only been drinking water the past few hours, so nothing has gone down there to irritate the area. I’m not “bleeding”, but the area is covered with blood, if that makes any sense. Does that mean the scab is coming off?

  416. Melissa says:

    I am 5 days post op. I woke up this morning very sick to my stomach and have vomited twice. A little blood came each time. My Dr is giving me more anti nausea medicine, but what good will that do it I can’t even get that pill to stay down.

    Did anyone else go through this?

  417. Tracy says:

    @ Frank:

    That’s not exactly the scab coming off … the scab normally just sort of dissolves over time. If you are having bleeding multiple times, you may not be drinking enough or you might be over-exerting yourself. Are you being sure to take it easy and stay hydrated? If so, you really shouldn’t be having many bleeding issues …

    @ Melissa:

    I’ve read other posts where people have had that problem. Are you vomiting bright red blood? Did you mention this to your doctor? You’ll be fine, but I know that the instruction sheet from my ENT said to call and report any vomiting of blood. I hope the anti-nausea pills help. They’re easy to swallow and should stay down but if they don’t, do what Karl suggested and ask your doctor for some suppositories instead.

    Best of luck, everyone!

  418. Lindsey says:

    Hi all! Its sad to read that so many people are having such a hard time :( I’m on day 15 now and my scabs are pretty much all gone and I can eat whatever I want, just have to chew really well because sometimes when food hits just right it hurts like f***! (I’m 19 by the way, I think someone had asked if someone around my age had gone through it)

    I guess all I can tell everyone is that it just takes TIME, and more TIME, its not neccessarily the pain thats bad, its just that its pain over like 3 weeks, which wears you down emotionally as well. (sounds stupid but I swear thats how it feels) You just get sick of not feeling normal. Oh, and to those of you who are excited that they have had really good experiences and are on like day 6 or 7, don’t be fooled!! (I was) It usually does get worse, mine got a lot worse days 9-12. I’d say you are safe from the worst once the pain in your ears goes away. It felt/feels like I have an ear infection in both ears since day 10 or 11 or so. Not trying to be discouraging, just be prepared, but hey, maybe some of you guys did lose their scabs that early and are all done! Hope so! Good luck to everyone! Just read all the suggestions and listen to your doc!

    OH and the breath thing, true for like 3 days, my doc warned me to tell my boyfriend to be prepared for t-rex breath, haha, it doesn’t last too long though.

    Well I’ off to eat! YAY, just taking it slow still. I’m near the end! FINALLY

  419. Callie says:

    Hey I’m 18 and had my tonsils taken out yesterday around one in the afternoon. I was having trouble sleeping last night because my passage way was a bit blocked. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw it was my uvula that was big and white. Anyone know why or when the whiteness and/or swelling of my uvula will go away?

  420. Frank Castle says:


    No, I don’t exert myself at all. I just sit on my butt all day in front of the computer. The most physical thing I do is walk short distances, like to the bathroom and back. I drink a lot of water. One glass after another, constantly.

    Looks like a huge blood clot where my scab used to be. I guess the scab will reform and the process will start over for that side? I have no idea what could have caused it, as far as I know I’ve been doing everything right and being extremely cautious.

  421. Donna says:

    Well, this is day 5 for me after having my tonsils removed. I found this website, and wanted to share my story.
    I was supposed to have my tonsils removed, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. Luckily, when I awoke from anethesia, I found that I could breath through my nose and that the doctor had changed his mind about doing the septoplasty. Unluckily, I awoke from anethesia with no pain medication. When I was finally awake enough to sit up, the kind nurses made me swallow liquid Loritab and told me that it would take 30 mins to take effect. Lovely. I was too out of it to ask why in the h*** they didn’t just give me a morphine shot. Nevertheless, when I visited my doctor for my post-op appointment yesterday, my doctor sent me straight to the head of hospital adminstration to make a complaint. When I returned home in the afternoon yesterday, I received a gigantic bouquet of flowers from the hospital with apologies. I would have laughed my butt off if it didn’t hurt so much!!
    As for my experiance with tonsillectomy, I’ve learned a few things.
    1. Buy a whiteboard. I know I’m supposed to talk, but sometimes it is just too much of a struggle! The little whiteboard was a quick and easy solution to the communication problem.
    2. Time your meals for 30 mins after you take your medication. I made the mistake of eating my smoothies before I took my medication. Instant earaches! Actually, I have to say that the ear pain is more painful then the throat pain.
    3. Get the most out of your meals. I would order smoothies from the local smoothie shop, and ask for soy instead of whey, and ask them to add vitamin and immunity boosters.
    4. I’m terrible about drinking water. My husband purchased the Sobe Life Water for me, and added lots of ice. It’s only 100 calories per bottle, and with the ice cubes watering it down, it went twice as far. I liked it much more than Gatorade, since it wasn’t as sticky sweet.
    5. Be patient. I woke up this morning determined to go to work. I got only as far as eating breakfast, and then hid under the covers of my bed to escape the ear ache it caused! I will try to go to work tomorrow, but I made sure that my boss understood that I would probably not be able to make it through the entire day. Make it clear to yourself, and those around you that it will take time.
    6. Chicken soup for the soul. Well, my husband loves to cook (it’s his hobby), so I’ve been lucky enough to dine on healthy homemade soups (garlic, squash, and pot au feu from his native France). Eating these soups have provided me vitamins and energy, and made me feel more human.
    7. Finally, doing the little things during the day, like brushing teeth, taking a shower, and putting on some makeup went a long way to making me feel like I was on the road to recovery.
    After day 5, I still get tired easily, it still hurts to talk, and it still hurts to eat. I’m alternating between liquid Tylenol and liquid Loritab dependent on how I feel during the day. Not looking forward to the scabs coming off or the horrific breath (I hope my husband understands!!), but it will be worth it when everything is better.
    As for the turbinate reduction, it was very easy. The first 2.5 days, my nose would bleed when I would bend over, but besides that, it was painfree. I’m just so glad that I didn’t have the septoplasty!!
    Best of luck to everyone!

  422. Tracy says:

    @ Callie:

    The swelling is normal … and will go away. Mine was back to normal on day 2 or 3. As for the white, do you mean that your uvula is white like where your tonsils used to be (scabs)?? If so, your surgeon must have nicked it a bit, but it should heal along with your tonsil beds.

    @ Frank:

    Hm … just take it really easy. When you go into the bathroom, make sure you are keeping your head above your heart … you don’t want to be bending over OR “straining” to use the bathroom. I know that’s graphic, but it’s something that not everyone thinks of!

  423. Suzie says:

    Hello All,
    I go in in less than 12 hours to get tonsils out, deviated septum fixed, turbinates reduced and something else I can’t remember. Very nervous (well ok terrified). This site has been very helpful for me. I am 41 and have sleep apnea. Hope this helps. Did any of these procedures cures or help sleep apnea for anyone out there?


