Organization on the Mac / OneNote Replacement

We’ve been barreling rapidly towards a Microsoft environment at work with a migration to using Exchange, which I’m sure will be followed quickly by all the other Microsoft things since MS refuses to let them talk to anything else. Since I need an organization suite BADLY, I tried out OneNote for giggles and kicks. I like it, but there’s a few big killers. First, you can’t export things smoothly except to PDF. “Blog This” — yeah, right, I use WordPress. You can’t even copy and paste things to Word. Second, the layout and mind mapping functions suck. I still haven’t figured out how to re-color a text box.

I’ll probably be posting reviews separately as I try each one for a week or two, but here’s my personal list of organization and note-taking software that I want to try…

  • Together
  • Circuis Ponies Notebook
  • MacJournal, seems focused mostly on blogging and groupware.
  • Curio
  • EverNote – I have tried Evernote in the past and liked it — until I hit a place where I didn’t have internet coverage on the iPhone and it crashed pretty hard. That was a deal killer and I haven’t tried it again.
  • SoHo Notes
  • Scrivener – More towards writers, but a lot of what I do is writing.

I have been a long-time user of OmniOutliner, but it doesn’t quite make the cut in my mind because of it’s very hierarchical outline form. I usually think in trees, not outlines — which are almost the same, but when the thoughts branch like a tree an outline can quickly become unwieldy.

Worth noting that Journaler used to be around, but it’s development was discontinued in Sept 2009.

I’ll link reviews as I write them.

2 thoughts on “Organization on the Mac / OneNote Replacement

  1. Franssales says:

    I do not think that Scrivener is a good alternative for note taking. The only programs on Mac I have found useful are KeyNote and after I gave it up, Jreepad. Simple but it works.

    Now I am testing Zotero, but so far I have no experience of it. The day OneNote comes for Mac, I will probably choose it.

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