How To: Instal Asterisk Painlessly on OpenSUSE 10.3

This took me some time to figure out… here you go.

1. Add the Telephony network repository in YaST2. The URL is …

2. There’s a bug in the deps for Asterisk with mISDNuser (the version in the repository is more recent, but is “uninstallable”) that will block the install process… so as a workaround, first, type zypper install zaptel. Then download mISDN-1_1_5-3.5.i586.rpm and mISDNuser-1_1_5-2.4.i586.rpm and install them with rpm -ihv mISDN*.rpm.

3. -Then- you can install asterisk with zypper install asterisk.

If I have the time, I'll provide configuration details later...

P.S. - Don't even try using the freepbx RPM -- it's busted pretty badly. Not sure why it is, I'll figure it out later...


3 thoughts on “How To: Instal Asterisk Painlessly on OpenSUSE 10.3

  1. Hi, installed Asterisk home got it up and running. but I want to use opensuse as mail-,web-,samba- and pabx-server. Cant seem to find any information on howtoo on suse. Do you have links or howtoo’s or maybee an online training video I can download and buy.
    South Africa

  2. Suse forums are a good place to start, I actually pulled something very similar about 3 years ago with Suse 9.3, the wonderful thing about suse is the “update” option is possibly the most seamless thing I have seen of all the distros I have tried, I am now using suse 10.3 on that same box.

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