  424. Erica says:

    I have an appointment with the ENT doctor on Monday. I want to have a Tonsillectomy, but I have a feeling I may be turned down. When I was 19 had Mono. I didn’t have the tiredness symptoms, but both of my tonsils swelled up and my throat was sore for about 2 weeks. I am now 30 and my tonsils swell up almost every year. Until this year, I have put up with it because it usually only lasts 5-7 days. Also the first time I got tonsillitis after I had Mono, the doctor I saw said they don’t do tonsillectomies in adults. Just rinse with salt water and take some aspirin. My left tonsil usually swells up first against my uvula and then my right one will swell up so there is only about 1/4 inch gap between them. They stay like this for a few days and then the swelling starts to go down. This year, they repeated this process about 4 times over the course of 6 weeks. I lost about 13 lbs which is about 10% of my body weight due to lack of food and sleep. I think my boss considered firing me because of how much work I missed. I finally went to a doc and she gave me some antibiotics and steroids. She also recommended I see someone about having them removed. I was so excited! She wanted to see me for a follow up just to make sure my tonsils didn’t develop an abscess. When I came back to see her she said it looked so much better, but that my tonsils were much smaller now that the swelling had gone down. She didn’t sound as sure about me being a good candidate for the surgery.

    Has anyone had to fight for their surgery? I really need to know what to tell the doc on Monday because I don’t want to go through this again and again.

  425. Donna says:

    I hope your surgery went well today. Actually, my ex husband had a tonsillectomy, turbinate reduction, and septoplasty to correct sleep apnea. Talking to him, he said that the pain he suffered to go through these procedures was worth the results. He no longer snores (used to snore like a foghorn), and he sleeps much better at night. I hope that gives you some hope on your road to recovery!

  426. Tracy says:

    @ Erica:

    I don’t think you’ll have to fight for the surgery. Just tell the ENT about the problems you’ve had with them, how they interfere with your daily life, and how the issues are recurrent.

    Also, be sure you go to a GOOD doctor/ENT for it … this is a surgery you want a good, experienced surgeon to do! — preferably one who does these surgeries often.

    I had bacterial tonsillitis for 30 days straight and 4 rounds of antibiotics (all of this in June/July) so my doctor gave up on me and sent me to an ENT who took a two second look at my tonsils and immediately said they were chronically infected and would remain that way unless they were removed. I was afraid I was going to have to fight to have them removed as well, but I didn’t, at all.

    Most ENTs recognize it when someone needs their tonsils out. Apparently, chronically infected tonsils (it sounds like yours might be) have a “look” that ENTs recognize immediately.

    Best of luck to you at your appointment!! Like I said, find a REPUTABLE ent to go to.

  427. Meeta says:

    Hi there

    I went to the doctor yesterday and he is going to make an appointment with and ENT and schedule for my tonsils to be removed.How much time do you think I need off from work????

  428. Erica says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I hope you are right that my tonsils have the “look”. :)

    The ENT I am seeing sounds really good and I had to wait almost a month and a half to get into see him for a consult. If they are willing to do the surgery, I found a resource with really great questions to ask the doctor to make sure he is the right doctor for the job and the surgery is the right one for me.

    Thanks again!

  429. Frank Castle says:

    Alright, so its day 9 on my misadventure and my scabs are coming off bit by bit. I can even see the pink flesh underneath.

    Now I just hope they don’t take too long to come off. Does it usually start really small, then come off in a big chunk or what?

  430. Jeanne says:

    Hi all! Well, I got my tonsils out yesterday. Yep, my throat hurts but not as bad as I thought it would. I’m sure it’s safe to say that I’m in the “honeymoon” phase, and things will get worse in the next couple days. I’m drinking ice water like crazy, and the icepack on the neck really helps too. The one thing that is driving me nuts is I can feel a skin flap (scabs?) in the back of my throat. My ears are starting to hurt as well (so far only when I swallow).

    I’m on liquid Loritab (that stuff is nasty), and pink amoxicillin.

    I’m able to eat mac and cheese, soups, etc. I’m still starving though! I want to feast on some REAL food!!! I’m already sick of all this soft stuff.

  431. Suzie says:

    Thank you so much for responding. Surgery was ok yesterday. Waiting was the hard part. I came home today. I am sure that I am in the honeymoon phase of pain, but I am glad to hear that I have a chance of getting some sleep. I am also hoping to lose some weight in this deal.

    I got my surgery yesterday too. I am cruching up norcal tablets and eating them on a spoon of water. Talk about nasty. I haven’t eaten yet, but I am ok with that as I am overweight. (HOPING TO GET SOME MILEAGE OUT OF THIS)

  432. Just fyi,
    Talk to your dr. if you have questions about meds. An earlier post (karlkatz himself) equated oxycodone to tylenol 3 (absolutely false) & said it was non habit-foming. Any narcotic can be habit forming if it is abused. I probably wouldn’t be offering people medical advice & explanations of drugs, as you can easily mislead others unintentionally.

  433. Aud – you’re very right. I’m sorry to do that, but that’s why that line of text includes the words “Go talk to the doctor.” I’m not a doctor and get confused about this stuff easily.

    To set the record straight — Tylenol 3 is Co-Codamol, which is a combination of codeine and tylenol. Oxycodone is a codeine derivative that is also sometimes combined with tylenol. The cough syrup they prescribed me sometimes said Tylenol 3 on the label and sometimes said “oxycodone / paracetamol in cough syrup solution” … so at this point I’m not sure if the pharmacy was screwed up or if my doctor was screwed up. I’ve got the pharmacy labels right here (I have to save the receipts and stuff for tax purposes since I use a flex-spending account), but it’s been well over a year since my surgery and I’m not really going to follow it up now.

    Any painkiller can be habit forming (including ibuprofen or paracetamol), but the amounts they prescribe in the US typically do not cause a habit forming situation unless you have a history of opiate addiction. Again, TALK. TO. YOUR. DOCTOR. (I’m not your doctor, and neither is Aud up there. Go talk to them. Share your worries, and your concerns, and listen to what they have to say.)

  434. Tracy says:

    @ Frank:

    The scabs slowly dissolve or slough off. Mine started dissolving on about day 9 or so and today, three weeks from my surgery, I still have the tiniest bit on each side. It’s so interesting how those big caverns where our tonsils were actually fill in with smooth skin!

    @ Aud:

    Yikes! I totally agree – oxycodone definitely has the potential for abuse and most of these meds are habit-forming enough that it is also important to taper off of them slowly if you’ve been taking them for very long so as to avoid any unpleasant effects as the drugs leave your system (which has grown used to having them).

    @ Suzie:

    Just be sure you aren’t AVOIDING eating simply in the hopes of losing weight — your body needs food and nutrients to help you recover from the trauma it has been through. I read a few articles online stating that most people who lose weight during recovery quickly regain it once they’re well again — particularly because after being somewhat restricted to a non-sharp/crunchy/rich diet, people recover and immediately want to go out and eat all of the things they miss – hence the quick weight gain! Also, I was surprised to learn that I actually GAINED 6 pounds during recovery. It made my mom feel proud of how well she had taken care of me. :D

    @ Everyone:

    If you just had surgery and are in the “honeymoon phase” just stay as positive as you can and keep your head up. The pain hit me days 9-11, but still wasn’t excruciating at all. Just remember that if you do experience increased pain to CONTINUE doing all you have been as far as hydration, medication, and eating. Also remember that this week or two of recovery is such a short period of time compared to the lifetime of better health you’ve just entered into. :)

  435. Giorgio says:

    Hello, I had my tonsillectomy the afternoon of Friday, August 1st. As you can see, it is now early Friday morning, so soon I will be one full week post op and starting day 8.

