4 thoughts on “Previcox for Dogs: Warning! Watch for Distress Signs

  1. Shelly says:

    I just want to say I wish I saw this information before we had to put our 7 year old Roxie down. Over this past weekend she fell ill over these stupid medicines my vet prescribed for her leg injury. Of course, we were never told about the dangers of this experimental drug (didn’t know until I read about this) by our vet. He never did blood work on her either. Instead, she laid all weekend suffering. It is so hard on our family that we lost this dog. I have told my friends who are animal lovers all about this drug. They also have the same vet and are looking to find a different vet to care for their animals. This stuff should be pulled off the shelves in every vet office. Too many people lose their pets too early over this and there is no reason a vet should be giving this to animals.

  2. Dennis says:

    I wanted to warn anyone that considers using PREVICOX to relieve pain for their dogs………JUST DON’T EVER USE THIS STUFF!!!!
    My dog Pepper was put on this killer drug in June and she was diagnosed with acute renal failure in mid September. 4 weeks later………I had to uthanize my sweetheart on October 16th, 2008. The Vet never did any bloodwork ………I consider this stuff lethal and deadly………PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU CARE TOO……………….IT DOES WORK……BUTS ITS A DEATH SENTENCE FOR YOUR PRECIOUS ANIMAL………..TRUST ME!!!!

  3. Cindy says:

    You are blaming the wrong thing. You shouldn’t blame the drug, but rather your Vet. My 11 yr old German Shepard has been on Previcox for almost a year. My DVM told me of risk factors associated with this medication (as there are with ALL medications) and after weighing the risk/benefits, decided to try Brutus on it. We were instructed that blood work had to be done 1 month after beginning the medication and every three months after that to check for possible liver and kidney involvement from the medication. After about 4 months Brutus showed elevation of his ALT enzyme to 614 (which the accepted range is between 60 and 80). When this enzyme is elevated it is typically a precursor of liver disease. This medication was miraculous in improving Brutus’s function and we were heartbroken at the fact that he would have to be taken off of it. Our options were to take him off of it or supplement him with milk thistle. Knowing how much difficulty he had before going on the medication, we decided to try the milk thistle, after 3 weeks his ALT enzyme was down to 320, in 4 1/2 weeks in was within normal limits. Since then we continue with both the Previcox and milk thistle and continue with regular blood work which has been perfect. So, let’s be realistic. Just like people, not all canines can tolerate all meds. Some have adverse effects, some don’t. What’s important is that you have a knowledgeable DVM that educates you and closely monitors treatment plans that he implements for your pet. I am very sorry for your loss and hope you have been able to move on from this horrible experience. Wish you all the best.

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