    I am a 21 year old male, and although I have experienced some pretty substantial pain and difficulty eating, I have not found this whole process to be the nightmare that everyone expects. I was prescribed percocet/acetomeniphen tabs. I was instructed to take two pills every four hours as needed. The pills provide good pain relief for the first two hours after taking them, but then they start to wear off. I am listing a day-by-day, but below that I am seeking some advice as well:

    Days 1 and 2 were not that bad. I was eating mashed potatoes and ground beef within hours of the procedure. I drank PLENTY of water, and drifted in and out of sleep while watching lots of TV. The back of my throat was entirely white right from the beginning, I presume from the cauterization.

    Day 3 consisted of a lot more pain, but still quite tolerable, and I continued with the mashed potatoes and ground beef.

    Day 4 was a lot worse. Eating was much more difficult. My pain meds were doing their job though, and as long as I kept up I was more or less ok. The swelling in my uvula finally went away, which was a positive thing.

    Day 5 was awful. It was easily the worst day. I couldn’t really eat. I woke up from a nap with a throat full of blood (I kinda shifted from upright to lying down while sleeping, might be what did it). I sat with my body upright and it quickly clotted. No more bleeding that day, and all I consumed was a milkshake.

    Day 6 was a huge improvement in terms of pain. I even began to throttle back on my pain meds. However, shortly after another nap, the same side started bleeding, so I sat upright and it clotted, no problem. Ice water had become unpleasant. The cold was really hurting my gums and teeth. Room temp water is much better now.

    Today – Day 7 – Pain was minimal today, I went 12 hours without any pains meds and I was fine. I am still on soft foods only. Swallowing continues to be rather difficult, regardless of pain medication. I am starting to see a little bit of pink flesh appearing in the white surfaces.

    Looking for some advice:

    As I said, this has been pretty manageable. The one aspect, however, that I have found to be excruciatingly painful is the act of waking up these last couple of days (days 6 and 7).

    When I wake up, even from short, hour-long nap, I feel like I have needles in my ears and tonsil voids. Pretty much the only thing that makes this go away is a full dose of pain meds, which I cannot always take. For example, at 4:30am last night, I took a full dose of pain meds and went to bed very hydrated. I woke up 90 minutes later at 6:00am in agony. There was nothing that I could do, water was awful to drink, but I had as much as I could and just went back to bed.

    I just woke up from another nap with the same problem, and that is what is prompting me to write this.

    What should I do?


  436. gemma says:

    Poor Giorgio I so remember what that was like :-(,


    All the best

  437. Frank Castle says:

    Thats normal. The worst pain I ever felt was at night, especially after sleeping or resting for like 90 minutes or so.

    Today I was able to not take my pain meds at all and I didn’t feel any pain all day really. It will probably still hurt when I go to bed but even thats been getting better.

    I feel like the whole pain thing is overblown. I think most people experience more pain because I read about people eating pizza and burgers and stuff on the 2nd day. Its like, what are you doing? No wonder you’re in so much agony. If you just follow the directions, the worst thing about the whole experience is the week of just sitting around, eating mush, wishing it would end sooner so you could go back to life.

  438. Donna says:

    I wouldn’t say that the pain thing is overblown. I felt like I was really doing well the first few days, but I still chose to err on the side of caution and eat soft foods.
    Today is day 9 for me, and I am still suffering from severe earaches and stinging in the areas of my throat where the scabs have started to come off (even mashed potatoes were a cruel form of torture to the newly exposed tissue in my throat).
    I tried to go to work on Wednesday, and made it through most of the day on plain extra strength liquid Tylenol and still drinking smoothies. My efforts to get back to normal working life rebounded on me with a vengeance that night and for the next two days. The pain forced me to stay home and move back to the stronger pain medication. I’m working from home today. I’ve done what I can to avoid the unavoidable pain.
    In the end, I’ve noticed a lot of different reactions to this surgery from reading this website (vomiting, throat pain, ear pain, or very little trouble at all). Everyone’s experience will be unique, and everyone’s pain threshhold is different. Please be careful in making the assumption that since your experience was not as bad as you feared, that others are having as easy of a time.

  439. Tracy says:

    @ Donna:

    Good reminder … and also, just because someone is eating semi-normal foods on day 2 or 3 doesn’t mean they aren’t following directions (many doctors RECOMMEND returning to a normal diet as soon as possible after the surgery because the foods help to keep the scabs from getting too thick) and doesn’t mean they are going to have adverse reactions. Pain is subjective. Experiences with pain are subjective. Healing is to some extent as well.

  440. Ashley says:

    I haven’t eaten anything in ten days besides pudding, baby food, and meal replacement drinks! I’m getting very cranky.. I actually was angry with my family today because they ordered chinese food! :(
    How much longer before I can eat a burger (or 10)?????? I’m on day 10

  441. scared! says:

    I had my tonsillectomy Friday, August 1st so I am beginning day 9 of my recovery. I would say that for me the first few days were the least amount of pain. From days 3 and on the pain really kicked in. The past few days have been especially miserable. I ended up having to go to the emergency room on day 5 due to vomiting. I woke up at about 3:45am with vomiting that would not subside. I was vomiting about every 10 minutes until at around 7am decided it was time to head to the emergency room. It was the most miserable experience. I knew beforehand that I get sick from pain medications (I was prescribed liquid lortab and a pill to help prevent nausea but the pill to prevent nausea did not end up working for me). When I got to the emergency room they gave me fluids and a different kind of nausea medicine through an IV. I felt SO much better within minutes of getting the medicine through my IV. They did x-rays as well (not really sure why)…they kept me in the ER for a little while to make sure that once the IV meds ran out that I would be able to keep down some liquid. They prescribed me the same nausea medicine they gave me in the ER (expect for in a dissolvable tablet form-Zofran). I did not have any more problems with vomiting after that. I quit taking my pain med (Lortab) and have only been taking extra strength Tylenol for pain since then.

    When did the pain finally go away and you felt like things were finally “back to normal”? I keep waiting for that day to come but realize I still probably have a little while as my scabs are still there :(

  442. Stephanie says:

    Hello, I’m hoping to seek some advice…but reading through the posts I am not sure how well you all may be able to help.

    I had my tonsils out August 4th and everything seems to be getting worse for me. I am a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. I had to reduce my insulin intake to 10% of what I normally get because I have such a hard time taking in food. I have drop to a few low blood sugars over the past few days and I am sitting there in HELL trying to drink or eat to bring it back up. It is truly awful. Ensure doesn’t help, juices are like drinking pure acid, and anything cold really really hurts. I tried heating up ice cream last night and drinking that and it seemed to work ok. On top of the low blood sugars, they will skyrocket to high afterward because of my lower insulin dosage. This is just so difficult to keep under control and I am ready to give up!

    Also, I do not see how any of you are eating/drinking all of that water and ice!! I would probably pass out from pain, haha. I just really hate this whole experience, and I dread my further recovery because as a type 1 diabetic, my healing time for anything is 3x longer than a normal person. I really would like some advice from anyone who is a diabetic and has gone through this. This is really the worst and most painful experience of my life!

    The last thing I wanted some insight on was a sparratic dry cough or itch in the back of the throat. I get this every once in a while and it brings me to tears trying to get rid of it through drinking or lightly coughing on my own. Drinking my children’s ibuprofen (which has been working WAY better than the painkillers I was prescribed!) ALWAYS brings it on. This is frusterating because I have been taking that every few hours for pain. I cannot drink cold fluids and water doesn’t seem to be helping so I do not think it is a hydration issue. I wake up about every hour in the night with this problem and I just CAN’T get rid of it!!! Does anyone know what I am experiencing?

    Please help me…

  443. amber2 says:

    Hi all,
    had my tonsils removed on monday the 4th. That day wasn’t to bad as I was pretty wasted from the anesthesia. Day 2 I slept all day. I am 38 and my mom came to stay with me. She made me shaved ice and made me drink ALL The Time. I have to say that this is the worst surgery that I have EVER HAD. I have had 2 c-sections and a knee and this pain just doesn’t compare! with other surgeries you take your pain pills and don’t move and the pain goes away. well, there is no way to keep from swallowing! Day 3 was the worst. I felt bad all day. very achy and hot. Ran a low grade fever all day. but they say it is to be expected, so i just continued my lortab and antibiotics and lots of water. That night temp got up to 103. call the doc the next day and he switched antibiotics. temp went down and I feel better. today is day 5 and i was able to eat a bit of cream of wheat. Yeah for me!
    some advise i have found useful and agree with on the site.
    1. DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. if you keep the scabs moist it doesn’t hurt as bad to swallow.
    2. ice packs to the front and back of the neck really help.
    3. sleep in a recliner. it helps to keep swelling down.
    4 a vaporizer helps keep the throat moist.
    5. trust your body! if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Don’t be afraid to call your doc. this is why they get paid the big bucks!
    i wish everybody the best of luck! i WOULD do this again if i had to, as the alternative (tonsil stones, +3 tonsils, infections) just wasn’t an option anymore.

  444. Donna says:

    You can eat solid foods whenever you want. Just avoid acidic foods like citrus, and overly salty or spicy foods. Nothing sharp…like tortilla chips. I would recommend that if you miss hamburgers, start there. I ate my first burger on Day 4 (minus the bun so that I could cut it into small pieces). My doctor recommended that I start on solid food as soon as I could. His patient instructions talked about soft but solid foods starting the 2nd day. It helps with the scabs. It may sound weird, but the feeling of something slightly solid scraping lightly against the back of your throat feels pretty good.
    Good luck!!

  445. ashley says:

    Thanks donna,, so I have one more concern. On the day after my surgery I had severe bleeding and ended up in the emergency room. the doctor told me that there was nothing he could do,,he said if it happens again and it doesn’t stop in 15 mins to come back to the hospitl. Well it happened again about 3 days ago and last night! Its so profuse,, And then I vomit from all the blood in my stomach~ what should I do?Should I go to ER? what do u think the problem could be?

  446. Brianna says:

    I am having my tonsils out on August 19th and I am so nervous about it! I am 20 years old and people keep telling me horror stories about getting them out as an adult! Is it really as bad as everyone is saying? Also, I don’t hate getting sick (throwing up)and just wondered if it will happen after the surgery!?

  447. Tracy says:

    @ Ashley:

    I’m with Donna on this … as I’ve said in several posts, you should start eating semi-normal foods as soon as you can (just nothing sharp) because swallowing actual food helps to keep the scabs from getting too thick. You also need nutrients from actual food to help give your body the strength and energy and vitamins it needs to heal.

    As for the bleeding, you need to call your doctor about it since it continues to happen. Are you taking it easy? Keeping hydrated? Sleeping with your head above your heart? Avoiding bending over? Avoiding straining of any sort as much as possible?

    My best advice would be to call your doctor ASAP if this happens again. If you can’t get the bleeding to stop with ice water + peroxide (not swallowing it) within 15 minutes, then you need to go to the ER.

    @ scared!:

    Everyone is different, but I would say that Day 12 or 13 was the turning point for me as far as not needing any narcotic pain meds. There were still a few days after that during which I experienced mild sore throats (mostly after sleeping through the night – which is normal) but every day after that it continued to improve.

  448. Suzie says:

    Day 4 after surgery here. Days are ok. NIghts are horrible. I wake at least every 2 hours in need of meds. I have to call dr. on Monday, but wanted to see if anyone out there was forced to take more than the dosage written due to severe pain. (especially the ears) When the med is crushed it takes effect very quickly, but the pain is so scary because it makes me not want to go to bed the next night. Any suggestions?

  449. Tracy says:

    @ Suzie:

    Are you setting your alarm to wake up during the night in order to take your pain meds on time?

  450. Jeanne says:

    Suzie- Definately set you’re alarm clock for you’re meds. I don’t know if you’re doing that right now or not, but you really need to do that. This is day four post op for me too, so i “feel you’re pain”.

    I got angry at my family on Friday night. They ordered pizza!!! It was only two days after my surgery, and I’m laying in bed and I can smell the delicious aroma and I walked out into the living room while my hubby and kids are scarfing down and I just said “you guys are so mean”. My husband said “you were supposed to be sleeping!”. UGH…what a jerk, haha. He is taking awesome care of me though.

    I do have a question for you guys. Does (or did) anyone else feel like they have phlem stuck in the back of their throat? I keep trying to swallow it down with water, but it just stays there. It’s very annoying.

  451. Donna says:

    Part of this feeling of “phlegm” could be the swelling in your throat caused by the surgery, and a reaction to the tube placed down your throat during surgery. In my case, I had this same problem, but it actually was phlegm. I’m allergic to the dust in my apartment, and being stuck there day after day was irritating my allergies. I found that lightly gargling with some lukewarm water (no salt!!!) helped rinse it out before bed and first thing in the morning. This also seemed to help me a little with slowly shedding the scabs. Great story about the pizza! My husband was careful to sneak off to the kitchen to eat his dinners and they were luckily nothing as aromatic as pizza!
    If you are afraid about nausea after surgery, talk to your anesthesiologist during your pre-op appointment about your fears. They can give you medication before the surgery to prevent nausea that is sometimes caused by the anesthesia. I’m on day 10 now, and starting to finally feel more human. Recovery is tough, but the results will be worth the 1-2 weeks of uncomfort. Good luck!!!

  452. Brianna says:

    Thank you very much for the suggestion! I’m pretty nervous about the surgery, only about a week to go! I just hope I’m feeling somewhat okay so I can make it to my class that starts on the 25th! Yeah I know, I’m cutting it close with recovery time but I couldn’t wait until Christmas break!

  453. scared! says:

    Thanks for answering my question about when you started to feel back to normal. I’m on day 10 of recovery now so I keep hoping any day will be the day that the pain goes away and doesn’t bother me. I’m feeling slight improvements each day.

  454. Suzie says:

    Jeanne and Tracy,
    Yes, I do set my alarm, but I am usually awake at that time anyway. Even during the day I am doing good to get 2 and 1/2 hours less pain before the next dose.

    Another concern is phlegm. This has not been an issur until the night of the 5th day after surgery. I am not eating any dairy just because of this issue. It is coming anyway. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is?


  455. Erica says:

    Yeah! I am getting my surgery. Tracy was right, he said they had a crater-y look and he told me it was up to me. He did try to scare me out of it, by saying on a pain scale of 1-10 it is a 20, but I told him I already knew that. I have read plenty of scary stories on this site to ward me off of doing it unnecessarily. My surgery is scheduled for August 27th and I am very excited (also very nervous). My boss is being excellent. She said I could use what ever I had left in sick leave for the days I knew I would be out and instead of using personal leave for the rest of the time she said I could “work from home”. My husband also works for her and she is letting him “work from home” for the first 3 days of my surgery. Then I will have him for the weekend and Labor Day, so that will be a huge help.

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for stuff to do before the surgery to get prepared. Either healthwise; or just things to have around besides soft foods and ice packs.

    I really appreciate everyone’s comments and help. It helps to know that I am not alone.

  456. Tracy says:

    @ Erica:

    That’s great that your boss is being so understanding …. but your doctor, ugh, that kind of annoys me because it is NOT set in stone that you are going to have that kind of pain. My doctor was the opposite, he said it would be uncomfortable but that reading internet horror stories was a bad idea because not everyone has that kind of experience. He was very encouraging and positive about it, and even though I went into it expecting to be in absolutely excruciating death-wish pain, I never had that at all.

    My experience was better than I could have hoped for, and on a pain scale of 1-10, the highest mine ever reached was a 6, and that was on day 9 or 10 when my scabs started to dissolve and the rawness of new tissue underneath caused a sharp pain that radiated to my ears. But even on that day or two, the pain was manageable and only at a 6 first thing in the morning before I had gotten to eat my cream of wheat.

    So while it’s good to be knowledgeable about the range of experiences people have had, try to stay positive and don’t forget that some of us had no horror stories to report! It’s hard sometimes because I know the horror stories stick in your mind and weigh more in your memory than the hopeful stories, but do try to keep those good experiences at the forefront as well.

    As for preparations … I found out I was having mine removed less than 24 hours before the surgery! What I did was just take care of the shopping. We stocked up on Gatorade flavors (Gatorade’s Rain “Berry” flavor I found was the mildest and best tasting along with Strawberry Kiwi), Gerber baby food (pear, applesauce, turkey, squash, turkey hot dogs, etc.), Cream of Wheat (feels great on your throat first thing in the morning but you might want to use water instead of milk), these awesome popsicle things called Pop-Ice, chicken broth, mini saltine crackers (to dunk in the chicken broth or eat by themselves – just be sure to chew them up well before swallowing them), potato buds in a box for making mashed potatoes, Heinz turkey gravy in a jar (for putting on the mashed potatoes some nights if you want a change), macaroni and cheese.

    Healthwise, the best thing I can recommend is to try not to let fear, worry, or stress get the best of you before your surgery. Those things can not only make you feel about 50 times worse and contribute nothing good to your preparation or recovery.

    Also, be sure you have some movies or tv shows on dvd or your computer with (a free website where you can watch a bunch of movies and tv episodes LEGALLY) to keep your mind off of things when you’re awake during the night and day. Smiling and laughing actually help you to feel better psychologically. :)

  457. katherine says:

    I got my tonsils taken out on the 7th, so I am on my fifth day post op.

    The pain medication that my dr prescribed was just tylox, which worked the first day. The second day I vomited everytime I took tylox and since then I have only been taking tylenol extra stregnth every 6 hours. This means that I’m not in excruciating pain for 2 hours of every six. this really sucks, should I ask my doctor to prescribe a different pain med that won’t cause this?

    Also, I hardly ever throw up. I don’t have a weak stomach at all so I don’t think that just any painkiller is going to do this. I feel like I’ve been getting a little better everyday, but reading this blog people are on pain meds for weeks?!?!?! I don’t know if I can last for another week and a half with this pain.

  458. amber2 says:

    @ Erica:
    First- Good Luck!
    Secondly- what I did to prepare was to make sure that I had lots of drinks on hand like gatorade and ensure. I also made sure that I got a 2 quart jug from wally-world so that I could keep ice water in it all the time. I bought a humidifier and 4 ice packs so that i could rotate them. I also bought an ice shaver. This was a life saver! the shaved ice was sooo good and helped to numb my throat. I also would pour the gatorade over it and make like a slushy. This helped me get my pills down.
    Third- try not to worry! just take each day as it comes and deal with what happens on that day!

    @ All:
    Well, today is day 7 for me and the last to days have been a blur of pain. After the fever on day 3 my doc switched my antibiotic and i felt so much better. days 4 and 5 were pretty much pain free and i was only taking plain tylenol. not so yesterday. i woke up with the worst pain in my ears and throat. and my throat not only hurt, it burned. my tongue was also sore. my hubby called the doc and he gave me some med for yeast(thrush). it can take about 2 days to work so today has also been a really bad day. I am really beginning to get depressed as i thought i had turned a corner only to be back in more pain than i have ever been in. can someone please tell me how to cope with the pain in my ears! I am using ice pack, taking meds etc, but it only gets it to a dull ache. any comments would be appreciated. thanks.

  459. Hillary says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have my tonsils removed at 1:00pm this afternoon. So far so good for me, of course I am in some pain but nothing that cannot be tolerated. I was given grahm crackers before I left the hospital and have also had some apple sauce, oatmeal and top ramen. I’m sure it will get worse but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

    For those of you you have been reading the site for awhile. I am the one attempting to make it to a work meeting tomorrow (I don’t have to talk, just sit there, not drool in front of the senior managers and show my support for a project I’ve been working on for months). As of now I think I will make it but I will keep you posted.

    Good luck to everyone!

  460. Melissa says:

    I would like to thank everyone for posting your stories and comments. I am on day 11 post-op and today is the first day I have been completely off pain meds and actually got some house work done. I also feel like I could eat anything, as long as I chew it up properly and take plenty of fluids. Only yesterday, I was crying because I couldn’t see an end to the pain and misery.

    I still have my scabs, but they seem to be dissolving slowly each day. I was originally prescribed Loratab and Percocet for the pain. I found that the Loratab only muddied up my brain and didn’t remove any of the pain. The Percocet worked, but only if I took 2 pills at once. I am also a mother to two small children (2 yr old and an 8 month old). Even though I had my husband care for me and the kids for the first 4 days, that wasn’t enough. I needed full help caring for the kids even on day 8 of recovery. After that, getting people to help out for a couple hours a day so I could rest was sufficient. This has been a very long and difficult road to recovery and I am so happy to finally see marked improvement.

    I did struggle with vomiting. I told the anesthesiologist about my problem, and he gave me drugs to help. I still vomited 3 times in the hospital after surgery. My nurse seemed anxious to get me out of the hospital even though I couldn’t go more than 30 minutes without vomiting. I struggled with this problem for the first 24 hours, even with the anti-nausea pills my doctor gave me. The problem resurfaced the moment I ran out of those pills (day 5) and had to ask the doctor for more. If you have a weak stomach, stay on your anti-nausea drugs! Trust me!

    Everyday through my recovery I would come to this website and read about all of you who are suffering like me. I felt like we were all friends gathering together to give each other support. I didn’t feel alone, and that meant a lot to me!

    I know it is a hard recovery for many of you, and I hope you follow the advice at the beginning of this website. I followed it all, and it really did make a difference for me. If I could make the choice over again, I would not have had the surgery and considered alternate medical solutions, but that’s too late.

    Thank you, and best of luck to you all!

  461. Melissa says:

    I also forgot to mention that I too have had problems with my taste buds. Almost everything tastes awful, like a gasoline flavor. This includes yogurt, ice cream (especially strawberry and chocolate), applesauce, and many other things. I found that the cup of soups were tolerable and the Smith’s store made chicken noodle soup was good. Even watermelon was a nightmare! I was able to tolerate vanilla ice cream, as it didn’t offend my taste buds as badly as the other flavors.

    My taste buds are slowly starting to tolerate foods, but the ones towards the back of the throat are still rebelling most foods, especially milk based ones.

    For anyone else suffering with this problem, I hope my experience helps.

  462. Sandi says:

    Karl, Tracey, Jeanne, Suzie, Gemma, Melissa, Everyone – thank you so much for all of your postings about your experiences. Tomorrow is my surgery, and with the advice I’ve read here, I feel a little nervous but ready to face this. I’m sure I’ll be checking in throughout my recovery.

  463. Sandi says:


    Absolutely call your doctor for better pain meds. From what I’ve read here, Tylenol doesn’t cut it for most people.

  464. Suzie says:

    anyone help!

    What does thrush look like? Does it hurt bad?

    i have dots on the roof of my mouth and the back of my disgusting tongue. I need to know if i should call immediately to get med or wait until my friday appt. Today is Tuesday.


  465. Jeanne says:

    Sandi- I wish you the very best of luck tomorrow! Tomorrow is the one week mark of my (and Suzie’s) surgery. I just keep thinking what my ENT told me before surgery. He said that recovery is a tough two weeks, but then you never have to deal with you’re tonsils again. I’m not going to lie, it has been tough at times so far, but I also haven’t had a moment yet were I was in the terrible agony that I was expecting. Just make sure you CONSTANTLY drink water, and set you’re alarm clock for you’re pain meds.

    Melissa- I feel the same way you do. That we are all somewhat “connected”, and here to support each other. I’m sorry you don’t feel the surgery was worth it for you. I know in my case, the surgeon told my husband that my tonsils had alot of scar tissue from all of my infections. I *assume* that means that’s why I’ve been getting sick all the time with strep/tonsilitis….the bacteria would sit and fester in the scar tissue (I don’t know, I’m just guessing). So for me if that’s the case, I’m definately glad I did this!

  466. Jeanne says:

    Hillary- I hope you didn’t end up going to that meeting today! I hope you are doing okay! Keep us posted!

  467. Suzie says:

    How are you doing with pain med? The reason I ask is that I am on drugs every 2 hours that just take the sharp away but I still have pain. Percoset makes me so nautius (sp) Neither percoset or vicadin last very long. Any info would be appreciated.


  468. Erica says:

    Tracy & Amber2,
    Thanks for all of the information.

    Tracy, I totally agree with you about the pain levels and the horrible internet stories. People almost always complain when they are upset, but when people are happy they hardly ever shout about that. :) I plan to post here when I get my surgery no matter what my experience. I think I have a pretty good pain tolerance, so maybe I will be one of the lucky ones.

    I will have to check out

  469. Jeanne says:

    Hi Suzie!

    At first I was on liquid Loritab, which is a narcotic similar to vicadin. I took that around the clock every four hours until I ran out yesterday. When I was on the Loritab, it took away the “horribleness” of the pain, but I still had a good amount of pain. It was just more tolerable once the drugs kicked in. My husband called for me yesterday when I was down to one more dose, and I had him mention how the Loritab made me feel itchy. They switched me over to Tylenol III w/codiene, and I haven’t been too happy with the effectiveness. It seems to take longer to kick in, and once it does it last as long. I guess I’m lucky where I haven’t found any problem with nauseousness so far. The first couple nights I felt nauseous but it was pretty mild. Have you asked you’re doctor about prescribing an anti-nausea medication?

    To everyone:

    I always try to stay really positive in any situation, but I have to admit this whole thing is really starting to wear on me. I keep thinking about how the pain hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but at the same time this CONSTANT pain in my throat and ears is driving me absolutely insane! Even with the pain meds, I haven’t had one single moment where I was pain-free and it’s really frustrating!!! And then I tell myself that it’s a good sign that I’m hurting because that means I’m healing….and then I smell supper cooking and I get SOOOO mad!!!! Tomorrow is day 7, and I’m just wondering….when do things become noticably better? I’m sick of being cooped up in this house. I look like crap and I miss playing with my kids. Heck, I even miss cleaning my house! How crazy is that!!!! Even though my hubby is doing an awesome job of the house and kids, I want it back! Dirty toilets and all! Well guys, sorry for venting. I seem to get really sad in the evening, when the pain from throughout the day has caught up with me.

  470. Tracy says:

    @ Jeanne,

    I think lots of people have asked this lately and a few have responded, but the consensus is that somewhere around Day 12-ish most people start to feel better. Stay positive! Good luck!

  471. Martha says:

    Howdy Y’all! My surgery is now scheduled for the 25th! I went to see my doc today and he went a head and wrote out my pain meds and other meds. Is Liquid Lortab enough? I sure pray so. My doctor and his nurse said I would be fine and not be in very much pain at all, and that some of his patients went and ate fried chicken the same day of the surgery and were fine there after. He didn’t tell me to avoid anything but acidity drinks and foods, said even cokes are fine (which I don’t drink anyways)..I told them about me searching the computer and of course they warned me against doing so. They just made it sound so easy and almost painless. He did say not to drink out of a straw but to anything and anytime I felt like I could. I hope he doesn’t think I am weak if I don’t turn out like he hopes I should. After reading these posts , I honestly don’t know how he spoke so nonchalantly about the whole process. Maybe he was trying to ease my mind, I don’t know. I just hope the pain meds will be sufficient for me. Thanks for listening y’all!

  472. Suzie says:

    boy am I right there with you literally! I just told my husband how i miss the kids. He has been there for me whenever I even breathed differently. He has kept the house clean. I do think that he has realized just how much I do. I teach so I was off for the summer anyway. I do have 3 weeks left to heal. Just don’t want to be sore when talking to the kids.

    Just got sick tonight. Felt much better but am now dizzy again. Going to dr. tom. to get splints taken from nose. I had the deviated septum fixed along with the tonsils.

    Lost 8 pounds, can’t eat much at all, hoping day 7 tom. is better but by the reading of things doesn’t look like it.

    I am very thankful for this site, and I too am sick of being sick. I walk to another room and am winded and dizzy. I feel your need to vent. If i don’t i will absolutely go nuts!! This process is difficult for me because whenever anyone sick they get better by the day. Not in this instance. I am looking forward to day 10 or 12 to see a noticable difference.
    Have a good night and realized we are 1/2 through.


  473. kate says:

    i am scheduled for a surgery consult on monday.

    i am 21 now, and i’ve had strep about twice a year for as long as i can remember. within the last three years however, it seems to occur more frequently, about 3 times a year. i also have extreme sore throats constantly and tonsil stones frequently.

    i’m not sure if my doctor will agree to do the surgery bases on my conditions. does anyone have any experience with these symptoms and went through with the surgery? thanks for any responses!!


  474. Jeanne says:

    Kate- I’m no doctor, but it does sound like you would benefit from a tonsillectomy. Speaking only for myself, I’ve had re-occurent strep and tonsilitis for a couple years now. Are you currently seeing an ENT specialist?

    Susie- That’s funny. My hubby is a teacher and I’m a lunch lady. That’s why the timing worked out so perfectly for us. I have a whole month to heal. I didn’t realize you are also getting a deviated septum fixed. My husband needs to get that done, but it’s not on his list of priorities.

  475. Frank Castle says:

    Alright, I’m two weeks post op and am doing great. The scabs have been gradually coming off these past five days or so, I’ve gone back to chicken and potatoes and veggies ect..

    Just one final question for those at my stage: did the weeks of just eating mush and drinking water make your stomach shrink? Tonight I had a chicken burrito with no drink, and I feel bloated! Before the surgery, it would have taken at least two burritos and a soda to make me feel full.

  476. Tracy says:

    @ Frank:

    Even though I ate and drank as regularly as possible after the surgery during recovery, I definitely get full sooner than I did before … which is strange, since somehow I gained weight during recovery!

    But yeah, I’ve read elsewhere that this is pretty common after not eating as much as usual.

  477. Meeta says:


    I am going to see the ENT on Friday.

    With the surgery, is it necessary to stay in the hospital or do you get discharged the same day?


  478. Celeste says:

    I am 23 years old, and I am having my tonsils removed on August 27th. I have class the next day, which someone will have t drive me to I’m sure, but then I have four days off. Is this enough or am I being unrealistic? I am also a single mom of a two year old…should I put this off?

  479. Celeste: If there’s one thing I can say for certain, it’s that you will be missing that class. I would suggest that you have someone available to take care of the kids in your home for at least the first four to five days… mostly because the “kids in your home” will include you for that four or five days.

    I’m a single bachelor with a dog, and my mother few in for two weeks to help me heal. By the end of that period, I was managing to work from home but not yet in the office.

  480. Suzie says:

    I had 4 little procedures. Due to the pain from the tonsils the others aren’t even felt. I do not want to ever do this again so fixing all at once seemed the thing to do.

    Based on what I just went through and am still going through, put it off. You will not make the class(unless you are super woman) You really need help. I am on day 7 of recovery and can handle my 12 and 10 years alone but the pain does not allow me to be there for them much.

    I had to stay overnight only because I have sleep apnea and with 4 procedures they really wanted to watch me. I was told that most people don’t stay over.

  481. Tracy says:

    @ Celeste:

    1) you won’t feel up to going, whatsoever; and
    2) it’s best to lie low after the surgery in order to prevent catching anything on top of it or causing a bleed.

    If you insist on going, you need to take something to drink throughout class so you don’t go the whole time without any fluids.

    But seriously, you really need to be resting, taking your pain meds, and lying still for the first little bit after your surgery.

  482. Hillary says:

    Hey there,

    Just checking in. I had my tonsils removed on Monday 8/11 at 1:00pm Pacific time. I completely feel for the pain that so many of you are going through. I have been reading this page for weeks and wanted to share my story only because it hasn’t been too bad yet (although I anticipate it will get worse).

    I was eating almost immediately after my surgery which has been good for me. I try to eat something small (apple sauce, soft crackers, soup) before taking any meds which seems to help me from feeling nauseous. So far the pain has been very manageable. I am on liquid Amoxicillin, Lortab, and mythylprednisolone (a steroid).

    I did end up going to work for a meeting less than 24 hours after the procedure. For me it went okay, I brought a white board, tried to talk as little as possible. I could feel my tongue and throat swelling a bit (since I took off the ice packs for the meeting) and I went home right afterward and crashed. I was at work from about 12:30pm – 4:30pm and I got a ride there and back from my family. This meeting was VERY important to me and a day later I feel fine but last night was a bit rough.

    I’m sorry to write so much but I thought some people might enjoy what is (so far) a mostly positive story. Here is what I have been doing:

    - Water, I shoot for at least 100oz of ice water a day. I also drink apple juice and warm tea.
    - No Dairy, my Dr. told me to avoid it as it causes extra mucus to get stuck in the throat… I’m missing cheese and ice cream but I think it’s helping.
    - I never miss a dose of meds which means setting the alarm for 2:00am and 6:00am and always waking up!
    - I’ve been eating as much and as normally as possible. This seems to keep me from feeling sick and gives me the energy to get through the day.
    - Ice packs around the neck to keep down swelling.

    I think that about sums it up. I have been itchy – thinking it’s the Lortab but not sure if it is worth it do try another medicine. I was also having a hard time sleeping more than 60-90 minutes at a time (the first night). After exhausting myself yesterday I think I’ll have an easier time sleeping but still not sure.

    I really want to thank everyone for posting, and it is great having a place just to share stories. I’m sure one day very soon (dreading Friday, Day 5) I will wake up in a lot of pain and I look forward to rereading the advice on here.

    Thank you all!

  483. Erica says:

    Your trouble sleeping might be caused by the Methylprednisolone. I had to be on Prednisone the last time my tonsils swelled up(not sure they are exactly the same, but they are both synthetic corticosteroids). I was restless and had troulbe sleeping more than a few hours at a time. It made me feel spazy, but as soon as I was off it, I slept much better.

  484. Dana says:

    wow, i totally dont feel like suck a wimp after reading all these posts. i had my tonsils out on aug,8,08 the day of surgery i felt pretty good (i still had the freezing in tho) day 1 was a day of hell, i ended up back in the er due to bleeding-the bleeding stopped on its own but the dr looked in my throat and said “oh my god” went and called another doctor to come look-turns out i have one of the worst cases they have seen. well they sent me home on 2 shots of morphine and a bottle of percocets, it helps kill the pain, i sleep right thru till evening of day 2, imagine the pain when i woke up… dry and sore no meds in my 3 was even worse. i was sick from all the meds in my system so i decided not to take them, well i was so sore i couldnt drink. finally i took them and slept woke up day 4 in a pool of blood looked like something out of a horror movie, well it eventually stopped bleeding i was home alone so didnt go to the doctors. later that evening after alot of meds and fluids i was feeling a little better…i managed to say 5 words all at once but i (not to be rude)sound like a deaf person and cant be overly understood. i made sure to wake every 3 hrs thru this night and take pain meds and have a full glass of water. here we are at day 5… i am alive, drugged and in mild pain..i am drinking lots and finally got to eat a bowl of icecream and some jello. i am so hungry. i find if i take my codene and percocet 12hr apart i can then (when i feel them work)eat almost anything-be careful you dont eat something that will scratch cause u may not feel it. definately learned my lesson that i do need meds and if you do not drink u will regret it so do whatever it takes to drink and if you are in alot of pain phone the doc and get something stonger cause it hurts like hell, but it has gotta be worth it after having 8 cases of strep since dec. along with tonsilitis.

  485. Tracy says:

    @ Hillary:

    Erica is right – it’s probably the methylprednisolone. I didn’t have a problem from it, but I’ve read several accounts of people having trouble sleeping while on it due to the body’s reaction to the corticosteroids. The itchiness is also from the meds and USUALLY designates an allergic response. Since some people are allergic to penicillins, you may want to alert your doctor just in case and he/she wants to change you to a different antibiotic.


    Itching might not turn into anything else, but is definitely a side effect that you need to report to your doctor because it is almost always a sign of an allergic reaction to the antibiotics or the pain meds.

    So, again, call your doctor and let them know that you are having itching. They’ll determine whether or not you should continue taking the same med or a different one. Don’t just ignore it though because having an allergic reaction to a medication is a serious side effect.

  486. Patrick G. says:

    So I got mine out yesterday in the morning. The operation all went very well and the doctors that worked on my have all my faith in the world, they did a great job. However, the anesthetic made me very, VERY sick and I hurled violently after I got home… This irritated my throat more and I woke up with an inflamed uvula the size of my thumb. I found it when I had a coughing fit and it landed on top of my tongue (and it was nearly as long as it, I freaked..)

    Anywho, TODAY has gone much better. Im constantly nursing a glass of ice water and I do have to pee every half hour but the throat is feeling much better. Dont skip on your painkillers guys, I woke up every 3 hours to drink water and take my doses last night and it helped a lot.

  487. Lindsey says:

    Ok, so it’s been a little over 3 weeks since I got my tonsils out and I have to say it has taken all those 3 weeks to feel pretty normal. So I guess I’m just putting in my 2 cents and telling everyone expect it to take about that long to be normal again. I still haven’t gotten all my taste back yet, but its coming along… keep your heads up everybody! I’m so glad I’m all done, it is totally worth it!!

  488. Hillary says:

    Thanks for the advice Tracy. I called my doctor and am switching to a different antibiotic tomorrow. I think that should help a lot with the itching. Other than that today has been another good day for me. I’m still waiting for the bad part to hit but for now I am enjoying be able to get some house work done, and catch up on some sleep. I hope everyone’s recovery is going well. Best wishes.

  489. Tracy says:

    @ Hillary:

    I’m really glad you called your doctor and that they’re prescribing something else. It’s just never worth it to take a chance with an allergic reaction to something you ingest like that. I’ve had the same problem before, too.

    @ Everyone else:

    Keep on hanging in there! Time never stops, so no matter how much you might be hurting right now, it won’t last forever. :)

  490. EFrance says:

    I had my tonsils removed 3 weeks ago, and it was by far the worst experience of my life.
    Despite my chronic throat problems, I’m an otherwise very healthy and active 18-yr-old going into my sophomore year at college. My doctor suggested I get my tonsils removed this summer because of their chronic infection, abnormally large size, recurring strep throat, and an abscess that I had to get drained twice over winter break. Looking back on it, I wouldn’t have minded dealing with that if I could have avoided what I’ve been through that past few weeks.
    Returning home from surgery was painful, as I expected, but not horrible. The swelling and gagging-feeling in the back of my throat were worse than the actual pain. The narcotics (though awful-tasting) took care of most of that. The pain got worse as time went on, however. For the first week or so, the only things I could manage to swallow were cream of wheat and ice chips. I lost almost 10 lbs because I wasn’t able to eat anything. This made me very weak and trust me, taking narcotics on a regular basis with no food in your system is a bad idea. Day 4, I vomited 3 times, even after using medication for nausea. Let me tell you, stomach acid on a raw throat? Excruciating! I continued to experience nausea and vomiting the next three days. When I called my surgeon, she told me to continue taking the nausea medication, which did work eventually (though it took a few hours). The pain and swelling didn’t improve until about day 8; the first week was plain miserable.
    Well, I thought I was finally on the road to discovery until about 10 days after my surgery. They had warned me before surgery that about 1 in 100 people have a bleeding tonsil. Basically, after about 7-10 days, the scabs where the tonsils used to be fall off and in some special cases, the area isn’t healed. I was one of those special cases. My throat started literally gushing blood at about 11pm at night. We (my mom and I) called the surgeon at the hospital and he told us to get into the ER right away. So, we rushed in (with me spitting/coughing up blood clots the whole way) and I was back in surgery in under an hour. What they do to stop the bleeding is basically re-do the tonsillectomy. They re-cauterize the areas where the bleeding is occurring. This means the same pain, swelling, and everything all over again. Although the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time, I had to take another week off of work and revert back to soft foods.
    Overall, I’ve had a horrible experience and would not recommend this surgery for anyone, unless absolute necessary. Usually, I bounce back from stuff like this very quickly. Now, I’m still recovering and hoping to God that I don’t start hemorrhaging again (as the chances are about the same). My tonsillectomy has completely ruined my summer, not to mention my voice. As a singer/songwriter, I’m a little upset by this. I still sound like a 10-yr-old and am too sore to sing at all. I know the recovery time is different for everybody, but I urge you to be absolutely sure before you go through with this surgery.

  491. EFrance says:

    Oh yeah, and make sure you drink a lot! I preferred room temperature water, because anything cold STUNG soo bad, but whatever soothes your throat more- just make sure you have water at your side at all times!!!

  492. EFrance says:

    A couple more things! The pain meds gave me really, really bad diarrhea for about two weeks. That was disgusting.
    And another gross thing: since my second surgery was unexpected, they had to pump my stomach beforehand. The surgeon said there was almost a quart of blood/blood clots in there! Also, I had gotten my nose pierced the day before, so I had to take it out for surgery and get it repierced the next day. Ouch! AND because the surgery was rushed, they had to stick some pretty big needles in me for the IV and anaesthesia that left huge bruises on my arms and hands, which are still there even after a week and a half!
    Like many of you have said, I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Though the pain isn’t as bad now, it has been constant every minute of every day the past 3 weeks. It’s been so frustrating that the other night I just broke down crying. Call me a drama queen, but I just can’t wait to be back to normal. I’ve been through enough!

  493. Tracy says:

    @ EFrance:

    Sounds like you were out and about during recovery – getting your nose pierced?

    A good example of how important it is to lie low at home during the first 9-12 days. My instructions from my ENT reiterated that bleeding can occur during that period due to the scabs beginning to come off and that to avoid bleeding, you should avoid any unnecessary exertion and really just hang out at home taking it easy on the couch.

    Though I am sorry for the experience you’ve had and hope you feel better each day!

  494. Jeanne says:

    I’m on day eight post-op and this is the very first day I feel pretty dang good. I took my painkiller before bed last night and didn’t need it again until 7:00pm tonight. I’m starving, so I called my ENT specialist and asked if I could branch out in my cuisine and have a burger or something….hey, they’re soft! They said absolutely none of that until two full weeks post-op. I literally wanted to cry! I told her I think my body really needs protein because I’m craving meat in a bad way, and she told me I could have cottage cheese….gee, not quite what I had in mind but thanks. She did say that if I ate stuff like that too soon, the scabs could come off before they are ready causing me to bleed and having to have surgery again. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

    I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience. And PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way, but what on earth were you doing getting you’re nose pierced so soon after surgery? PLEASE don’t leave you’re house for the next couple weeks! Like Tracy said, you need to lay low and let yourself heal. You just had major surgery, and for adults tonsillectomies are considered pretty dangerous BECAUSE of our higher risk of bleeding. Please just take care of yourself, and make sure you get tons of fluids since you get diarrhea. Keep us posted on how you’re doing!! :)

  495. Tracy says:

    @ Jeanne:

    Although my ENT’s instructions were the exact opposite (saying I should return to a normal diet as soon as I could in order to keep the scabs from getting too thick — but staying away from anything too hard or sharp), at day 8 you should be getting very close to coming around that corner! I hope you get your hamburger very, very soon! :)

  496. A.j. says:

    I had my tonsils taken out on the 7th, so its 8 days post-op and now the area that my tonsils once called home sting like theyve been rubbed with sandpaper when im really eating pudding. does anyone else have this problem, or know what is going on?